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GBV Live Set Lists 1999

Metro Chicago, IL - 12/11/99

A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Dragons Awake/Surgical
Focus/Pop Zeus/Do Something Real/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Time
Machines/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Tractor Rape Chain/And I Don't (So Now
I Do)/Waved Out/Cut-Out Witch/In Stitches/Flat Beauty/Release The
Sunbird/Shocker In Gloomtown/Make Use/Submarine Teams/Teenage FBI/Game of
Pricks/Larger Massachusetts/I Am A Tree/My Valuable Hunting
Knife/Quicksilver/Maggie Turns To Flies/Far Out Crops/Subspace
Biographies/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Psychic Pilot Clocks
Out/Big School/Hold On Hope/I Am A Scientist/Don't' Stop Now/An Unmarketed
Product/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Liar's Tale/Get Under It/Peephole/Hot
Freaks/Echos Myron/Motor Away/Lethargy/Postal Blowfish/Bulldog Skin/Acorns &
Orioles/Whiskey Ships/Your Name Is Wild/Smothered In Hugs

Bimbo's  San Francisco CA – 2/27/99

Submarine Teams/The Big Make-over/Cut-out Witch/Subspace Biographies/Men Who Create Fright/Teenage FBI/Zoo Pie/Far Out Crops/Waved Out/Tractor Rape Chain/Strumpet Eye/Quicksilver/Surgical Focus/I am a Tree/Shocker in Gloomtown/Strictly Comedy/Make Use/Liquid Indian/Wrinkled Ghost/Flat Beauty/Hot Freaks/Drinker's Peace/In Stiches/Maggie Turns to Flies/Peephole/Living Upside Down/The Old Grunt/Bulldog Skin/Some Drilling Implied/Town of Mirrors/Your Name is Wild/Hold on Hope/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/A Salty Salute -1st Encore-Motor Away/I am a Scientist/Echos Myron -2nd Encore- Postal Blowfish/Acorns & Orioles/Smothered in Hugs

Bogart's  Cincinnati OH – 6/26/99

Submarine Teams/The Big Make-Over/Time Machines/Liquid Indian/Big School/Get Under It/Strumpet Eye/Surgical Focus/Game of Pricks/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Maggie Turns to Flies/Subspace Biographies/Little Lines/Drinker's Peace/Optical Hopscotch/Teenage FBI/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Cut-Out Witch/Flat Beauty/Make Use/In Stitches/Wrecking Now/I Am a Tree/Far-out Crops/Mushroom Art/Much Better Mr. Buckles/The Old Grunt/Bulldog Skin/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hold On Hope/An Unmarketed Product/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Encore 1;Echoes Myron/Hot Freaks/I Am a Scientist/Tractor Rape Chain/Encore 2;A Salty Salute/Motor Away/Your Name is Wild/Shocker in Gloomtown

Greek Theatre This Is Not A Festival  Berkeley CA – 7/2/99

Submarine Teams/The Big Make-Over/Time Machines/Shocker in Gloomtown/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Teenage FBI/Zoo Pie/Game of Pricks/Far-out Crops/Big School/Much Better Mr Buckles/Surgical Focus//I Am A Tree//Hold on Hope

Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA - 7/27/99

Submarine Teams/ The Big Make-over/ And I Don't So Now I Do/Time Machines/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Surgical Focus/ Waved Out/ In Stitches/ Dragons Awake/ Tractor Rape Chain/ Teen FBI/ Zoo Pie/ Things I Will Keep/Cut Out Witch/ Big School/Optical Hopscotch/Mushroom Art/Shocker In Gloomtown/ Far-Out Crops/Game of Pricks/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Tropical Robots/I Am A Tree/ Wrecking Now/ Maggie Turns To Flies/Strumpet Eye/ Liquid Indian/Make Use/Hold On Hope/Peep-hole/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Subspace Biographies/Bulldog Skin/ Flat Beauty/ I Am A Scientist/ A Salty Salute/ Get Under It/Hot Freaks/Echos Myron

Liquid Joes Salt Lake City, UT - 8/1/99

Salty Salute/Submarine Teams/Time Machines/Dragons Awake/Surgical Focus/And I Don't ( So Now I Do)/Cutout Witch/Teenage FBI/Zoo Pie/Tractor Rape Chain/In Stitches/Big School/Alone, Stinking, and Unafraid/Mushroom Art/Game of Pricks/Whiskey Ships/Shocker in Gloomtown/Optical Hopscotch/I Am a Tree/Far-out Crops/Strumpet Eye/Liquid Indian/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Make Use/Wrecking Now/Psychic Pilot Checks Out/Hold On Hope/Maggie Turns To Flies/Encore: Tropical Robots/Little Lines/Subspace Biographies/Old Grunt/Bulldog Skin/I Am a Scientist/Hot Freaks/Echoes Myron/Peephole/Circling Motorhead Mountain

First Avenue Minneapolis MN - 8/4/99

Submarine Teams/(And I Don't) So Now I Do/Surgical Focus/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Dragons Awake/Time Machines/In Stitches/Cut-Out Witch/Alone Stinking & Unafraid/Game of Pricks/Teenage FBI/Big School/Optical Hopscotch/Tractor Rape Chain/Mushroom Art/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Shocker in Gloomtown/Whiskey Ships/Little Lines/Tropical Robots/I am a Tree/Wrecking Now/Strumpet Eye/Liquid Indian/Make Use/Peephole/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hold on Hope/Maggie Turns to Flies/Circling Motorhead Mountain/1st Encore:Salty Salute/Bulldog Skin/Your Name is Wild/I am a Scientist/2nd Encore:Subspace Biographies/Hot Freaks/Waved Out/Motor Away/Echos Myron/3rd Encore:Drinker's Peace/Quicksilver/Flat Beauty/Acorns & Orioles/Postal Blowfish/Get Under It/Salty Salute

Shank Hall Milwaukee WI - 8/5/99

Submarine Teams/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Surgical Focus/Dragons Awake/Time Machines/Zoo Pie/The Things I Will Keep/Cut-Out Witch/In Stitches/Teenage FBI/Tractor Rape Chain/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Game of Pricks/Big School/Optical Hopscotch/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Mushroom Art/Far Out Crops/Shocker In Gloomtown/Whiskey Ships/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Little Lines/Tropical Robots/I Am A Tree/Wrecking Now/Strumpet Eye/Liquid Indian/Make Use/Peep-hole/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hold On Hope/Maggie Turns To Flies/Circling Motorhead Mountain/encore 1:Subspace Biographies/Bulldog Skin/Your Name Is Wild/I Am A Scientist/encore 2:A Salty Salute/Motor Away/Hot Freaks/Echoes Myron

Metro Chicago, IL - 8/6/99 Do The Collapse Record Release Party

Submarine Teams/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Surgical Focus/Dragons Awake!/Time Machines/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Cut-Out Witch/In Stiches/Teenage FBI/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Tractor Rape Chain/Game of Pricks/Optical Hopscotch/Big School/Mushroom Art/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Far Out Crops/Shocker in Gloomtown/Whiskey Ships/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Little lines/Tropical Robots/I Am A Tree/Wrecking Now/Strumpet Eye/Liquid Indian/Make Use/Peephole/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hold on Hope/Maggie Turns to Flies/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Encore #1:Subspace Biographies/Bulldog Skin/Your Name is Wild/I Am A Scientist/Encore #2:A Salty Salute/Motor Away/Hot Freaks/Echos Myron

The Garage London England - 8/25/99

Submarine Teams/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Time Machines/Dragons Awake/Surgical Focus/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Waved Out/Tractor Rape Chain/Teenage FBI/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Cut-Out Witch/Big School/Mushroom Art/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Shocker In Gloomtown/Far Out Crops/Game Of Pricks/Subspace Biographies/Tropical Robots/I Am A Tree/Wrecking Now/Maggie Turns To Flies/Strumpet Eye/Hold On Hope/Peephole/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Echoes Myron/encore 1:Salty Salute/Bulldog Skin/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/I Am A Scientist/encore 2:Get Under It/Postal Blowfish/Little Lines/Your Name Is Wild

Reading Festival - 8/27/99

Submarine Teams / Surgical Focus / And I Don`t (So Now I Do) / Cut-Out Witch / My Valuable Hunting Knife / Teenage FBI / Tractor Rape Chain /Your Name Is Wild / A Salty Salute / I Am A Tree / Hold on Hope / I Am A Scientist / Big School / Game Of Pricks / Echoes Myron

Cotton Club Atlanta GA - 9/8/99

Don't Stop Now/Submarine Teams/Surgical Focus/Dragons Awake/Time Machine/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Cut-out Witch/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Do Something Real/Optical Hopscotch/Tractor Rape Chain/In Stitches/Game of Pricks/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Big School/Far-out Crops/Wrecking Now/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Strumpet Eye/Picture Me Big Time/Maggie Turns to Flies/I Am a Tree/Subspace Biographies/Hold on Hope/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Teenage FBI/Motor Away/Mushroom Art/I Am a Scientist/Shocker in Gloomtown/Circling Motorhead Mountain/encore A Salty Salute/Flat Beauty/Waved Out/Hot Freaks/Echos Myron/ encore Peephole/Bulldog Skin/Make Use/Your Name is Wild/encore Little Lines/Whiskey Ships/Get Under It/Smothered in Hugs/encore Drinker's Peace/Quicksilver/Postal Blowfish

9:30 Club Washington DC co headline show with Cheap Trick - 9/10/99

Don't Stop Now / Surgical Focus / And I Don't (So Now I Do) / Do Something Real /
Dragons Awake! / Time Machines / Cut-out Witch / Teenage FBI / Zoo Pie / Things I Will
Keep / Game Of Pricks / Bulldog Skin / Flat Beauty / Much Better Mr. Buckles / My
Valuable Hunting Knife / Tractor Rape Chain / I Am A Tree / Subspace Biographies / Hold
On Hope / Shocker In Gloomtown / Motor Away / I Am A Scientist / Hot Freaks / Echoes
Myron / Picture Me Big Time PLUS Bob sings backup vocals with Cheap Trick on Southern Girls

Avalon Boston MA co headline show with Cheap Trick - 9/16/99

Don't Stop Now/ Time Machines/ Dragon's Awake/Surgical Focus/Strumpet Eye/Game Of Pricks/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/ Cut Out Witch/ I Am A Tree/ Zoo Pie/ Things That I Will Keep/ Tractor Rape Chain/ Much Better Mr Buckles/ Far Out Crops/ Echos Myron/ My Valuable Hunting Knife/ Subspace Biographies/ Peep Hole/ I am a Scientist/ Bulldog Skin/ Hold on Hope/ Hot Freaks/ Circling Motorhead Mountain/ Picture Me Big Time/ Teenage FBI/ A Salty Salute

Lupo's Providence RI - 9/19/99

A Salty Salute/ Submarine Teams/ Surgical Focus/ Dragon's Awake/ Do Something Real/ Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/ Time Machines/ Zoo Pie/ Things That I will Keep/ Tractor Rape Chain/ Cut Out Witch/ Teenage FBI/ Optical Hopscotch/ Big School/ And I Don't  (So Now I Do)/ Game Of Pricks/ In Stitches/ Mushroom Art/ Wrecking Now/ Maggie Turns to Flies/ Strumpet Eye/ Liquid Indian/ My Valuable Hunting Knife/ Much Better Mr. Buckles/ I Am A Tree/ Far Out Crops/ Hold On Hope/ I Am A Scientist/ Shocker in Gloomtown/ Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/ Don't Stop Now/encore  Subspace Biographies/ Little Lines/ Hot Freaks/ Bulldog Skin/encore  Make Use/ Motor Away/ Postal Blowfish/ Your Name is Wild

Showplace Theatre Buffalo NY - 9/25/99

Salty Salute/Submarine Teams/Surgical Focus/Time Machines/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Do Something Real/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Game of Pricks/Cut Out Witch/In Stitches/Dragons Awake/Strumpet Eye/Tractor Rape Chain/Far Out Crops/Waved Out/Optical Hopscotch/Big School/Teenage FBI/Maggie Turns to Flies/Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory/I Am a Tree/Peephole/I am a Scientist/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Hold on Hope/Circling Motorhead Mountain./Don't Stop Now/encore: Salty Salute/Postal Blowfish/Hot Freaks/Bulldog Skin/Echoes Myron/encore: Subspace Biographies/Motor Away/Your Name is Wild/Smothered In Hugs

Astoria London England - 10/26/99

Submarine Teams/A Salty Salute/The Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Surgical Focus/Tight Globes/Dragons Awake/Time Machines/Alone Stinking And Unafraid/Game Of Pricks/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Cut-Out Witch/I Am A Tree/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Pop Zeus/Tractor Rape Chain/Teenage FBI/Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory/Maggie Turns To Flies/Tropical Robots/drum solo/Far Out Crops/Motor Away/Hold On Hope/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/I Am A Scientist/Shocker In Gloomtown/Release The Sunbird/Don't Stop Now/Circling Motorhead Mountain/Encore: Big School/Echos Myron/ Peephole/Postal Blowfish. 

Denver Colorado - 11/8/99

A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Surgical Focus/Postal Blowfish/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Motor Away/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/And I Don't  (So Now I Do)/Cut-Out Witch/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Time Machines/Tractor Rape Chain/Do Something Real/Teenage FBI/Far Out Crops/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Dragons Awake/I Am a Tree/Submarine Teams/Big School/Shocker in Gloomtown/Hot Freaks/An Unmarketed Product/I Am a Scientist/Don't Stop Now/encore: Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Peephole/Your Name Is Wild/Goldheart Mountaintop Queens Directory/encore:Release the Sunbird/Bulldog Skin/Smothered in Hugs

Maritime Hall San Francisco CA - 11/11/99

A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/The Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things
That I Will Keep/Pop Zeus/Release the Sunbird/Dragons Awake/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Surgical Focus/Do Something Real/Cut Out Witch/Picture Me Big Time/Shocker In Gloomtown/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Teenage FBI/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Time Machine/Game of Pricks/I Am a Tree/Big School/Far Out Crops/Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Subspace Biographies/Maggie Turns to Flies/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/I Am a Scientist/Don't Stop Now/Circling Motorhead Mountain/encore1: Whiskey Ships/Motor Away/Hot Freaks/Hold On Hope/Echoes Myron/encore2: Postal Blowfish/Peephole/Smothered In Hugs

The Roxy Los Angeles CA -

A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Surgical Focus/Pop Zeus/Release the Sunbird/Do Something Real/Shocker in Gloomtown/In Stiches/Alone Stinking & Unafraid/Time Machines/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Cut Out Witch/Submarine Teams/Teenage FBI/Tractor Rape Chain/Dragons Awake/Game of Pricks/I am a Tree/Make Use/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Far Out Crops/An Unmarketed Product/Big School/Maggie Turns to Flies/Hold on Hope/Subspace Biographies/Picture Me Bigtime

The Bellyup Tavern Solana Beach CA - 11/13/99

Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Time Machines/My Valuable Hunting Knife/Dragons Awake/Much Better Mr. Buckles/Shocker in Gloomtown/Do Something Real/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Cut Out Witch (What up Iowa City?)/Hot Freaks/Picture me Big Time/Tractor Rape Chain/Your Name is Wild/Big School/I am a Tree/Game of Pricks/Whiskey Ships/Peephole/Release the Sunbird/In Stitches/Teenage FBI/Hold On Hope/Far out crops/Submarine Teams/The Big Makeover/I am a Scientist/Don't Stop Now/Subspace biographies//Motor Away/Postal Blowfish

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