WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 1995 9:00 PM (ET)

SPINaps         : OK, they're setting up in Dayton right now... 
                : Sorry for the delay.
SPINaps         : OKKKKKK. Still not here, but they're coming. You 
                : guys are so great for staying we're gonna send...
SPINaps         : you all free SPIN Varsity Jackets with 100% 
                : real naugahyde sleeves....
SPINaps         : A $179 SPIN-mart value....
SPINitch        : I guess GBV has finally waded through to be 
                : with us, so enjoy, komputer kiddies
SPINitch        : They'll be up momentarily.
SPINaps         : Jim, Bob, who all is there right now?
GdByVoices      : Bob, Jim, Bruce, and Jim
SPINaps         : And you're at Bob's house, yeah?
GdByVoices      : Yeah
SPINaps         : Have you guys ever gone online or had cyber sex 
                : or anything like that?
GdByVoices      : No, never. We're briars.
SPINaps         : OK, I'm sifting through the queue looking for 
                : questions. Can you give us a little Dayton 
                : atmosphere..
GdByVoices      : Muggy, lot of beer drinking going on.
SPINaps         : Here's the first one ---
SPINaps         : BassGodds     :
Question        : When will the GBV tribute CD be out, what 
                : bands are on it, and what song will the 
                : Breeders cover?
SPINitch        : What're ya'all drinking?
SPINaps         : We're gonna keep this thing flowing, so answer 
                : whatever you want....whenever you want....
GdByVoices      : It will be out when the Breeders come up with 
                : the song they're gonna cover. Until then, never.
SPINaps         : KChavez73    :
Question        : Has Destroy all Monsters or The Fall influenced 
                : you at all?
GdByVoices      : Not at all.
SPINaps         : KChavez73    :
Question        : How does living in Dayton (Hellhole of the 
                : world that it is) effect your music?
GdByVoices      : Do you think they sound like us?
SPINaps         : Ummm. No you guys sound more like Luscious 
                : Jackson.
Question        : How do you feel about becoming so popular?
GdByVoices      : First of all, it's God's country. How do you know 
                : it's a hellhole?
SPINaps         : PROMOTE       :
Question        : Robert: Tell us about the 'Snake Pit'. How many 
                : records are you up to? Is it all vinyl??
GdByVoices      : We're the new T Rex
GdByVoices      : I sold all my records back to a flea market for 
                : 100 bucks cause I wanted to treat my whole 
                : family to Hoagie's pizza
SPINaps         : Momo428       :
Question        : The Asbury Park Press said Matthew Sweet was 
                : on here tonight...
GdByVoices      : We are blessed with a complete knowledge of 
                : rock. Ask and you shall receive
SPINaps         : Sweet is going to be on next week same time. 
                : Sorry for the mix-up.....
SPINaps         : RodionR         :
Question        : Can I hang out with you before the black cat 
                : show?  Are you going to be in the red room
                : before the show?
GdByVoices      : Bring some Cat Butt and you might get lucky.
SPINaps         : Drawa           :
Question        : Bob, did your 4th grade students dig your 
                : music?
GdByVoices      : Yes.
GdByVoices      : No
SPINaps         : GregAXP        :
Question        : do you only use a 4-track?
GdByVoices      : But now they do.
GdByVoices      : No, we sometimes use a six pack
SPINaps         : JR1236         :
Question        : i live in dayton, i know guys played  a couple 
                : weeks ago, i missed it, so i was wondering
                : when and where you were playing again.
GdByVoices      : Southgate House on Friday, and Stache's on 
                : Sat. Southgate is in Newport KY in case you don't 
                : know what the hell it is
SPINaps         : PROMOTE       : (flack)
Question        : I hear you have been touring with Mary Lou Lord. 
                : How did you hook up with her? Any more
                : dates with her in the near future? Any joint 
                : record projects perhaps??
GdByVoices      : Our manager thrust her upon us because she 
                : was cute.
SPINaps         : Mr Vertig      :
Question        : I was wondering what Bob's songwriting 
                : process was; if he could tell us what inspires 
                : him, where he composes and on what instruments?
SPINitch        : Watch your language, this is for wholesome 
                : folk!
GdByVoices      : I don't even own a guitar. I wrote completely 
                : from my head
SPINaps         : RodionR         :
Question        : Can you give us some 4-track tips?
GdByVoices      : And spit it forth into my cheap little boombox
GdByVoices      : Never attempt any kind of noise reduction. Buy 
                : a Tascam Porta-studio One
SPINaps         : BassGodds     :
Question        : When will the next GBV album be out, and is it 
                : produced by Kim Deal?
GdByVoices      : And a Radio Shack widemouth microphone and a 
                : Memory Man effects box
GdByVoices      : And drink heavily
SPINaps         : Sorry to interrupt there....
GdByVoices      : Some tracks she worked on. Also Steve Albini
GdByVoices      : Out in the Fall
SPINaps         : RikkiQOH       :
Question        : Are they finished recording the new album?  I 
                : hear it's at a 24 track studio.
GdByVoices      : Some is 24 track, some is 4 track, some is 24 
                : put back on the 4 track
SPINaps         : BassGodds     :
Question        : How do you choose the bands that tour with 
                : you? Is there anywhere a band can send a demo
                : to be considered?
GdByVoices      : Send it to Gold Mountain Management in NYC
SPINaps         : MRFrench3     :
Question        : How come the "forever since breakfast" ep 
                : wasn't part of the boxed set?
GdByVoices      : Plus it helps if you say we're the greatest 
                        : band in the world
GdByVoices     : Because Charles Manson stole the master tapes
SPINaps        : BassGodds     :
Question       : Who's better the Beatles or the Stones?
GdByVoices     : Beatles
GdByVoices     : If it was a basketball game the Beatles 
               : would win 98-97
SPINaps        : But who would cover Keith?
SPINaps        : X3323           :
Question       : how was playing peter buck's birthday party?
GdByVoices     : It wasn't his birthday party. And luckily I met 
               : him in the restroom before the show and I said 
               : Happy B...
GdByVoices     : ...irthday, Pete and he said It's not my birthday, 
               : it's the Crocodile Club Anniversary
SPINaps        : KlingKlan      :
Question       : Why did you leave "Lariat Man" off of "Alien 
               : Lanes"?
GdByVoices     : Because we have bigger and better plans for 
               : that particular tune
SPINaps        : DPCONSULT   :
Question       : Any real talent in Dayton?
GdByVoices     : Plastic Bullet Boy. They're grreat.
SPINaps        : Rewind. What bigger and better plans do you 
               : have for "Lariat Man?"
GdByVoices     : It's gonna be on the back of Wheaties cereal box.
SPINaps        : RHatch278    :
Question       : What band has influenced you the most, and who 
               : do you compare yourselves with?
GdByVoices     : We don't know, but we have been most compared 
               : with the Replacements. My favorite songwriter is 
               : Jethro Tull
GdByVoices     : He was great
SPINaps        : BDylan65       :
Question       : How did you get popular?
GdByVoices     : We went to NYC and rocked.
SPINaps        : X3323           :
Question       : whats the most number of beers yu've knocked 
               : off during a set?
GdByVoices     : Bob only or the whole band?
SPINaps        : Bob and then the whole band.
SPINaps        : Mr Vertig      :
Question       : What are some of your favorite songs of your 
               : own to perform and why?
GdByVoices     : Bob: Well obviously I drink a little bit more 
               : than the rest because I don't have an 
               : instrument. . .
GdByVoices     : But I'd have to say probably when we played 
               : Maxwell's because we played for two hours. . .
GdByVoices     : I drank an eighteen pack
SPINaps        : 18 of what Bob?
GdByVoices     : The whole band, probably a couple of cases max
SPINaps        : They need to know what kind of beer to send...
GdByVoices     : 18 of whatever they got
SPINaps        : Mr Vertig      :
GdByVoices     : Please send some Bud Heavy
SPINaps        : What are some of your favorite songs of your 
               : own to perform and why?
SPINaps        : From Mr Vertig:
GdByVoices     : Non-Absorbing because it's the only one from 
               : Vampire on Titus and it was the last one I 
               : wrote from that record
SPINaps        : Mr Vertig      :
Question       : What r the benefits of shorter songs versus 
               : longer ones?  Not that I'm complaining,
               : "Cigarette Tricks" is the best of the new album.
GdByVoices     : If you cram an album full of short songs, then if 
               : you don't like it it's over quick
SPINaps        : MRFrench3     :
Question       : How come you sucked so bad on the Jon Stewart 
               : Show?
GdByVoices     : Because they left us alone and we started 
               : crying and by the time it was time to come on 
               : we were scared. So kiss my butt.
SPINaps        : Mr Vertig      :
Question       : Will the still unknown fragments on "Saturn 
               : X"(From Propellor) be released any time soon?
GdByVoices     : We should, but probably not. But. . . maybe we 
               : should make a Back to Saturn X EP. You think?
SPINaps        : Beerbower     :
Question       : What club in the U.S. has the coolest backstage?
GdByVoices     : Great question. The greatest question we've 
               : ever heard. We prefer the term rock room...
GdByVoices     : Probably the Troubadour in LA cause it has a big 
               : Plexiglas window and you can rock up there...
               : and watch the show.
SPINaps        : I'll invite that guy on stage his question was so 
               : good....
SPINaps        : Drawa           :
Question       : If you could be any woodland animal, what 
               : would it be?
SPINaps        : Beerbower is now on stage because his question 
               : was so good.
Beerbower      : Am I supposed to answer this?
GdByVoices     : Bob would like to be a squirrel. Because then I 
               : would give Gibbs a hardon.
SPINaps        : Beer, you're on stage with the gentlemen of 
               : GBV. What do you have to say for yourself?
SPINaps        : GBV, do you have anything to ask Beerbower?
GdByVoices     : How about drink me and get small, Beer boy?
SPINaps        : OK. He's kicked off.
Beerbower      : Actually, I'm a girl.
GdByVoices     : Sorry, beer girl.
SPINaps        : Actually, you're ejected 
Beerbower      : That's o.k.
SPINaps        : PROMOTE       :
Question       : What else can you say about Mary Lou Lord 
               : besides that she is cute? What do you think of
               : her 'Indie' song where she mentions GBV?
GdByVoices     : We wish her the best and we really enjoyed her 
               : company on tour. She's a trouper.
SPINaps        : X3323           :
Question       : any of u guys need a new liver yet?
SPINaps        : She's a stripper? What did you say?
GdByVoices     : Bob's planning on using Mickey Mantle's old one.
SPINaps        : BuzzyJES       :
Question       : Are you doing anything similar to Cocktails 
               : anytime soon?
GdByVoices     : You mean like a Seabreeze? I prefer greyhounds.
SPINaps        : They like beer not cocktails.
SPINaps        : Mr Vertig      :
Question       : Will you be playing any shows with R.E.M. this 
               : year?  Perhaps Lollapalooza?
GdByVoices     : No. Maybe.
SPINaps        : THREE5CC      :
Question       : albany ny. when???
GdByVoices     : How far is that from NYC?
GdByVoices     : And when is yr birthday party?
SPINaps        : BuzzyJES       :
Question       : Do you like playing in places like the Trocodaro 
               : in Philly or the bigger stages?
GdByVoices     : Plus I thought we already recorded at Albany's
GdByVoices     : We like playing anywhere in Kentucky.
SPINaps        : BassGodds     :
Question       : Which GBV songs are you the happiest with?
GdByVoices     : Our new album out in Rocktober, is full of 19 
               : songs. With which we are the happiest.
SPINaps        : McPart          :
Question       : when is your next record--the rock opera 
               : coming out?
GdByVoices     : We're not doing the rock opera. We sold that to 
               : the Who and they decided not to put it out. 
               : Trader Vic will be bootlegging it in the fall
SPINaps        : RHatch278    :
Question       : How did you guys first get noticed by Matador, 
               : cuz I'm in a struggling band in need of a
               : label.
SPINitch       : Before you leave take a gander at the lovely 
               : GBV photo in the multimedia gallery.
GdByVoices     : We like pizza and beer. That seems to help.
SPINaps        : KlingKlan      :
Question       : Who's your favorite A&R person?
GdByVoices     : Geoffrey Weiss from WB. He knows his rock.
SPINaps        : BuzzyJES       :
Question       : There must be some common ground between 
               : Democratic and Republican voters that polling
               : has uncovered.  In KY  there is not much 
               : difference in the way people vote or the issues 
               : they base their vote upon.  Is it possible to exploit 
               : these ideas?
SPINaps        : What?
GdByVoices     : He once lost his whole record collection in a 
               : fire and he said that's the best thing that
               : ever happened to me cause now I can go and 
               : buy them all over again.
SPINaps        : THREE5CC      :
Question       : my questions arent getting answered either. 
               : how does this thing work?
GdByVoices     : Ask again later.
SPINaps        : Q glitter        :
Question       : if you were trapped in a world without music, 
               : what would you be doing? for fun, or for a
               : living...
GdByVoices     : Working in a factory.
SPINaps        : RATREC         :
Question       : Why Steve Albini
GdByVoices     : Because Bob's always been intimidated by him 
               : because he's such an indierock metal type 
               : dude and so I thought there's no way he would like 
               : our Squeeze/Split Enz/Sparks/Cheap Trick 
               : sound...
SPINaps        : OK, we've got about five minutes left for 
               : questions...
GdByVoices     : But he called and said he loved our live bootleg 
               : so we said, yeah, maybe we should give him a 
     	       : chance..
SPINaps        : RHatch278    :
Question       : What is your sense of fashion?
SPINitch       : Transcripts of this conference will be available 
               : in the Multimedia Gallery tomorrow.
GdByVoices     : And we found it to be a most pleasurable 
               : experience. And found him not to be any kind of 
               : a prick whatsoever. But more a hardworking 
               : rock enthusiast. Highly recommended.
SPINaps        : You guys wanna take that sense of fashion 
               : question?
SPINaps        : Of this one....
SPINaps        : Beerbower     :
GdByVoices     : Sense of fashion? Uh, let's see...
Question       : What's the worst gig you ever played?
GdByVoices     : Converse. Striped white shirts. That's it.
SPINitch       : Hey, there are faces attached to these words. 
               : Check out the pix in the Multimedia Gallery.
GdByVoices     : We never played a bad gig.
SPINaps        : Let's finish with an old standard.....
SPINaps        : ROS850         :
Question       : Will you be touring anytime soon?
GdByVoices     : Yes. East Coast next week. Midwest and South 
               : in July. Europe in August. Maybe with Urge 
               : Overkill in the fall. We rule.
SPINaps        : Thanks for hanging out tonight... any last words 
               : before I eject you.
SPINaps        : Like I did to that Beerbower kid.
GdByVoices     : Mistakes are what make us different.
GdByVoices     : Good night.
SPINaps        : Good night.
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