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Concert Photos


The last show, the last set of live photos. Here they are;

Joe Stopa (12/30 & 12/31)
Pope Paul D
Matthew Stecker
Jack Stenner
Matt Carmichael
Kevin L.Westerbeck
Sylvia Wood
G Lynn Burch
Terri Nelles 12/30
Terri Nelles 12/31
Scott Remillard 12/30
Scott Remillard 12/31
Joel Reamer
Breck Rowell (King Shit of guidedbyrobertpollard.com) send us pics from 12/30 AND 12/31
Richelle Forsey (12/30)

Nobody captures Orlando shows better than Mindy Hertzon, here is her pics from the final Orlando show.

Making her way across the US for the final shows, Julie Schantz hits us with her Florida pics

Artist Todd DiCiurcio and his wife Meg send us these special shots from the final night at Irving Plaza

Arlan Feiles opened the night by playing in the Laundryroom Squelchers and ended with these fine pics of GBV in Orlando

Kristi and Thad send the first batch of the Orlando finale.

The lens of Kurt Ozficici captures Irving Plaza with GBV and Phantom Tollbooth.

From back in September, Michael K sends us these pretty shots from Boston

Matthew Stecker is there for all 3 nights of the New York City finale. Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

Bernie DeChant sends us these beautiful shots of the Fillmore show.

King Shit does the double play on the West Coast sending us pictures from San Diego and 2 sets from Hollywood.

Kevin L. Westerbeck gets psychedelic at the Southgate House and in Bloomington.

Tracy Clark sends us these great shots from Athens GA

Adding to her GBV repertoire, Julie Schantz's triple play of GBV fun; Columbus and Athens and Southgate House.

Robert Cozine sends us these shots from the 40 Watt in Athens.

From inside the Al Rosa Villa in Columbus from Charles Irons.

Jackie Owens' pics from Bloomington IN

Joe Stopa sends us the Southgate finale pics.

Joe Hoelscher sends us these GREAT shots from Cleveland

The Cut-Out Witch is back, Julie Schantz's pics from Carrboro NC.

It's a double play from Rusty Roberts; Philadelphia and then on to Washington DC.

Matt Stecker provides two sets of AMAZING shots from Philadelphia. Set 1 and Set 2.

Long time contributor Lauren Rutigliano sends us her shots from Boston.

Matt Macdonald gives us shots of the Boston farewell show.

Andrew Wilson sends us pics from the Nashville finale.

Another set of shots from St Paul MN, from Mike Spragg.

From the WAY back machine, Tramps NYC, 1994.

Terri Nelles brings us two slide shows one from Champaign IL and the other from Iowa City.

The craziness of Gabe's Iowa City brought to you by Danielle Arett.

Danielle Arett shows us GBV at Grand Old Days in St Paul MN.
Mike Dressler's amazing shots from the High Dive in Champaign.

Joe Stopa's pics from Champaign IL.

Hometown heroes play in Dayton, Christena Green captures the moment.

Deb Collins brings us shots from Trenton NJ in April.

Motorboy captures the fun of Grand Old Days in St Paul.

Fun in the great outdoors, Grand Old Days in St Paul from Bill Campbell

More from Scott Miller, this time New York City.

Scott Miller sends us his pics from Northampton Mass.

The Cut Out Witch is back, Julie Schantz sends us her pics from a very memorable night in New York City.

Lauren Rutigliano sends us these beautiful shots from Northampton Mass.

Rob Neinburg of sockimaging sends us this slide show of the Bloomington show.

Dennis and Cheryl send us more shots from Louisville.

Do you think she can change our lives? The Cut Out Witch brings us pics from Louisville.

Black and White shows from St Louis by Kathy Perfetto.

Jason Baldwin brings us the beauty of the Bluebird show in Bloomington, IN.

It's a Texas Two Step, Sunny Jim sends us his pics from Austin and Houston.

Dan Cromer sends us fun from Columbus, Ohio.

Joe Stopa sends us shots from St Louis.

Louisville Kentucky through the lens of Joe Stopa.

The last show of 2003 in San Diego. Pics from Chango.

Mindy Hertzon captures the night of the beer showers in Orlando FL.

GBV fan Austin Davis sends us his pics of GBV over the years.

The Cut-out Witch can...send us her pictures from Athens GA.

The usual Orlando show...flying beer and goggles; pics by Eric Freeman.

Double bass night in Nashville from John Brassil

From this past summer's Akron show, photos from Sarah Humble.

It's Rockin' New Years Eve with GBV in San Diego from the lens of King Shit.

From the fall Maui sends us these photos from the Glasgow show.

Mark Mauren sends us these shots from the Magic Stick in Detroit.

Mike Baehr hits us with both nights from the Abbey Pub; Saturday and Sunday.

Mindy Hertzon is back with her 35mm camera shots from Atlanta.

Joe Hoelscher sends us these beauties from Toronto Ontario.

Terri Nelles produces these two slide shows from Dekalb and Chicago.

Our fave Mindy Hertzon sends us these from Atlanta GA show.

Joe Stopa was in Dekalb and shot these.

More from night one in Chicago, GBV & Toby from Joe Stopa.

GBV in Chicago with Toby on stage, from Gintas Buinevicius.

Awesome shots of the Minneapolis show from Tony Nelson.

Julie "The Cut-out Witch" Schantz returns with her shots from Asheville NC.

Julie "The Cut-out Witch" Schantz brings us these excellent photos from Atlanta.

Vini Alesi's at The Warsaw in Brooklyn and brings us these shots.

Ben Thousand hits Carrboro NC show and sends us these photos.

Breck Rowell (King Shit from guidedbyrobertpollard.com) brings us 3 shows from the West Coast: Hollywood, San Diego & Anaheim
GBV.com's fave UK photographer Kurt Ozficici sends us shots from ULU in London.

Tom Partridge returns with more from GBV in London.

Tony Bartolo gets some good shots of Bob in London

Tom Partridge shows us GBV in Nottingham.

Completeing his triple play in Germany, Joerg Conrad sens us these sweaty photos from Berlin.

Joerg Conrad is back this time for GBV's Frankfurt show.

GBV's annual trek to Boston produces Lauren Rutigliano annuals pics for gbv.com.

One of GBV.com's best photographers Mindy Hertzon gives us her look at the MAGNET anniversary show.

Euro tour 2003 kicks off in Munich and Joerg Conrad takes us there.

It's a doubleheader from King Shit on the West Coast; first up Spaceland in LA and then the Sunset Junction Festival.

Dan Cromer hits us again with some great Southgate House show pics.

Meghan O Malley returns with some shots from Southgate House.

Dan Cromer shows us GBV rocking in Indy.

Matt Davis shows us an inside look to some of the Earthquake Glue sessions.

Rawns takes us inside the studio for Earthquake Glue recording pictures.

GBV rocks the Capitol, from the folks at Live on Penn.

From back in February, some FANTASTIC pictures from Joe Hoelscher.

Dennis and Cheryl Oshea bring us Grand Rapids photos.

Joe Stopa is back for more, this time from Grand Rapids show.

Brian Seitz sends us captures from Akron.

Westword Festival in Denver from Loring Wirbel.

Steve Bopp sends us 4 nice shots from St Louis.

The debut of the Cobra Shirt in St Louis MO from the lens of Dennis Oshea.

Dennis Oshea adds his pictures to the Springfest mix.

Some really nice shots of Springfest show from Joe Stopa.

GBV at Springfest in Missouri...photos by Stephen Struemph.

Bryan Seitz brings us pictures from the WOXY Earth Day show in Cincinnati.

Meghan O'Malley sends us her Earth Day shots from Cincinnati.

3 sets of great shots of GBV in Detroit from Zia; Black & White, Color Set 1 & Color Set 2.

Bryan Seitz sends us this collage of the August 2002 Cleveland show.

Megan and Rob send us some shots from snowy Bloomington.

Cheryl Oshea with shots from the bench in Bloomington.

Pretty pictures from the Metro by Mahsa Hojjat.

Cheryl and Dennis Oshea with another view at the Metro in Chicago.

Joe Stopa is back with his pictures from the Metro in Chicago.

Live from Chicago, pics by Chris Castaneda.

Rocking out with GBV on New Years Eve in Indy, photos from Joe Stopa.

Mel's shots from Knoxville TN.

More from Mel, this time up front in Columbus OH.

From this summers Studio-A-Rama in Cleveland, some great shots from Louis Muenz.

Cleve Hightower completes his triple play with these shots from Athens.

Cleve Hightower sends us his pictures from Tuscaloosa AL.

The first night at the Echo Lounge in Atlanta from July, from Cleve Hightower.

Feel the craziness of Orlando FL with these brilliant shots from Mindy Hertzon.

Mindy Hertzon does it again with her great pictures from Ft. Lauderdale.

Two sets of GREAT pictures of GBV and Superdrag from www.jpurvis.com. First up Atlanta and then Tuscaloosa.

It's GBV and Superdrag in the tour finale in Knoxville from Julie Schantz.

The guys from Homeroon send us pictures from Athens.

More from Asbury Park this time from Vince Daliesso.

Joe Stopa returns with his pics from Louisville KY.

This Ain't No Picnic but these are Kingshit's photos from Irvine CA.

Beer Thousand Brewmaster Bret Foster's pics from Louisville.

The sisters King send us the pictures from Asbury Park.

Back to Pittsburgh with pictures from Craig Dye.

Joe Stopa's Hideout Block Party pictures.

Rocking and partying in Sweden.

They missed them back in Germany and here are the pictures to prove it.

Meghan O'Malley offers up these great shots from Studio-a-rama in Cleveland.

It's a Block Party! The Hideout show from Dennis and Cheryl O'Shea.

Terri Nelles provides the slide show of the Hideout show in Chicago.

GBV fans from Germany send us a few shots from the Amsterdam show.

From May 2002, Sara J Rhee's shots from the Metro in Chicago.

GBV goes to London and Alex and Mandi were there.

GBV in Brussels from the lens of Jorg Conrad.

Two pages of photos from Jorg Conrad of GBV in Cologne, Germany.

First batch of over seas photos. The Garage show in London from Kurt Ozficici.

Rosebud. Benjamin Moyer's shots from Pittsburgh

A return to Nashville's show from April. Pictures from Shawn Hardy.

More from Madison courtesy of Candee Ferguson.

Benny Foxx catches the boys pre-show outside Irving Plaza.

A batch of Isolation Drills era shots from torpedo magazine.

Again from the Paradise in Boston from the lovely Lauren Rutigliano.

From the Paradise in Boston from Jen Masho.

Dennis and Cheryl O'Shea's pictures from Madison.

Dan Cromer and his psychedelic camera capture the Bogart's show.

More from Amoeba Records, this time from Janelle Sterling.

King Shit and the gang bring us some photos of the Amoeba Records in store.

Stephen Erickson sends us some shots from SoCal.

Dick Smith sends us his pictures from Chicago.

The Warsaw in Brooklyn by Hector Barriga.

Same show, more great shots; The 40 Watt in Athens this time from Rochelle Beres.

Mindy Hertzon's pictures from Nashville Tennessee.

More from the 40 Watt in Athens GA, from Mindy Hertzon.

It's GBV at Amory High.

Rene Tewksbury gets us to the 40 Watt in Athens GA.

40 Watt in Athens pictures from Cleve Hightower.

Jeff Heath takes the southern route and send us pictures from Athens and Carrboro

Doug's Burton's pictures from the Alley Katz in Richmond VA.

Mindy Hertzon's digital photos of the Buffalo show.

Live in Syracuse, digital photos from Mindy Hertzon.

Rupe gets the pics from Lancaster PA.

Karen Graves captures the scene at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland.

St Patty's party in the hometown. Pictures by Karen Graves.

The King of the 3D photo Rob Gorham took some beautiful shots of the band in Champaign IL.

From way out West Josh Reineke sends us photos from Seattle and Vancouver.

Kevin Teague and his Digital Canon bring us pictures from Vancouver.

Hayes Haugen's photos from Seattle in March of 2001.

David Garza does black and white from Southgate House back in December 2001.

Jason Baldwin's pictures from Birdy's in Indianapolis.

Matthew Vlachos pictures from Birdy's.

The always wild Southgate House...from Bret Foster.

October at the Middle East from Lauren Rutigliano.

You know you're HUGE when you get mentioned with Dan Rather.

Tempe in June 2001 from Adam at Dirt Culture.

Cleveland Rocks. pope greg's photos from Beachland Ballroom July 2001.

Backstage at Siren Fest from ana luisa morales.

Joerg Conrad sends us some shots from the Garage in London.

Phil Rae's pics from the Garage in London.

More from Siren Fest, this time from Doug Burton.

It's Guided By Wurster opening up for Weezer in NYC.

Rob Gorham's fantastic shots from St Louis MO in May 2001.

More great shots from Rob Gorham from the Metro in Chicago in September of 2000.

More photos from Siren Fest this time from Mike O'Rourke.

Scott Remillard sends us pictures from Siren Fest.

The Weedking send us some photos from Brick by Brick in Sand Diego from June 2001.

Melanie Martinez has some shots from Brick by Brick in San Diego.

Thadd Day hit some shows in spring of 2001. Check out his pictures of Austin, Dallas and Albany.

Jason Baldwin adds more pictures from Birdy's in Indy.

Cat Walsh captures some moments at the Vic show in Chicago.

Up front at Birdy's in Indianapolis with Cat Walsh.

From the lens of ana luisa morales, its GBV in Kansas City.

Scott Remillard sends us pictures from the Paradise in Boston.

Albany NY pictures from Scott Remillard.

Vanessa Dawes gets us two times, first up the Fillmore in San Fran.

Next up from Vanessa is the Amoeba Records in store.

Kinda cool and trippy shots from Denver CO brought to you by Steve Vercelloni.

The guys from guidedbyrobertpollard.com bring us pictures from the San Diego show.

Thadd Day's pictures from Dallas TX.

Vanessa Dawes pictures from the Showbox in Seattle.

Phil Cryer captures the boys at Waterloo Records.

Janice and Mike Baehr send us pics from the GBV Waterloo Records in-store.

GBV in Portland OR from Smokebox.

More great photos from Tim Myers - this time from Louisville. Secret photos of the Dayton Mafia included.

Cleve Hightower's pictures from Athens GA.

Chris Wales sends us his photos from the Louisville KY show.

The wildness of the Saphire Club show in Orlando as captured by Mindy Hertzon.

Saphire Club in Orlando from Chad Cardoza.

Oldies but goodies Sean's pictures form the 40 Watt Club in December 2000.

Jacksonville Florida pictures from Joe Machos.

One of our Girls Named Captain, Vanessa sends us photos from Knoxville TN.

Photos from Philly PA from Jonathan Kapinus.

Annie Pearlman delivers some great shots from DC.

ana louisa morales offers us her photos from Washington DC.

Live in DC from the lens of Mark Berrong.

Rollingstone.com gets in on the Empty Bottle Chicago photo action.

Jen Huber captures some moments at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Danny Blas' pictures from the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

Derek Fricano's nice pictures from the Barking Tuna Fest in Kalamazoo.

Vanessa's photos of the Kalamazoo show. Click on the Blowfish folder.

The fab Ian Johnsen takes the trip to Canada from the UK and gives us these pictures from the Toronto show.

Jonathan Hall's Middle East pictures from January 2000.

Two pictures from GBV's Canadian TV appearance in September 1999.

Backstage at Conan O'Brien.

My pictures from the CBGB's show.

Jeff's CBGB pictures.

Kelsey's pictures detailing the fun had when GBV hit Iowa City.

The King of Asheville Brad Brock's pictures of the very festive Asheville show.

Brad Torbeck's photos from LA show - night #1.

Lynda Mandolyn sends us pictures from the West Coast - first up the Bimbo's show in San Fran and then it's on to LA.

Nicholas Bax pictures from Madison WI Annex show.

The great Erik Richardson's pictures from Madison WI.

Art and Rock combine in these Orlando Florida shots.

Chris Wales offers us his photos from Alrosa's Villa in Columbus OH.

G E Light's pictures from Birmingham AL.

The Electric Newspaper Boy himself, Ed Kinsella's pics from Indy 12/99.

More great Champaign IL shots from the fine fellas at High Rollers.

High Rollers Productions video captures from their shoot of the show in Champaign IL this past December.

Gordon's photos from the Birmingham show at The Nick.

Derek Fricano's cool pictures from the Washington DC show.

My pictures from Athens GA.

The digital eye of Tim Myers gets shots fom DC and NYC shows in Janaury 2000.

Not really a concert photo BUT a good story just the same.

Aaron Smith's pictures from Solano Beach CA. Check out the latest hot new dance craze across America

Josh Platz captures some of the fun in Detroit.

The madness of the Detroit - Majestic Theatre show caught on film.

Matt Waters shots from the December 10th Chicago show at Metro.

Jonathan Rhea contributes some pictures from Austin Texas show.

Long time photo contributor Brian Staker's pictures from Denver.

June Rich's photos from the Cotton Club in Atlanta.

Jon Lister's amazing work capturing two UK shows.

Peter Baldes pictures from the Buffalo show.

From overseas Ferry from Holland sends us pictures from the Garage show.

Hometown boy Ed Kinsella grabs the Xfest photos in Dayton.

Andy Valeri's pictures from the Chicago Metro show on 8/6/99.

From the lens of Brian Staker, pics from the Salt Lake City show.

It's still No Picnic - This time from the lens of Brian Staker.

Irvine CA - This Ain't No Picnic from Drew Henschen

More Bogart's from Todd and Jason.

Bogart's 6/26/99 by RichT.

John Laird a photographer from Dayton Ohio has captured many GBV appearances over the years. Here is just a sample of some photos from 1995-1998.

Springfest pictures from the digital camera of LUNA Music.

Pre-show practice on Titus for Columbus show 5/21/99.

It's Springfest in Columbus and it's pictures from Chris Wales.

Erik and Patty's pics from the Carleton College show.

Two Black and White shots from Bernies show 1998.

Shots from the Carleton College show.

Behind the scenes and before the show at Carleton College.

From the lens of Mike Jastremski - Penn State photos.

Some beautiful pictures of GBV at SXSW from Thadd Day

SXSW 1999 Waterloo Park digitally captured by RichT

SXSW 1999 - Soundcheck

Photos from GBV's appearance in the upcoming independent film Dean Quixote directed by Postal Blowfisher Orion Walker

It's Southgate House shots!

Josh's shots from the historic Irving Plaza show.

Some old school shots of Bob from Boston courtesy of Mike Baehr

GBV Live in LA - 1998

The Club IS Open at Southgate House

Old School GBV photos from Jay

Digitally done in Columbus. GREAT GBV live pics.

Shots from Little Brothers show in Columbus

Live from the Magic Stick it's GBV

Todd and Jason from LUNA bring us Chicago Metro pictures from the pit.

Todd Robinson takes us right down front and backstage with these site exclusive shots of the Tramps show on 6/20/98.

The first batch of 1998 photos with the new band. Pictures from the Sewanee, TN show.

The Vogue in Indianapolis, October 11, 1997.

Mag tour photos from the Croc in Seattle taken by Dennis.

Michele Kinnamon has some great shots from the World Cafe taping and other live shows.

Contributions from Dave Heaton during the Mag! tour.

GBV live in Dayton at the Asylum through the lens of Chris Jern.

Come check out Jason's pictures from the Seattle show.

Jason doing it two times with cool shots from Vancouver as well.

More photos from Princeton University from Mark Fisher.

Bimbo's San Fran, the famed last night of the Maroon Blazer.

Photos from Summerstage featuring Timo!

Photos from Lynn Burch who roadtripped from Tennessee to Louisville for the 26 July 97 show

Timo & GBV in Pittsburgh.

GBV Live at The Trocedero in Philadelphia.

More Summerstage photos.

Great action photos from Summerstage by Aaron Smith.

Summerstage photos brought to you by the cool folks at Sled Bag.

WestBeth photos from Mike Bianco

Westbeth photos by Justin McCarthy.

Incredible photos taken by Maria T Sciarrino from Westbeth & Princeton U.

Chris Jern's photos at The Asylum, Dayton Ohio - June 6th, 1997

University of Princeton - Princeton, NJ. May 4th, 1997

Haverford College Philadelphia - May 3rd, 1997 - ~5 pm

WestBeth Theatre NYC - May 2nd, 1997

Danny Blas' photos from the Phantasy Club in Cleveland April 1997

Ruth Ann's Irving Plaza photos - June 1996

Joey Joe Joe's Pictures from Knoxville TN

Tempe, Arizona

Tipp City, Ohio October 16 1995

The Patio in Indianapolis September 16 1995

Ed's photos from London Ontario show.

South By Southwest