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Concert Reviews

MAGNET's Matt Hickey looks back at the final GBV show.

So long farewell, the Chicago Tribune reviews the FINAL show.

He's a man of the people; Pop Matters reviews the NYC trifecta farewell.

The Orlando Sentinel says that GBV puts on one of their best Florida shows ever in their farewell to Orlando.

The New York Times raves about the New York City finale at Irving Plaza.

The Daily Californian says GBV bows out with style in their San Francisco farewell.

Flagpole Magazine's Patrick Dean draws his experience at GBV's 40 Watt finale.

The Statesman in Austin says Bob's claim to start the show was just about right on in their review of the Austin TX show.

GBV's Austin City Limits appearance is called legendary by the Daily Texan.

It's a fond farewell to Boston; the Boston Phoenix reviews GBV's last Boston show.

Partying with Uncle Bob; the Boston Herald reviews GBV's last show in Boston.

The Boston Globe says that Bob was our guide in their review of GBV's last Boston show.

Rocking hard and partying hard; the Hartford Courant reviews the Northampton MA show.

Bob Pollard heals the city of Orlando; from the Orlando Sentinel.

Unpeeled tells how the good people of Nottingham are blessed by Bob in their review of the 9/25/2003 show.

Bob proves once again to be the human jukebox in the Boston Globe review of their 9/3 show.

Rock and Roll's man of the people visits Boston!

GBV supplies the energy at Goose Island Festival in Chicago.

GBV has not lost a step says the Indy Star in their review for the 8/16/2003 show at Birdy's.

The Lexington Herald Leader says that GBV definitely delivered in their much anticipated trip to Lexington.

Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune reviews the GBV/Cheap Trick double dip at the Vic.

The DePaul newspaper says that GBV rocked the house in Chicago.

The Chicago Trib calls GBV a cross between the Who and Cheap Trick in their review of the January 2003 Metro show.

The Indianapolis Star reviews GBV Rockin' New Years Eve 2002.

GBV is up there with the best of them says dotmusic's review from Europe 2002 tour.

The highlights are too numerous to mention, so says this review of GBV in Cork Ireland.

GBV shows Chapel Hill the meaning of indie rock and fun says the Daily Tar Heel.

A review of GBV's first ever Southern Florida show.

A Hard Day's Night indeed, Nick Miller's review of the London show.

Even across the seas the feeling is the same, this Amsterdam review calls GBV the best rock and roll band in the world.

The best band in the land...says Popshot in their review of the Atlanta show.

Bob earns his keep. NME's review of the Toronto show.

GBV offers new life at Summerfest in Milwaukee.

Review from the Chicago tribune for the June 29 2002 show by Greg Kot.

A first time GBV concert see-er reviews the Athens show and says, seeing GBV will change your life.

Sponic reviews GBV's excellent St Patrick's Day show at a really shitty club.

Nude As News spends St Patrick's Day in Dayton with GBV.

Spin clearly likes one bands performance more than the other in their review of the GBV/Strokes New Years Eve show.

GBV does a secret private party show in Columbus to start their new tour and Swizzle Stick is there.

Rolling Stone features GBV's New Years gig with The Strokes.

Nude As News does GBV New Years style.

The best thing to hit Indiana since Ohio....GBV in Indy reviewed by Indy Music Net.

In another review for the Middle East show, Pop Matters says GBV delivered their original brand of rock with timeless conviction.

No doubt about it. The Tempe show in June was best show of 2001 says Dirt Culture

Boston Herald says GBV's October 2001 show is filled with shimmering hooks, talent and booze.

Rock ain't dead, it's living in Dayton OH says the Coast in their review of the Halifax shows.

City Beat raves over the Southgate House show.

GBV's ready for the big breakout says the Columbus Dispatch of the Little Brother's show.

Ear Pollution reviews GBV's Showbox show saying, GBV doesn't stop until you are a believer.

Reuters review of the House of Blues show says Bob is part jester, part piper.

Billboard.com says "Part blue-collar workingman's band, part bombastic rock stars, Guided By Voices consistently prove they know how to put on a rock show in their review of the Bowery Ballroom show.

The new GBV is a retooled rock juggernaut says Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune in his review of GBV's Chicago show.

The Isolation Drills tour kicks off in style in Chicago, see what Spin.com has to say about the show.

The awe for GBV is justified says Toronto's Eye Weekly in their 4 star review for the bands Toronto show.

Pollard and crew were in vintage apocalyptic form in their Toronto show says Now Weekly.

Sonic Net's Rock News of the World reviews GBV's appearance as Homosexual Flypaper at CBGB's.

Columbus' Other paper reviews 3/24/00 show....and is another in the long line that doesn't realize Tim Tobias is the bass player!

Don't make it rocket science! Bob's theory on live rock in the Columbus Dispatch review of the 3/24/00 show.

GBV in Sydney Australia review from Revolver.

Australia show review from Rave Magazine.

From the archives - The Big Takover reviews two shows in NYC.

Delivering indie-pop treats to all the boys and girls of Boston.

GBV just like they used to be in DC.

Two GBV reviews from NYRock online. The first is from GBV's opening slot for Cheap Trick in NYC and the second is GBV's appearance at the Digital Club Network festival this past summer.

Dallas Morning News says Bob does not have to be drunk to put on a great show.

Ink 19 reviews GBVs Atlanta show.

The LA show is interrupted by an injured stage diver ; the LA Times review

It's Emerson Lake & Pollard in San Francisco. Addicted to Noise reviews the show.

The club was open in Lawrence Kansas in this Pitch Weekly Online review.

GBV is a gang of soused tune-slingers, administering 100% uncut r'n'r spirit to true believers says Stevie Chick in his review of the Bristol UK show.

Meet the new Bob. RollingStone.com's review of the Boston show.

Buffalo News review of the Showplace Theatre show.

Washington Post reviews the GBV/Cheap Trick show and it's obvious who they thought the top act was.

GBV is what rock is all about in S.C. Creative Loafing's review for the Atlanta show.

Melody Maker reviews the Garage show in London.

The Guardian reviews the London show at the Garage on 8/25/99.

From Milwaukee - the Shepherd Express Metro reviews the Shank Hall show.

Chicago Tribune review of the Do The Collapse record release party at Cabaret Metro.

Dallas Observer observes a very good show by GBV at SXSW.

Music Boulevard says GBV's SXSW show was everything SXSW should be.

NY Press describes the new line up as a GBV "super group" in their review of the Tramps show.

GBV kicks out a long great set in Chicago.

The teacher continues to school the masses! GBV review of the Tramps show.

What do you get when you cross Roger Daltry with Ronald McDonald?.

Mo Ryan's review from the Chicago Tribune of the Metro show

John Kappes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reviews show #1 of Guided By Verde

Dfactor offers the first look at the first appearence of the "new" GBV in Cleveland 4/26/97

Brian Manke's review in Cleveland's Scene Magazine Online for the first GBVerde show.

GBV live in Vancouver 5/2/96

Justin Rice reviews GBV in Vancouver. Cool pics as well. Strike that rock pose Mitch!

Jason Dugan from Switzerland reviews GBV at the Pukkelpop Festival

Roadtrip report from DC to Louisville, KY by Troy Holland

Review by the Courier Journal in Lousiville

WhistlePig's Journey. Great recount of Kim Van Atta and his boyz trek to the mythological land of Dayton to see GBV on April 6th 1996

Brent Fusco's review of GBV in Lawrence Kansas in April 1996


David Marley's review of the Washington DC show - Nov 3rd 1995

Charlie Meyer's review of the Dayton Pub Show on 13 Oct 1995

Rick Scaia Review of the Dayton Show on 13 Oct 1995

Bruce Melendy's Review from the Bottom in San Francisco

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