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CityBeat Cincinnati 
December 2000 
By Steve Knopper

Cincinnati's arts weekly, CityBeat, released their "Year in Film & Music"
issue. Here's the GBV content:

Best Music/Show Lists
by Swarthy, Singer/Songwriter
5) GBV-Suitcase: "For nearly the last two decades, the best British music
has come from Dayton, Ohio.

by Jason Arbenz, CityBeat/Singer/Songwriter
6 & 7) GBV @ Southgate House & Bonnie Prince Billy @ Southgate House (tie):
A pair of outstanding shows from notoriously unpredictable band leaders.
Pollard held his set-list aloft to a roar from the crowd, because the thing
looked like a list of school closings.

Doug Trapp, CityBeat
1) GBV @ Southgate House: A friend of mine hated this show, calling it a
frat party. I disagree. Like some frat parties, the show was sweaty,
crowded, beer-soaked, loud and raucous. But unadulterated love for GBV
fueled this gathering, not testosterone or some elitist version of
brotherhood. It was so crowded, people bought beer by the six-pack, but it
was almost easier to catch a free can of Budweiser from Bob Pollard's
bottomless on-stage cooler. GBV played more than three hours and a couple
of encores. And when Pollard ran out of GBV songs, they launched into ZZ
Top, Cars, and other covers, usually finishing half the song, then
immediately launching into another. But the truly special moment came at
the show's end. With the house lights already on, Pollard backed away from
the microphone as the band headed down the home stretch on a typical GBV
rocker-I'm not sure which one. Then one audience member jumped onstage and
began dancing. Then two. Then six. Then a flood of humanity took over the
stage, dancing around the band for a couple of minutes until the song ran
out. It ended at nearly 2:30 a.m.