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Album Reviews

Half Smiles of the Decomposed

Vertical Slum calls Half Smiles a triumph.

IGN calls Half Smiles best rock album of the year.

Incendiary says with Half Smiles of the Decomposed that GBV leave in fine style.

Clear and Refreshing says that Half Smiles of the Decomposed continues in the tradition of each album being the BEST.

MAGNET says its time to savior GBV's final moment in their Half Smiles of the Decomposed review.

Playboy says Bob taps in to his genius one last time in their Half Smiles review.

Drowned in Sound says with Half Smiles of the Decomposed, GBV has left in style.

The Toronto Sun says with Half Smiles of the Decomposed, Bob delivers an almost perfect epitaph.

PopMatters says that Half Smiles of the Decomposed is a perfect ending and a brilliant beginning.

Manchester Music calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed brilliant.

In their review of Half Smiles, the Winnipeg Sun says, well done Bob.

Fake DIY says with Half Smiles it is time for GBV to get their due across the pond.

In their review of Half Smiles, Drowned in Sounds says drink a toast to Bob and GBV.

Columbus Alive calls Half Smiles a culmination of a million great ideas poured in to one glorious goodbye.

Eye Magazine says Half Smiles of the Decomposed is definitely the grand finale.

Music Underwater gives Half Smiles of the Decomposed a 9.5.

No Depression says that Half Smiles of the Decomposed leaves GBV fans with one of the band's finest records.

Instinct says Half Smiles of the Decomposed is full of the usual brilliant, messy, life-is-excellent guitar pop GBV has become masters at making.

Filter calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed the perfect geek-rock album.

Rockpile says thanks for the good times in their review of Half Smiles of the Decomposed.

Sound & Vision calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed pop nirvana.

Penthouse says Half Smiles of the Decomposed finds GBV going out at the top of their game.

CokeMachineGlow says as a last call for GBV, Half Smiles of the Decomposed is a good one.

Mundane sounds reviews Half Smiles of the Decomposed from the best band in the universe.

Exclaim! says Half Smiles of the Decomposed sends GBV out at the top of their game.

NME says in their review of Half Smiles of the Decomposed that you can be sure that there will never be a band like GBV.

Now Magazine calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed the perfect capper.

Rock Sound is not taking this break up to well in their Half Smiles of the Decomposed review.

Splendid says that while Half Smiles of the Decomposed is the end for GBV, it's just another new beginning for Bob.

Rolling Stone calls Bob a fabulist who sees songs as brightly painted reality-distortion knobs in their Half Smiles of the Decomposed review.

San Diego City Beat gives Half Smiles of the Decomposed an 8.7 out of 10.

In their review of Half Smiles of the Decomposed, the Philadelphia Inquirer calls Girls of Wild Strawberries one for the ages.
TimeOut New York says Half Smiles of the Decomposed confirms GBV's place among rock royalty.

In their review of Half Smiles of the Decomposed, the UK Sunday Times calls GBV one of the greatest bands in the history of the world.

The Dallas Observer says Half Smiles of the Decomposed ranks amongst GBV's best releases.

The Guardian says Half Smiles of the Decomposed is US indie rock at its best.

No Karma calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed a MUST OWN.

Stuff Magazine says the melodies are so good they ache in their Half Smiles of the Decomposed review.

CMJ says Half Smiles of the Decomposed sends GBV out as winners.

AllMusic.com calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed Bob's most polished and attentive indie album.

Aversion.com says Half Smiles of the Decomposed is full of first-rate songs.

Paste says that Half Smiles of the Decomposed helps GBV karate kick their way in to the history books.

Amazon.com calls Half Smiles of the Decomposed a fitting epitaph of a charming career.

Fiction Man - Robert Pollard

MOJO says that Fiction Man shows the Captain is not ready to fade away.

Crutch Music says Fiction Man is proof that Bob will be bearing musical fruit for years to come.

Clear and Refreshing says that Fiction Man is packed with moments of understated beauty.

Exclaim! says that Bob's keen sense of adventure is what makes Fiction Man shine.

NME says when listening to Fiction Man you are never to far from a super strength chorus.

Popshot Magazine says if future Bob albums sound anything like Fiction Man, then GBV fans have nothing to worry about.

Billboard calls Fiction Man a good omen for GBV/Pollard fans.

The Sunday Times says that Fiction Man soars above anything else you find in the charts these days.

Coke Machine Glow examines Fiction Man and the 4 p's.

ToneVendor.com says Fiction Man contains some of Bob's most memorable and inspired lyrics and vocals to date.

Pop Matters says the Captain is just hitting his stride on Fiction Man.

Splendid Zine says that Fiction Man recaptures that "
get back to the drunk-for-glory spirit" that made GBV famous in the first place.

The Orlando Sentinel says that Fiction Man shows off Bob's charms.

Stuff Magazine calls Fiction Man trademark Pollard.

A 3 star salute from the All Music Guide for Fiction man.

Erasing Clouds says that the songs on Fiction Man are fantastic.

Pinball Mars - Circus Devils

Strange journey, see you inside; All Music Guide reviews Pinball Mars.

The Orlando Sentinel calls Pinball Mars haunting and beautiful.

Erasing Clouds says that it's a shame that Pinball Mars will be relegated to the GBV side project file.

Hardcore UFOs & Best of Guided by Voices & Watch Me Jumpstart DVD

Swizzle Stick calls the Best of GBV a must have.

Kevchino says that the Best of GBV is a great start and if there is a Best of GBV II, they'll be first in line to buy it.

DVD Talk says Rock N Roll has only one savior left and it is Bob.

Pop Matters says Hardcore UFOs is more of GBV giving their fans what they want.

The Onion says that the Best of GBV bursts at the seam with radiant original songs.

NOW Toronto says that Hardcore UFOs is a swell job.

The Winnipeg Sun gives Hardcore UFOs a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

Playback says the Best of GBV captures the essence of Guided by Voices.

The Georgia Straight says that Hardcore UFOs is a completist's dream.

Grandma will LOVE Human Amusements at Hourly Rates says Splendid Zone.

Pop Matters says that there is no better starting place for a GBV wannabe fan then the Best of GBV.

A 4 star review of Hardcore UFOs from the Austin Statesman.

The Toronto Star says the Best of GBV is studded with gems.

Wondering where to start with GBV? VUE Weekly says the Best of GBV is it.

Nude as News says the Best of GBV feels like their best album yet.

MOJO calls Hardcore UFOs a catalog of a genuis.

Denver Post calls Hardcore UFOs and overdue tribute.

Details gives Best of GBV, 5 out of 5 stars.

Hustler calls Hardcore UFOs a GBV collector's wet dream.

Eye Magazine in Toronto gives raves to Hardcore UFOs AND the Best of GBV.

Vertical Slum calls Hardcore UFOs, unbelievably awesome.

The All Music Guide says there is not one song that does not satisfy in their review of the Best of GBV.

Are you a GBV newcomer? MAGNET says buy the Best of GBV to find out what will be played during the bands 6 encores.

Spin says making your way through Hardcore UFOs is like listening to a great jukebox.

ChartAttack.com says the Best of GBV should convince you that Bob is indie rocks greatest song writer.

Playboy says that Hardcore UFOs make a strong case for GBV being one of the most original and endearing American bands of the last 20 years.

The Telegraph calls the tracks on The Best of GBV some of the best indie rock of the past two decades.

The UK Times says that the Best of GBV is the perfect CD for folks who want to get in to GBV.

It's a 4 star review from Rolling Stone on the Best of GBV.

Wire says that Bob is the genius comfortable in the body of Everyman in their Hardcore UFOs review.

Earthquake Glue

The Big O says that Earthquake Glue ups the ante in another in a long line of great GBV records.

Earlash says Earthquake Glue is more proof that GBV is indie rock royalty.

It's a solid A from the Memphis Flyer in their Earthquake Glue review.

Vertical Slum says its the sum of all GBV members that makes Earthquake Glue special.

Flak Magazine says Earthquake Glue takes the raw energy of earlier works into a more defined sonic palette.

Playback - St Louis says that GBV continues to earn its title of "seminal indie rock band".

If you have been meaning to pick up a GBV album, then Glorious Noise says Earthquake Glue is the one.

Pop Matters says that Earthquake Glue has character.

Guitarist UK says that Earthquake Glue bulges with muscular guitar pop.

The Odyssey says Earthquake Glue is just one more reason to love GBV.

Rock City UK says The Strokes could learn something from GBV in their Earthquake Glue review.

The Toronto Star calls Earthquake Glue a masterful addition to the GBV catalog.

Georgia State's Student Paper says GBV never misses a beat in their Earthquake Glue review.

It's an 8.0 from the Power of Pop.

MusicTap calls Earthquake Glue one of the best albums of the year.

In their Earthquake Glue review, Dusted says that Bob has never sounded so inspired.

Mundane Sounds says if you don't want ninjas sent to your house, buy Earthquake Glue now.

In its excellent review of Earthquake Glue, the Dayton City Paper calls My Kind of Soldier the best pop recorded in 2003.

Earthquake Glue proves again that the product is still superb says Bust Magazine.

City Beat gives Earthquake Glue an A.

Philadelphia Weekly says Earthquake Glue recaptures the unbridled joy of early GBV.

GBV shines with renewed confidence on Earthquake Glue, says the UK Guardian.

Surfing Girl says listen to Earthquake Glue; anytime anyplace.

Logo magazine says that its a shame that the folks in Britain do not give GBV their due because Earthquake Glue is another impressive release.

The Daily Californian says that Earthquake Glue is another satisfying addition to their indie legacy

MAGNET calls Earthquake Glue a return to old school GBV.

Earthquake Glue just may be the one that makes Chart Attack a believer.

Bob's creative spark is only grower bigger says Splendid Zine in their Earthquake Glue review.

Junk Media calls Earthquake Glue the best GBV release since Under The Bushes.

Music Misfits calls Earthquake Glue one of the strongest set of songs GBV has ever put on record.

Bob is shaking the hand of genius says the UK Sunday Times in their Earthquake Glue review.

A huge 8.9 on the Richter scale of rocking from Stuff magazine for Earthquake Glue.

Deo2 calls Earthquake Glue the last great record of the summer.

Earthquake Glue is consistent and relentless says Time Out London.

Mojo says that Earthquake Glue exudes an unshakable ring of confidence.

The BBC calls Earthquake Glue a strong cohesive effort.

More proof that GBV always gets there in the end from Play Louder's Earthquake Glue review.

GBV sounds as good as ever in Exclaim's review of Earthquake Glue

Fred Mills says that Earthquake Glue is the most diverse across the board fun GBV releaase ever in Muzine.

In their review of Earthquake Glue, X-Ray calls Secret Star astral pop perfection.

Dave Heaton of Erasing Clouds calls Earthquake Glue one of GBV's best.

Sponic calls Earthquake Glue ballsy and rough.

Unpeeled calls Earthquake Glue the most accomplished GBV album in years.

Its 3 out of 4 bunnies from Playboy's review of Earthquake Glue.

The All Music clocks in with the first review of Earthquake Glue, calling it a 4.5 star masterpiece.


Beard of Lightning - Phantom Tollbooth

'Sup Magazine says the marriage of Pollard and Phantom Tollbooth is pure GOLD.

Of Beard of Lightning, Mojo says, it's hot.

Slug Magazine calls Beard of Lightening as ahead of its time now, then Power Toy was when it was released.

Alternative Press says Beard of Lightning is a celebration of what could have been.

Splendid says that on Beard of Lightning, Bob and Phantom Tollbooth pull it off with skill and aplomb.

All Music Guide calls Beard of Lightning an unlikely success

Junk Media says that Beard Of Lightning is definitely worth the effort for fans of both GBV and Phantom Tollbooth.

MAGNET says just think how many albums would be bettered by Bob's involvement in their review of Beard of Lightning.

Dusted Magazine calls Beard of Lightning a truly interesting mixed bag of melodic shapeshifting and vocal feats.

Mist King Urth - Lifeguards

Sponic says that Mist King Urth is full of strong material.

Bob and Doug know what each other and the listener want to hear says MAGNET in their Mist King Urth review.

Erasing Clouds calls Mist King Urth a reinvention of the 70s.

Motel of Fools - Robert Pollard

Nick Bensen calls Motel of Fools highly original and equally impressive in Free City's review.

MAGNET says that Motel of Fools is never less than interesting.

Check in to Stuff Magazines review of Motel of Fools.

CMJ calls Motel of Fools satisfying and complete.

The All Music Guide says that with Motel of Fools Bob proves he is still full of surprises.

Pop Matters says all of the songs on Motel of Fools will get you thinking or feeling something.

The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet

Music Tap says even Pollard's weak sisters are keepers in their review for Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet.

The Broken Face says Instant Prince Whippet stands up well on its own.

Pop Matters says Instant Prince Whippet showcases Pollard's knack at matching melody with eccentricity in a room filled with "pump your fist" classic rock sounds.

Ink 19 says the Prince Whippet EP rocks like a beast.

Circus Devils - The Harold Pig Memorial

The Broken Face says that Harold Pig succeeds as a concept album AND as a collection of songs on their own.

CMJ says that The Harold Pig Memorial gives listeners plenty to chew on.

Dusted Magazine says that Harold Pig Memorial show glimmers of Pollard's offhand brilliance.

Erasing Clouds says all the fragments of the Circus Devils fit together like a puzzle on The Harold Pig Memorial.

Las Vegas Weekly says the Harold Pig Memorial cranked up loud enough is mind altering.

Aquarius Records says that the Circus Devils are just as good the second time around in their review for The Harold Pig Memorial.

Universal Truths and Cycles

The Broken Face says UTAC succeeds at reminding listeners what was great about various stages in the development of GBV while offering something new

It's like discovering GBV all over again, says Americana UK in their UTAC review.

In their review of UTAC, Tiny Mix Tapes says that Bob couldn't have been invented in the dreams of a thousand restless teenagers.

The Power of Pop says of GBV, nobody does it better in their UTAC review.

Cineman Music calls UTAC the best of both GBV worlds.

Mean Street calls UTAC another brilliant pop-rock collection.

Caustic Truths says get your hands all over UTAC.

In Style Weekly's UTAC review they say with GBV, you just can't stop listening.

It's 5 out of 5 bombs from Rockpile in their UTAC review.

Ink Blot calls GBV the best band on the planet in their review of UTAC.

In Pop Matters review of UTAC, they say it's Bob's world and we just live in it.

MAGNET says UTAC is filled with windmilling guitar heroics, bashing drums and dizzy wordplay.

CMJ says that after GBV found no room in the mainstream, they came back just as strong in the indie world with UTAC.

UK mag Uncut says that UTAC is really magnificent.

Gallery of Sound says if Bob is teaching, then you best take the course in their UTAC review.

SplendidZine says Glory Be To Bob in their review of UTAC.

In their review of UTAC, Slug Magazine says GBV has never sounded more solid.

Richmond's Times-Dispatch says UTAC easily qualifies as one of the best GBV albums in years.

The Montclair Times says the songs on UTAC are strange, fun and eclectic.

In their review of UTAC Assholier than thou says - great record.

GBV as they're supposed to sound, says Aftonbladet in their review of UTAC.

No Ripcord says all of it is great in their review of UTAC.

Forget the fancy words, UTAC Kicks Major Ass says Ink 19.

MTV.com calls GBV the tribal elders of the indie rock world in their UTAC review.

Billboard calls UTAC GBV's most rewarding work in years.

Dirt Culture says it quite simply; UTAC equals masterpiece.

Dirt Culture's excellent review of each individual UTAC single.

The Orlando Sentinel gives UTAC a rave 5 star review.

The Portland Tribune says that on UTAC, Bob at the top of his song writing game.

Sponic says UTAC is a sing along orgy.

CDNow.com says that when Bob is on he has no equal.

The Winnipeg Sun says UTAC is the best of both Bobs.

Local boys do good, Dayton Daily News reviews UTAC.

In their review for UTAC Other Music says rock's best hope is still Robert Pollard.

Barnes and Noble.com says UTAC should leave GBV fans with visions of Bee Thousand dancing in their head.

GBV really refinds its voice says the Baltimore City Paper of UTAC.

RollingStone.com says UTAC finds GBV looser and sharper.

The Dutch newspaper Metro calls UTAC majestic and compelling.

When Bob is at his best as he is on UTAC, the Onion says it's the rest of the world that sounds out of step.

The Washington Post says that on UTAC Bob continues to perfect his knack for making sad songs say a lot without sinking into the depths of self-pity.

NME says on UTAC GBV is back to doing what they do best.

The London Telegraph review of UTAC, they say after a few listens you're addicted.

Everywhere with Helicopter is the best punk-pop track you won't hear this year says ChannelFly.com in their UTAC review.

The Guardian calls Universal Truths and Cycles a worthy strike for artistic freedom and slightly demented pop.

Oor magazine calls Universal Truths one of the most inspired records in the entire GBV catalogue.

America's greatest magpie geniuses; MOJO's Universal Truths review.

In their review of UTAC Alternative Press says this band is Bob's best.

Request calls Pretty Bombs one of Pollard's best songs ever.

It's a breakneck Rock and Roll history lesson says the Times of London.

Stereo Review calls Universal Truths and Cycles one of GBVs best ever.

Details says GBV reaches for the rafters on Universal Truths and Cycles.

The Memphis Flyer says Universal Truths and Cycles is like a guided tour through GBV's discography.

Amazon.com calls Universal Truths and Cycles "staggering".

People Talk Too Loud calls Universal Truths, Bob's best since Propeller.

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian says it simply; Isolation Drills was great, universal Truths and Cycles is even better.

Law of Inertia says Universal Truths isn't a return to form but a step forward and it is all good.


Everywhere With Helicopter CD5

NME says that Everywhere With Helicopter is more proof that Bob continues to turn out endlessly brilliant songs.

Tropic of Nipples

L.A. Weekly reviews Tropic of Nipples.

Magnet Magazine calls Tropic of Nipples a novel concept.

Go Back Snowball - Calling Zero

The Broken Face calls Calling Zero the best of Bob's collaborative projects.

Dirt Culture says Calling Zero is more proof that Bob just doesn't make bad albums.

Dream Magazine says the combination of the two sensibilities is magic with Bob and Mac.

neumu says that on Calling Zero, Bob's delivery, for the most part, is as good as his work on GBV's last full-length, Isolation Drills.

Rock Bites says that on Calling Zero the songs are as dreamily bizarre as they are infectious and hummable.

All Music Guide says Calling Zero sounds as if Bob and Mac have been working together for years.

CMJ says Calling Zero finds Bob at his lewd beautiful best.

The Independent Weekly says Mac drives Calling Zero as the point guard and Bob always delivers down in the paint.

Cornell Daily Sun says the only problem with Calling Zero is that it eventually ends.

Magnet says that Calling Zero is endearing pop.

In their review of Go Back Snowball, City Beat says simply; this combo works.

Airport 5 - Life Starts Here

All Music Guide says Life Starts Here is a consistent and agreeably bold affair.

On Life Starts Here, Magnet says Bob pours his soul in to his vocals.

Polo.com says Life Starts Here is HOT.

Other Music says that home demo feel of Life Starts Here captures some of that old GBV magic.

Circus Devils - Ringworm Interiors

AP calls Rinworm Interiors a ferocious listen.

Magnet says old school GBV fans will wet themselves over Ringworm Interiors.

All Music Guide says that on Circus Devils beauty dances with ugliness, much like it does in the work of Roman Polanski and David Lynch.

The Portland Tribune says that Circus Devils rates as one of the better Pollard side projects.

Airport 5 - Tower in the Fountain of Sparks

The Inlander says Tower in the Fountain of Sparks proves long distance relationships can work.

A full album of Bob and Toby is what we were waiting for says Dirt Culture.

Brainwashed says that Bob and Toby still make magic together.

neumu calls Tower in the Fountain of Sparks great rock and roll.

Smokebox calls Tower in the Fountain of Sparks a fundamentality inspiring collection from start to finish.

Magnet Magazine says Tower in the Fountain of Sparks is dominated by slow dark tunes.

A B+ from Entertainment Weekly on the Bob/Toby reunion.

Glad Girls EP

Dirt Culture says in a dream world, Glad Girls is the anthem of a generation.

Choreographed Man of War

The AMG All Music Guide gives CMOW 4,5 stars.

Dirt Culture says that in just 12 minutes Bob can out-do anyone.

Magnet Magazine says that CMOW kicks up a strong garage-rock ruckus.

CMOW is infectious tunemanship and bracing lo-fi crunch says Entertainment Weekly.

CityBeat in Cincinnati says CMOW is Pollard's BEST.

Sponic says CMOW will stand as one of Bob's best solo works.

Isolation Drills

Pure rock bliss, that's what Beat Magazine has to say about Isolation Drills.

Blender says Isolation Drills is Bob's best in years.

Stereo Review/Sound calls the songs of Isolation Drills as gorgeous as autumn sunsets.

The Ottawa Express is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and Isolation Drills.

Indie Pulse calls Isolation Drills the most consistent GBV album ever.

Real Audio broadcast of NPR's Fresh Air in which they do a feature on Isolation Drills (go to 37 minutes in to the broadcast to hear the GBV part).

City Beat calls Bob the best songwriter around today in their review for Isolation Drills.

In his review for Isolation Drils, Michael Corcoran says never has the prolific sounded more purposeful.

Dirt Culture calls Isolation Drills the best GBV album since Alien Lanes.

It's another 4 star review for Isolation Drills this time from All Music Guide.

Bob does not let us down on Isolation Drills says El Supremo.

5 out of 5, masterpiece - Rockpile reviews Isolation Drills.

The Montreal Mirror says that listening to Isolation Drills is an immeadiate sugar rush.

High marks from the hometown paper, the Dayton Daily News gives Isolation Drills an A- (He didn't like How's My Drinking?, that's a surprise!).

In their review for Isolation Drills, InsiderOne.net says Pollard's songs make you wake with a chorus running through your head.

In their review for Isolation Drills, the Edmonton Sun says don't you dare doubt GBV.

Straight A's for Isolation Drills from the Palm Beach Post.

Get ready for your close-up Bob. The Winnipeg Sun's review of Isolation Drills.

Get it, Buy It, Keep It says IAGO in this rave review of Isolation Drills.

On Isolation Drills Bob appears ready to let the raw elements of his music speak for themselves says Sponic.

Isolation Drills is another highlight in GBV's continued ascent says The Onion.

Insound.com says that Isolation Drills is the album that Bob has always wanted to make

MAGNET says that Isolation Drills is on of the band best albums. Check out the review AND special interview with Bob.

Want a band that can save radio? Portland's Wilmette Weak's review of Isolation Drills.

babysue calls Isolation Drills a must have.

Splendid Zine's review of Isolation Drills says the album's timeless sound and firm belief in the rigors of rock ní roll will undoubtedly make it one of the most talked-about releases of the year.

In their review of Isolation Drills, Ink Blot says that if anyone is making radio worthy rock and roll these days it is GBV.

Rolling Stone's 4 star review for Isolation Drills says this album makes the case more persuasively than ever that GBV should matter to more than just the loyalists.

Howling Wolf Orchestra - Speedtraps for the Bee Kingdom

Jaosn Thornberry calls the Howling Wolf EP flawless.

Splendidzine.com says Howling Wolf Orchestra is old school GBV.

Hazzard Hotrods - Big Trouble

Dirt Culture says that the Hazzard Hotrods LP is what rock and roll has always been about - just getting together with some friends, drinking like there's no tomorrow, plugging in and rocking out.

Suitcase - Failed Experiments & Trashed Aircraft

Shredding Paper's review of Suitcase.

Dirt Culture says that 80% of these so-called failed experiments are far better than anything you've heard on the radio for a decade or so.

Bob just can't kill the dummy! Boston Phoenix reviews Suitcase.

The Georgia Straight from Vancouver says that Suitcase is a "treasure trove of life-affirming melodies".

The NY Times says that the 100 songs that Bob wrote for Suitcase are as "clever, catchy and likable as his best work" .

Suitcase is packed with all the GBV trademarks says the Winnipeg Sun in this 5 out of 5 review.

SF Weekly knows what every GBV fan wants under their Christmas Tree.

Ex-GBV bassist Jim Greer reviews Suitcase for MAGNET.

Suitcase is a powerful testament to the band's loopy brilliance says Barnes and Noble.com.

The hometown press finally gives Bob his props. An A- review from the Dayton Daily News.

The Philadephia Weekly says "Suitcase is for the superfans that still can't get enough G-B-fuckin'-V".

Equal parts Lennon and Daltry, Revolver says Suitcase is a four star collection of Bob's life long love affair with songwriting.

In their review of Suitcase and Suitcase Abridged, AP says those looking for the long lost relative of Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes need look no further.

Hold On Hope EP

Ink 19's review of Hold On Hope, hopes Bob keeps the popsters happy with more releases.

CMJ calls Hold on Hope EP a trove of goodies.

Dayton Daily News says what can only be said after a GBV EP....Give Us Some More!

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department

Speak Kindly is the best of the Fading Captain releases says Dirt Culture.

The Georgia Straight in Vancouver says Speak Kindly is just too damn good to ignore.

Musictoday.com says about Speak Kindly, "all in all Pollard has released another one for the ages".

Iago weighs in on Speak Kindly saying it is chock full of gold and veers from beautiful Byrd-like ballads to all-out teenage rawk anthems.

Speak Kindly is Happy Jack era Who says the Detroit Free Press.

Exclaim Magazine in Canada says that Speak Kindly has tracks that rank with some of the best that Bob has ever written.

CMJ calls Speak Kindly raw, yet ear-pleasing, fusion of the scrappy, basement-born anthemia.


Do The Collapse

Audio Rocket loves Do The Collapse.

Bob Pollard is about as dried up as Niagara Falls says Jack Rabid in the Bog Takeover's review of Do The Collapse.

With the lavish production of Ric Ocasek, Revolver Magazine says GBV's music can now truly shine in their review of Do The Collapse.

Rousing guitars, offbeat cleverness & involving songs makes Do The Collapse a must hear says Q.

It's a 4 out of 4 rating for Do the Collapse from Organized Chaos.

MOJO calls Do The Collapse the most consistent GBV album to date.

Uncut says Do The Collapse is a cross between old-school arena rock and a favourite gruff uncle singing you sweetly to sleep.

Joe Zibell's Do The Collapse review says the album succeeds in providing tasty ear candy in the form of power-pop.

The Philadelphia Weekly says GBV's newest album does anything but collapse.

BMA says that Do The Collapse is as good as anything GBV has done before.

What we knew all along, songwriting is Bob's addiction in this Do The Collapse review from Juice Magazine.

GBV is officially at hi-fi status. It's the Sydney Herald's review of Do The Collapse.

Do you like 90s indie rock? 70s cheese pop? Then you'll find treasures in Do The Collapse - it's NudeAsTheNews.com's review.

File it under milestones says The Event in their Do The Collapse review.

Alternative Press gives GBV high marks for Do The Collapse.

Do The Collapse allows GBV to reach its pop potential says the Columbus Dispatch.

Give a promotion to whoever thought of the marriage of GBV and Ocasek says Atlanta's Creative Loafing Newspaper.

Do The Collapse is irresistibly sparkling charm says CLN.com.

The title says it all - Cheap Trick if they were 10 times smarter. ICON's review of Do The Collapse.

Ohio bands can't sell out! That's what the Village Voice says in its excellent Do The Collapse review.

Creative Loafing compares GBV with the Fab 4 in this Do The Collapse review.

Near perfect pop instinct? That's what Newsweek.com says about Do The Collapse.

Washington's City Paper says that Do The Collapse sounds just like a GBV record should.

For The Record says Do The Collapse is GBV's most ambitious record ever.

Australia's Xpress Magazine calls Do The Collapse killer pop.

People Magazine says that former school teacher Bob Pollard scores high marks on Do The Collapse.

Australia's Who Weekly grades Do the Collapse an A-.

Iago reviews Do The Collapse and says this could be the album that increases GBV's fan base..

Four out of four from Gear magazine and ex-bassist Jim Greer.

The Tampa Tribune's review of Do The Collapse.

It's another A - The Palm Beach Post review of Do The Collapse.

No Ugly Babies calls Do The Collapse an expertly-rendered classic.

Don Thrasher reviews Do The Collapse for the Dayton Impact Weekly.

Stereo Review points out that it's Bob's singing that is often the most underrated aspect of GBV in their review of Do The Collapse.

Do the Collapse? It's phenomenal says Skechers catalog.

CMJ magazine gives Do The Collapse Best New Music honors.

Bob Pollard may just get ahead before he's dead says this Dayton Daily News review of the hometown heroes Do The Collapse.

Rolling Stone magazine says GBV, with Do The Collapse, has finally made their Who album.

The Weekly Planet in Tampa says Do The Collapse is a disc of perfect moments and incessant, irresistibly sparkling charm.

It's 4 out of 5 stars for Do the Collapse from the Detroit Metro Times.

Rockpile Magazine review of Do The Collapse. Writer Peter Bothum hits it dead on!

Rolling Stone online says that despite the high production GBV's hooky-as-hell-Beatlmania is still in effect.

E! Online goes the B+ route with Do The Collapse.

Entertainment Weekly gives Do the Collapse a B.

CMJ's New Music Report On Line says GBV goes hi-fi but makes no sacrifices to their pop roots.

NME says there is one word for Pollard's way with pop music; genius. Review for the Surgical Focus single

A tale of two Spins. Spin magazine and Spin.com review Do The Collapse. Look for yourself as the two reviews seem to be from opposite sides of the universe.

The first on line review for Do The Collapse and of course it's a 5 star one.


Lexo and The Leepers - Ask Them

Tampa Tribune reviews of Lexo and The Leepers and Nighwalker.

Kid Marine


CMJ says Pollard's Kid Marine is a solid batch of songs.

John Wenzel calls Kid Marine a bold step in a new direction for Robert Pollard in his review for the Bowling Green News.

The London Times calls Kid Marine brilliant!

Bob earns an MVP award for Kid Marine in the MAGNET review.

Bob as prophet in the Ink Blot review of Kid Marine

Jason Locke of Swizzlestick calls Kid Marine a very solid album

The Onion says Pollard produces another set of solid songs on Kid Marine

Kid Marine could pass for Pete Towshend's 1960s demos says the Detroit Free Press

Lane Hewitt from No Ugly Babies describes Kid Marine's bittersweet tinge.

Brandom Grimes says Kid Marine takes some of Bob Pollard's old tricks and reworks them in to something new and fresh.

Waved Out

Sponic says that the songs on Waved Out are a slew of beautiful, hummable melodies that stick to your brain like hot glue.

Joe Zibell calls Waved Out another Pollard solo gem.

YourFlesh Quarterly review of Waved Out calls the album another exercise in brilliance.

Waved Out review from London. Pollard bringing you voices from music's past.

The Onion says that Waved Out is a much more thought out Pollard solo effort.

The Boston Phoenix claims that Pollard's hooks get sharper with each release.

Two for the price of one. No Ugly Babies give Waved Out two high marks. Check them BOTH out.

MAGNET's Matt Hickey says that material on Waved Out fails to register, although he concludes that Pollard's throwaways are stronger than most bands’ A-list stuff.

Cleveland's Scene Magazine concludes that GBV fans will find new favorites on Waved Out.

Salon Entertainment says Waved Out proves, once again, Pollard's "scattershit pop genius".

CMJ's Colin Helms says Waved Out is proof that Bob is growing stronger as a writer.

Preview of Waved Out release from CMJ.

Mag Earwhig!

A funny Mag review from Belguim....I *think* it's positive.

Poets or Pop Singers??? You be the judge. Review of Mag from a Buffalo Newspaper

This reviewer (From Everybody's News) uses a lot of cool words to describe MagEarwhig, like: Sonically electric, strange and acoustic, eccentric and eclectic.

Which new GBV song is the best wake-up call to indolence since Smells Like Teen Spirit? Check out what the The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) has to say.

Fred Mills of MAGNET calls Mag Earwhig!, GBV's Achtung Baby.

The Orlando Sentinel says the ex-school teacher prefers the short assignments rather than the long research papers.

It's a double shot as the Tampa Tribune reviews GBV & Cobre Verde.

J. R. Taylor of the New York Press declares GBV a Fortune 500 company.

"Pop music rarely gets more exciting" says the London Times of ME!

Mag Earwhig! is user friendly GBV according to the S.F. Weekly

CMJ gives a big thumbs up to Mag Earwhig!.

Its a five finger salute from Alternative Press.

Indie Music Showcase previews Mag Earwhig!. Includes full soundwave on Portable Men's Society

Local boy does good. The Dayton Daily News gives Mag 3 out of 4 stars.

Long time GBV supporter Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune gives Mag 3 stars.

Mark Jenkins' from Time Out New York reviews the Whig.

Chalk up another 5 star review for the Magnificent Earwhig.

Mark Stalnaker in the Cornell Daily Sun looks at Mag Earwhig!

Sunfish Holy Breakfast

Dayton Daily News' review of Sunfish Holy Breakfast.

Sunfish Holy Breakfast as reviewed by Jeffrey Puckett from the Louisville Courier-Journal

Sunfish Holy Breakfast review from Time Out New York

CMJ Reviews Sunfish Holy Breakfast. Sound wave for Stabbing A Star


Not in My Airforce

Matt Hickey in Alternative Press says that Not In My Airforce comes close to matching the "giddy rush of Bee Thousand".

Review of Pollard and Sprout solo LPs by CMJ

Bob & Toby solo LPs reviewed in the Dayton Daily News

Under The Bushes Under The Stars

Roch on Music - Canadian Music Magazine Review of Bushes/Stars

GUIDED BY VOICES OUT-BEATLES THE FAB FOUR Music Review: by Jake Stuiver (Collegian Arts Writer - Penn State Student Paper) 

Bushes/Stars, Review from Lorraine Ali of the Los Angeles Times

Bushes/Stars, Review from Ken Micallef from Musician Magazine

Under the Bushes, Under the Stars Review by Jim Dingus

Under the Bushes, Under the Stars Review by Paul Gough ("One Eyed and Proud") Sydney Australia

3/5 - Bushes/Stars - Rolling Stone Magazine By Michel Corcoran. Michael said in the Austin American Statesman, March 28, 1996, "Without discussion, the editors changed the ratingon my review of the new Guided by Voices album from 4 four stars to three, so I'll never write for them again. Unless they ask."

8 out of 10 - Bushes/Stars - Details Magazine


Alien Lanes

Magnet Magazine #17: Matt Hickey's Review of Alien Lanes

Jim Dingus's Review of "BOX" - June 95

Misc. Reviews

The All Music Guide tackles An Earful o' Wax

Jason Thornberry reviews 3 GBV releases - Get Out Of My Stations, Plantations of the Pale Pink & Benefit for Winos

Jason Smith's Review of "For All Good Kids"

Paul Gough's review of Static Airplane Jive - straight from down under in Australia

A look at the GBV catalog from start to Under The Bushes. From Resistor magazine in England.

Pollard's tributes to his influences betters them according to the DDN.

Before they were everyone indie darlings the local papers reported on their progress.

Box & Alien Lanes reviews from Rolling Stone

That respected rag of rock journalism Entertainment Weekly's look at a collection of GBV albums



Extreme GBV reviewer Glenn McDonald tackles every GBV release.
Devil Between My Toes
Self Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia
Same Place the Fly Got Smashed
King Shit and the Golden Boys
Vampire on Titus
The Grand Hour
Static Airplane Jive
Fast Japanese Spin Cycle
Bee Thousand (in #4)
Bee Thousand (in #13)
I Am a Scientist
Get Out of My Stations
Crying Your Knife Away
Alien Lanes
Motor Away
The Official Ironmen Rally Song
Under the Bushes Under the Stars
Not In My Airforce and Carnival Boy
Sunfish Holy Breakfast
Plantations of Pale Pink & Toby's Popstram
Guided By Voices/Girls Vs. Boys Split and KCRW Rare On Air Vol 3
Mag Earwhig! and the Bulldog 7" & Cobre Verde split 7"
I Am A Tree 7" plus What's Up Matador (and Mitch's new single)
A slew of GBV related reviews from Glen (Tonics, Kid Marine and 3 Toby reviews)
Do The Collapse
Glenn looks at DTC EPs, Nightwalker, Lexo and more.

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