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Top 90 Albums of the 90s
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Bee Thousand - Guided By Voices

After spending nearly a decade holed up in Dayton Ohio, Guided By Voices finally gained recognition for their off-kilter, beer goggled lo-fi pop when Scat's Robert Griffin offered to press their records. Bee Thousand was GbV's second album released on the Scat imprint (and their eighth overall), but for many it was the tangible introduction to the exquisite ruckus these aging rockers had been making since the mid-80s. Sure, the band's bio was brilliant - - in addition to being an elementary school teacher, eccentric leader Bob Pollard was known for his prolific songwriting and even more prolific alcohol consumption - but the music proved to be even better. Pollard's affected British accent added even more mystery to the intriguing mix of thoughtful pop and scrappy rock, prompting virtually every skinny white guy  in America to buy a 4-track and start a band of his own.