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Forever Since Breakfast (I Wanna) 12" EP



Devil Between My Toes (Schwa)
Sandbox (Halo)



Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia (Halo)


Same Place the Fly Got Smashed (Rocket #9)



Propeller (Rockathon)


The Grand Hour (Scat) 7" EP



An Earful o'Wax (Get Happy!!! [Germany]) (remastered)
Selected tracks from FsB through SPFGS.
Vampire on Titus (Scat)



Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer (Domino [UK]) 7"/CD EP
Fast Japanese Spin Cycle (Engine [UK]) 7"/CD EP
Static Airplane Jive (City Slang [Germany]) 7" EP

7" Singles

"If We Wait" (Anyway) 7" single
Split with Jenny Mae Leffel.
"Stabbing a Star," from Out of Cowtown, vol. 3 (V/A) (Anyway) 7" single



Bee Thousand (Scat/Matador)
Crying Your Knife Away (Lo-Fi)
Live at Stache's, Columbus, 18 June 1994. (CD Re-released September 1998)


Get Out Of My Stations (Siltbreeze) 7" EP
"I Am A Scientist" [new version] +3 (Scat) 7"/CD EP

"Hey, Mr. Soundman" +3 (The Now Sound) 7" EP
Split with the Grifters.

7" Singles

"Always Crush Me" (Anyway) 7" single
Split with Belreve.
"Chicken Blows," from The Polite Cream Tea Corps E.P. (V/A) track
Included with Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine, no.16 (April) 7"
"Do The Earth" (BOB) 7" flexi single
Included with Bucketfull Of Brains magazine, no. 49.
"My Impression Now" from Spin This 5 (V/A) track
Included with Spin magazine (Fall).



Alien Lanes (Matador) Australian version released with BOX sampler.

For All Good Kids (no label)
Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, 30 March 1995.

Box Sets

Box (Scat)
Includes DbMT, Sandbox, SIAN, SPFGS, Propeller, and King Shit and the Golden Boys, which includes
previously unreleased tracks from 1988 (tracks 1-2), 1991 (3-7), and 1993 (8-19); CD edition omits


Tigerbomb (Matador) 7" EP

Compilation Tracks

"Snuff Movie (She's Gone)," from Volume 14: Reading '95 Special (V/A) (Volume [UK]) CD track

"I Am a Scientist" [live version] track
From Threadwaxing Space Live: The Presidential Compilation, 93-94
(V/A) (Zero Hour)

"Squirmish Frontal Room," from CJM magazine (V/A) CD track

"Motor Away" [7" version], from Extra Cheese: A Matador Records Sampler CD (V/A) (Matador) CD track

7" Singles

"Motor Away" [new version]/"Color of My Blade" [previously unreleased] (Matador) 7" single
The original release is a mispressing; the b-side is the unmixed version of "The Opposing Engineer" from
the split with NRSK. On the corrected pressing, "Color of My Blade" is the b-side, identified by "RE" and
some scribbling following "OLE-148-7-B" in the deadwax.
"The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone" (Chunk) 7" single
Split with New Radiant Storm King.


Benefit for Winos (no label)
Live at Gilly's, Dayton, 2 June 1996.
Jellyfish Reflector (Jellyfish)
Live at The Patio Club, Indianapolis, 17 February 1996.
Under the Bushes Under the Stars (Matador)
UK import CD includes "Delayed Reaction Brats," "He's the Uncle," "The Key Losers" (all previously
unreleased); Australian and UK import CDs include Tigerbomb.


"Cut-Out Witch" and "Rhine Jive Click" [UBUS versions]; "Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy" and
"Some Drilling Implied" [from Inside Dave's Garage session on WHFS, 1995] (Matador [UK]) 7" picture
disc single
"Delayed Reaction Brats" +2 (Felaheen [Australia]) CD EP
Split with Superchunk; these are the same three tracks included on the UK import release of UBUS.
"The Official Ironmen Rally Song" +3 previously unreleased (Matador) 7"/CD single

Plantations of Pale Pink (Matador) 7" EP
Sunfish Holy Breakfast (Matador) 12"/CD EP

Compilation Tracks

"Beneath a Festering Moon," from The Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation Compact Disc (V/A) (Touch
and Go) CD track

"Non-Absorbing," from American Pie (V/A) (Rubber [Australia]) CD track

"Official Ironmen Rally Song," from CMJ magazine (V/A) CD track

"Postal Blowfish" [new version], from Brain Candy soundtrack (V/A) (Matador) track

"Stabbing a Star" +2 [live in Dayton], from Edgefest 96 (V/A) (The Edge/WXEG FM) CD tracks

"Tractor Rape Chain (Clean It Up)" (VA) (Magnet/Darla) 7" track

"Snuff Movie (She's Gone)" (same song as "Reptilian Beauty Secrets" from Tonics And Twisted Chasers) from Introducing Vol. 14 (V/A) CD track

"The Official Ironmen Rally Song" from Introducin' #4 released with the German music zine Intro

7" Singles

Brighton Rocks ["Hot Freaks" and "Game of Pricks" live in Brighton, 1995] (RCRPA [UK]) 7"
Included with Fear and Loathing magazine, No. 37 (May) single
Live at the Whiskey A Go Go (Rockathon) video
Recorded 10 May 1996.



Mag Earwhig! (Matador)
Tonics and Twisted Chasers (vinyl only release January 1997 & CD version with 5 extra bonus tracks
released December 1997 (Rockathon)
Under the Bushes, Under the Stars (Matador [Japan]) CD
Includes two previously unreleased tracks, "Finks," and "The Finest Joke Is Upon Us."


Wish In One Hand (Jass Records) 7" EP
8 Rounds CD EP
Split with Girls Against Boys. From Inside Dave's Garage session on WHFS, 1995.


Compilation Tracks

"Official Iron Man Rally Song" [live], from Rare On the Air no. 3 (Mammoth) CD track
Recorded on Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW, 1996.
"Scat Records Semi Annual Review 1997 CD"(Scat) track
Not Behind The Fighter Jet (same version as Mag Earwhig!)

"What's Up, Matador? CD Comp."(Matador) track
On Disc 1 Motor Away (same version as Alien Lanes). On Disc 2 My Thoughts Are A Gas (DIFFERENT
song than the one that appears on Tonics & Twisted Chasers)

"Tard & Further'd CD Compilation."(Slitbreeze) tracks
Melted Pat & Dusty Bushworms (originally from Get Out Of My Stations)

7" singles

"Aim Correctly" and "Orange Jacket" (Wabana) single
Split with Cobra Verde.
"Bulldog Skin" US 7" (Matador) single
"I Am A Tree" US 7" (Matador) single

"Scorpion Lounge Shutdown (demo version) 7"(Ptolemaic Terrascope) single
Single release with December issue of Ptolemaic Terrascope


Mag Earwhig!, Japanese Release (Bandai) include two previously unreleased bonus tracks - "Running
Off With The Fun City Girls" (with the 1997 'Cleveland' GbV line-up) and "None Of Them Any Good"
(with the 1996 'Dayton' GbV line-up).;

Crying Your Knife Away (Lo-Fi)
Live at Stache's, Columbus, 18 June 1994. (First time CD Only Re-release September 1998)

Compilation Tracks

"Draw(in)g to a (W)hole" - from the Cleen tribute comp God Save The Cleen track

7" singles

"Pantherz 7"(Rebound) single
Single release with April/May issue of Rebound from Amsterdam


Watch Me Jumpstart - GBV Documentary by Banks Tarver - Released By Matador video



Do The Collapse (TVT) 
Overseas versions - Do The Collapse on Creation (UK), Flying Nun (NZ), Mushroom (Australia), Rock Records (Japan), East West (Germany) and Konkurrent (BeNeLux) . Japanese, UK, Germany, BeNeLux versions will have bonus track - Avalanche Aminos.


Compilation Tracks

Matador 10th anniversary set (3CD) "Choking Tara (Creamy Version)" and "The Official Ironmen Rally Song" (album version). 

Teenage FBI on Buffy The Vampire Slayer soundtrack (TVT) 

Teenage FBI included on Magnet Magazine Sampler November/December Issue #42

Teenage FBI included on Pop Culture Press CD


Teenage FBI CD/7" single (Creation) features Teenage FBI and Fly Into Ashes & Tropical Robots

Teenage FBI CD EP Konkurrent (Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg) with Fly Into Ashes & Interest Position 

Plugs for the Program (CD - EP - TVT/Newbury Comics) featuring Surgical Focus remix, Sucker of Pistol City and Picture Me Bigtime (demo)

7" single

"Surgical Focus b/w Fly Into Ashes"  7"(TVT) 

Hold On Hope CD/7" single (Creation) includes Teenage FBI (demo) and Perfect This Time

Wish In One Hand re-release (JAS) featuring autographed cover by Bob Pollard

MP3 Computer Only release

Surgical Focus (demo) MP3 ONLY for Care For Kosovo Compilation from Emusic.Com 



Suitcase Abridged: Drinks and Deliveries (Fading Captain Series #7) LP only - Limited Edition (500) vinyl - 18 songs from Suitcase plus one bonus track.

Box Sets

Suitcase: Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft (Fading Captain Series  #6) CD Only


Hold on Hope EP (CD EP - TVT) includes Hold On Hope (album version), Underground Initiations, Interest Position, Do The Collapse, Fly Into Ashes, Tropical Robots, A Crick Uphill, Idiot Princess & Avalanche Aminos  
NOTE: The following info was mistakenly left off the liner notes 
Doug Gillard co-wrote Avalanche Aminos &  also added vox, drums, guitar, and mixed A Crick Uphill and Interest Position. Doug Gillard co-wrote Avalanche Aminos &  also added vox, drums, guitar, and mixed A Crick Uphill and Interest Position.

Hold On Hope EP (CD EP TVT NEW ZEALAND/AUSTRALIAN VERSION) includes Hold On Hope, Perfect This Time, Interest Position, A Crick Uphill, Avalanche Aminos

Dayton Ohio 19 Something and 5 EP 7" (Fading Captain Series #5) - featuring live version of Dayton Ohio on A Side and 3 acoustic Robert Pollard tracks on B side.

Compilation Tracks

Hold On Hope (Acoustic Live recorded in the UK on XFM) - On bonus CD inside Select Magazine January 2000 issue.

"Tractor Rape Train (Clean It Up)" - on Darla 100 - Sixth Year Anniversary Compilation CD (Darla Records)
X-Fest 99 CD - live versions of Teenage FBI, My Valuable Hunting Knife and I Am A Scientist from Dayton radio station, WXEG's X-Festival from September 1999. Compilation CD put out by WXEG.

More Music, Less Parking compilation(WFMU Pledge CD)   "Wrecking Now" (acoustic version) - This CD given out to listeners of WFMU in NYC during their 2000 pledge drive as a pledge incentive. It is a 2 disc set.

"Learning to Hunt" (Mag Earwhig! version) on soundtrack to Crime and Punishment in Suburbia (BMG/Milan)



Isolation Drills (TVT)  LP/CD (Japanese version on P-Vine/Blues Interactions includes extra track "Isolation Drills")


Daredevil Stamp Collector: Do the Collapse B-Sides (Fading Captain Series #10) - LP only - Limited Edition 1,000 copies blue vinyl features "Underground Initiations", "Interest Position", "Fly Into Ashes", "Tropical Robots", "A Crick Uphill", "Idiot Princess", "Avalanche Aminos", "Do The Collapse", "Perfect This Time", and  the EXCLUSIVE "Hold On Hope"-original demo from concert for todd - 

Glad Girls CD single (Mushroom Australia) includes Glad Girls, On With the Show, North American Vampires and Isolation Drills

Guided By Voices/Airport 5 - Selective Service (Fading Captain Series #16) 2001 CD only (combines Dayton OH 7", both Airport 5 7" and one Aiport 5 bonus track)

Compilation Tracks

"Titus and Strident Wet Nurse" - from the concept compilation album Colonel Jeffery Pumpernickel (Off Records) 

7" Singles

Chasing Heather Crazy 7" (TVT)  (includes non album B-Side "On With The Show")


Some Drinking Implied (Rockathon Records) - video collection



Universal Truths and Cycles (Matador Records) LP/CD


Everywhere With Helicopter CD5 (Matador Europe) with B-sides Keep It Coming and The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet

Back to the Lake CD5 (Matador Europe) with B-sides For Liberty and Request Pharmaceuticals

The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet EP (#24 in the Fading Captain Series 2002)

Compilation Tracks

Everywhere With Helicopter on Ten Years of Noise Pop compilation (Amazing Grease 2002)

Everywhere With Helicopter (Spex Magazine - Germany with June issue)

Everywhere With Helicopter (Rock De Lux Magazine - Spain with June issue)

Storm Vibrations (American Eagle sampler CD given out at stores)

Skills Like This - ESPN's Ultimate X: The Movie Soundtrack (Hollywood Records) 

Hold on Hope - Scrubs Soundtrack (Hollywood Records)

Cheyenne - live version with Devil In The Woods Magazine (D.I.W. 2002)

Pretty Bombs - live version with Come With A Smile magazine #11

7" Singles

Back to the Lake b/w Dig Through My Window (#20 in the Fading Captain Series 2002)

Cheyenne b/w Visit This Place (#21 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Everywhere With Helicopter b/w Actions Speak Volumes (#22 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Universal Truths and Cycles b/w Beg For A Wheelbarrow (#23 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Cheyenne (Live version) Split 7" with an issue of DIW Magazine

Box Sets

BOX - (Scat Records Re-Issue of the CD box set)


Some Drinking Implied (Music Video Distributors) - DVD version



Earthquake Glue (Matador Records) LP/CD

Human Amusement At Hourly Rates - The Best of Guided By Voices (Matador Records) CD - release date 11/4/2003

Box Sets

Hardcore UFOs (Matador Records) CD - release date 11/4/2003 - includes Best of GBV, Live Disc, Unreleased songs Disc, Matador B-sides  and bonus tracks, Watch Me Jumpstart DVD and Forever Since Breakfast CD

7" Singles

My Kind of Soldier b/w Broken Brothers (#28 in the Fading Captain Series )


The Best of Jill Hives CD5 (Matador Europe) with "Downed" and "Free of This World"

Get Out Of My Stations (Siltbreeze) CD (re-release of 7" on CD that contains live bonus tracks)


Watch Me Jumpstart (Matador) DVD version - release date 11/4/2003



Half Smiles of the Decomposed (Matador Records) LP/CD

Bee Thousand - Director's Cut (Scat Records) LP - vinyl only 3 LP set re-release

Propeller (Scat Records due out winter 2004/2005) LP - vinyl only re-release

Compilation Tracks

Baba O'Riley (Live) - on Who's Not Forgotten - Who Tribute LP (Face Down Records)

Pseudonym, Solo, and Side Projects

 Acid Ranch
(Personnel: Robert Pollard, Jimmy Pollard & Mitch Mitchell)

Some of the Magic Syrup Was Preserved (#19 in the Fading Captain Series 2002) 

Airport 5
(Personnel: Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout)


Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (#13 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Life Starts Here ( #18 in the Fading Captain Series 2002) 


Guided By Voices/Airport 5 - Selective Service (Fading Captain Series #16) 2001 CD only (combines Dayton OH 7", both Airport 5 7" and one Aiport 5 bonus track)


Total Exposure 7" (#11 in the Fading Captain Series 2001) (b-sides - Cold War Water Sports & The Wheel Hits The Path (Quite Soon) )

Stifle Man Casino 7" (#12 in the Fading Captain Series 2001) (b-sides - Peroxide &  Eskimo Clockwork)

Bevil Web
(Personnel: Tobin Sprout, vocal and guitar; Don Thrasher, occasional drums)


*"Dig the Catacombs" +2 (Anyway 1994) 7"
Split with 3 Dream Bag.


"Minutemen"/"Lariat Man" (Wabana/Spirit of Orr 1996) 7"

Circus Devils
(Personnel: Robert Pollard, Tim Tobias, Todd Tobias.)


Ringworm Interiors (#15 in the Fading Captain Series) 
The Harold Pig Memorial (#25 in the Fading Captain Series)
Pinball Mars (#29 in the Fading Captain Series)

(pers: Tobin Sprout, John Peterson, Dan Toohey, Nick Kizirnis)


Wrinkled Thoughts (wigwam/recordhead) LP/CD 
Live in the Middle East (wigwam/recordhead 2001) CD

Seven and Nine b/w Daughters of the Moon 7" (recordhead/wigwam 2000)
Straw Dogs b/w Gas Daddy Gas (recordhead/wigwam 2000) Tour only 7"

Fig. 4
(Personnel: John Peterson, drums; Tobin Sprout, vocals, guitar; Dan Toohey, bass;
Robert Pollard, backing vocals)


*Fig. 4 (AF4 1987) V


No information.

Freedom Cruise
(pers: Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout)

Singles and Compilation Tracks

*The Freedom Cruise, "Cruise" (Simple Solutions 1994) 7"
Split with Nightwalker.
"Sensational Gravity Boy" from Red Hot + Bothered (V/A) (Kinetic/Reprise 1995) 10"/CD
With Kelly Deal, guitar and vocals; Kim Deal; drums and vocals.


(personnel includes Doug Gillard & Tim Tobias) 

3,128 Seconds Over Cleveland compilation 1993
Track "Something 2 Pt. 2"

Suburban Girl/Drool 7" on Car Crashh Records October 1994

Sheep/Smiling All The While 7" Car Crashh July 1995

CLE Magazine 3X Compilation
Tracks "Figments" & "Blow Daddy-O"

Hexed LP Restless records October 1995

CLE Magazine Compilation 1996
Track "I Am A Tree"

A Clove of Harlets/Monochrome split 7" w/ Jenny Mae on Spare Me Records

I Am A Tree EP - plus 4 other songs on Scat Records

CLE Magazine compilation
Tracks "Court Me Slow" & "The Useful Thousands"

Kisses To The Crying Cooks & My Impression Now from the GBV tribute album Blatant
Doom Trip (Simple Solutions) '98

Sunglare Serenades LP/CD (Pitch-A-Tent) 2001


Doug Gillard

Children's Crusade 

A Duty-Dance With Death - cassette -(1984, self released) 

"Scorpio Moon" 7" (1985; Scat, 1990) 

other appearances: 

"Lurker on the Threshold" - They Pelted Us With Rocks and Garbage
compilation LP (After Hours, 1985) 

Death of Samantha

"Amphetamine"/"Simple as That" 7" (St. Valentine, 1985) 

Porn in the USA 7" (St. Valentine, 1985) 

Strung Out on Jargon LP (Homestead, 1985) 

Laughing in the Face of a Dead Man EP (Homestead, 1986) 

Where the Women Wear the Glory and the Men Wear the Pants LP
(Homestead, 1988) 

"Rosenberg Summer" 7" (Homestead, 1988) 

Come All Ye Faithless LP (Homestead, 1989) 

other appearances: 

"Stories for Children" - They Pelted Us With Rocks and Garbage
LP compilation (After Hours, 1985) 

"Blood and Shaving Cream" - The Wailing Ultimate compilation
LP (Homestead, 1987) 

"Do It" - Human Music compilation LP (Homestead,1988) 

"Nights in Venice" - Cleveland…so much to answer for - CLE Magazine
4 compilation LP (1996) 

"Coca Cola and Licorice" - Gimme Indie Rock compilation LP (K-Tel,

"Gigolo Aunt" - Beyond the Wildwood LP (Syd Barrett tribute -
Imaginary Records/ Communion, 1987)

"Redd Kross" - Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them LP
(Shonen Knife tribute - Giant Records, 1989) 

"20th Century Fox" - 1967: Through the Looking Glass LP (tribute
- Imaginary Records, 1990) 

"Salt of the Earth - Stoned Again LP (Rolling Stones tribute
- Imaginary Records/ Communion, 1990) 

Cobra Verde

Viva La Muerte LP (Scat, 1994) 

"Blood on the Moon" 7" split w/ Moviola (Wabana, 1995) 

"Leather" 7" (Scat, 1995) 

"One Step Away From Myself" 7" (Sub Pop, 1995) 

Vintage Crime EP (Scat, 1996) 

"For My Woman" 7" split w/ Leaving Trains (Get Hip, 1996) 

Egomania (Love Songs) LP (Scat, 1997) 

"Terrorist" 7" split w/Guided by Voices (Wabana, 1997) 

"The Great Dominions" 7" split w/ Ether Net (Carcrashh, 1997)

"Striped White Jets 7" split w/ Lotion (Simple Solution, 1997)
(Track also appears on Blatant Doom Trip LP (Guided
by Voices tribute - Simple Solution, 1998) 

other appearances: 

"Underpants" - Cleveland…so much to answer for - CLE Magazine
4 compilation LP (1996) 

"Chinese Radiation" - Ubu Dance Party LP (Pere Ubu Tribute -
Datapanik, 1996) 

"Every God For Himself" - Scat Records Semi Annual Report May
5, 1997 LP 

"Never My Love" - Why We Came Together...- Yakuza magazine compilation
LP (1997) 


"Suburban Girl"/"Drool" 7" (Carcrashh, 1994) 

"Sheep"/"Smiling All The While" 7" (Carcrashh, 1995) 

"Your Heroes Hate You" Promo CD single (Restless, 1995) (Track
appears also on HuH magazine CD14 compilation, 1995) 

Hexed (Restless, 1995) 

"A Clove of Harlots"/"Monochrome" 7" split w/ Jenny Mae (Spare
Me, 1997) 

I am a Tree 12" EP (Scat, 1997) 

other appearances: 

"Something 2 Pt. 2" - 3,128 Seconds Over Cleveland compilation
LP (1993) 

"Blow Daddy-O" - Ubu Dance Party LP (Pere Ubu Tribute - Datapanik,

"Figments" & "Blow Daddy-O" - Big Wave - CLE Magazine 3X compilation
LP (1995) 

"I am a Tree" - Cleveland…so much to answer for - CLE Magazine
4 compilation LP (1996) 

"Court Me Slow" & "The Useful Thousands" - Cleveland Squawks!
- CLE Magazine 5 compilation (1997) 

"Slow Recovery" - Pie and Ears Volume 1 compilation (Smog Veil,

Robert Pollard w/ Doug Gillard 

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department LP (Fading Captain
Series-Rockathon/ recordhead, 1999) all instruments; co-wrote
"Pop Zeus", "Port Authority", "Messiahs" and "Larger Massachusetts"

Doug Gillard 

It'll Be Such A Thrill - cassette - (Scat, 1990) 

Malamute Jute EP (Cushion Records, 1999) 

Creative Process 473 Soundtrack (Acme Pictures 2003)

other appearances: 

"JHS" & "Unawares" - Hotel Cleveland, Vol. 3 compilation LP (Scat,

"Kisses To The Crying Cooks" & "My Impression Now" (1995, billed
as Gem) Blatant Doom Trip LP (Guided by Voices tribute - Simple
Solution, 1998) 

"J.H.-S" (version) - Scat Records, Semi Annual Report May 5,
1997 LP 

"Gloaming Blue (mix II)" - Hydroponic Mascara Volume Two compilation
LP (Mr. Whiggs, 2000) 

"Flying Backwards" - U.S. Poplife Volume 2 compilation LP, (Contact
Records, Tokyo, Japan, 2000) 

Miscellaneous appearances: 

The Mice - Scooter LP (Herb Jackson, 1986) - lead guitar on "Just
Like Brick" 

My Dad Is Dead - Chopping Down The Family Tree LP (Scat, 1990)
- drums & guitar 

Guided by Voices - Tigerbomb EP (Matador, 1995) - guitar and
co-writing on "Mice Feel Nice" 

Supie T. (Superstar Dan Theman) - Coming To a Radio Near You
LP (Spazz Action records, 1996) -- guitar, bass , keyboards 

Gary Lou Pico - Ubu Dance Party LP (Pere Ubu Tribute - Datapanik,
1996) - lead guitar on "We Have the Technology"

Robert Pollard - Waved Out LP (Matador, 1997) guitar and co-writing
on "Caught Waves Again" 

The Revelers - Day In, Day Out LP (SpinArt, 1999) - Guitar solo
on "The Last Mistake", "Five Will Get You Ten" 

The Dipsomaniacs -"Whatever Misery For Miles" 7" (Apartment Records,
Norway, 1999) guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals on "Second

Yuji Oniki - Orange LP (One Plus One, 1999 / re-released Future
Farmer, 2000) - electric guitars 

Cobra Verde - Nightlife LP (Motel, 1999) - co-wrote "Conflict"
(promo single, Motel, 1999) and played on most tracks

Go Back Snowball
(Robert Pollard & Mac McCaughn (Superchunk))


"Calling Zero" (#17 in the Fading Captain Series 2002) to be released February 2002

Hazzard Hotrods
(Personnel: Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell and Larry Kellar)


"Big Trouble" (#8 in the Fading Captain Series 2000 limited edition pink vinyl only)


Howling Wolf Orchestra
(Personnel: Robert Pollard, Jimmy Pollard, and Nate Farley)


"Speed Traps for the Bee Kingdom" (#9 in the Fading Captain Series 2000 CD/LP)

Lexo & The Leapers
(Personnel: Robert Pollard and the Tasties)


Ask Them -  (#2 in the Fading Captain Series 1999 CD/LP) 

(Personnel: Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard)


Mist King Urth -  (#27 in the Fading Captain Series 2003 CD/LP)

Kuda LaBranche
(Personnel: Robert Pollard)


Tractor Tunes Volume 1 (Fresh Cow Pie 2000) -  "My Big Day" To order copy of compilation email Farmer P

The New Creatures
(Personnel: Greg Demos and others, including Robert Pollard on backing vocals on several


*Rafter Tag (Scum-Fish 1987) V


*Pedomasoma and Crawl (Scum-Fish) C
*Walk and Roll (Scum-Fish) C


7 "Single

*"Good Ol' Days" (Scum-Fish) 7"




In Shop We Build Electric Chairs - Professional Music from Nightwalker 1983-94 -
expected May 1999 (Fading Captain Series - Rockathon/recordhead 1999)

7" Singles

*"Lucifer's Aching Revolver" (Simple Solutions 1994) 7"
Split with Freedom Cruise.
"Firehouse Mountain" (no label, 1997) One-sided 7"

"One Track Record" (Sponic, released with issue # 3 of Sponic September 1998)  7"

Phantom Tollbooth
(Personnel: Robert Pollard, Dave Rick, Gerard Smith, Jon Coats)


Beard of Lightning -  (Off Records 2003 CD/LP)

Robert Pollard


Fiction Man (#30 in the Fading Captain Series 2004)

Motel of Fools  (#26 in the Fading Captain Series 2003)

Choreographed Man of War (#14 in the Fading Captain Series 2001)

Speak Kindly of Your Local Volunteer Fire Department (#4 in the Fading Captain Series 1999) 

Kid Marine (#1 Fading Captain Series 1999)

Waved Out  (Matador 1998) & Simultaneous release on Bandai (Japan) will include
unreleased bonus track "Aim Correctly" (different version than appears on the 1997 Wabana
7" -- this version with 'Dayton' line-up ('Croslin sessions')

Not In My Airforce (Matador 1996)


Compilation Track

"As Long as a Block Is Black" - from v/a comp I Stayed Up All Night Listening To
Records- (Anyway Records) same version as one credited to GBV on CD release of Tonics
and Twisted Chasers

"Bristol Girl" - from Jim Shepard tribute album Matter Dominates Spirit - Meta Records 2001

"Make Use" - Matador UK Promo Sampler - Musique Sans Frontieres (uk promo ole 1216-2p from 1998)

"Subspace Biographies" - Opscene CD#3 (August 1998)

"In The States" - Single Wish (Sprite, 2002) - V/A comp. for the Martha Millard Robinson Scholarship Foundation

Contributions To Other Bands' Albums

Cobre Verde - Egomania (Love Songs) (Scat 1997) Sings back up on "Still Breaking Down"

Minus 5 - The Lonesome Ballad of Buck McCoy (Hollywood 1997) Sings back up and
co-wrote "Boeing Spacearium"
J. Mascis - More Light (Ultimatum Records  2000)  Sings back up on "All The Girls", "I'm Not Fine" & "Same Day" 

Superdrag -  Last Call for Vitriol (Arena Rock Recording Co. 2002) Sings back up on "Baby Goes To Eleven"

Split 7"

Robert Pollard, Richard Meltzer, Smegma and Antler 7" - Tropic of Nipples EP (Off Records 2002) (Reissued in June 2002 as a CD with 23 extra minutes of music from Pollard and Meltzer)

Robert Pollard and Kim Deal

Compilation Track

"Love Hurts," from Love and a .45 soundtrack (V/A) (Immortal/Epic Soundtrax 1994)

"Love Hurts" (single promo cd one track only on immortal/epic with cat no esk6589

Personnel: Includes Nate Farley


Spinout b/wThe End of Time is Starting Now (1999) Ambergris Records

Chris Slusarenko (bands and projects that Chris has played on)


marble b/w landlord 45 t/k records 1991
more boy less friend lp/cd subpop 1992
peerless ep subpop 1993
"karen black" 1-5 killers comp schizophonic 1992


the shetland sessions ep schizophonic 1994
souvenir cd schizophonic/trocodero/rough trade 1995
"i wonder as i wander" x-mas comp t/k records 1995

Ladies and Gentlemen lp/cd blood red/munster 2001

misc appearances:

GOLDCARD (w/ Grandaddy)
"rabbit" off 2003

"back to the lake" from Universal Truths and Cycles Piano 2002

"love set" from Motel of Fools Piano and Co-Writing 2003

Terrifying Experience

(Personnel featuring Mitch Mitchell)


"Magnetic Breakthrough" (Mental Telemetry 2000)
"Supreme Radial" (AAJ 1998)


"Search For Omega Minus" (AAJ 1997)


Fuel Soundtrack (Arena Rock Records 1997) -  "Get Out Of My World"

Nervous System (AAJ 1999) - "Look Into the Magic Book for the Answers"

Tractor Tunes Volume 1 (Fresh Cow Pie 2000)


"Anvil Juniper" (Mental Telemetry 2000) 7"

"One After The End" +1 (Southern records 1998) 7"

"I'm Invisible b/w Legacy Of Conquest" (AAJ 1997) 7"

"Friday Night Fights" +1 (Arena Rock Recording Company 1996) 7"
Split with Illyah Kuryahkin.

Tobin Sprout


Lost Planets & Phantom Voices CD/LP 2003 (recordhead/wigwam/whiggs)

eyesinweasel - Demos and Outtakes (recordhead/wigwam 2000) LP - CD release 2001

Let's Welcome The Circus People (recordhead/wigwam 1999) CD/LP (LP contained bonus 7")

Fig. 4 CD - Re-issue of Fig. 4 plus other rare Tobin Sprout projects on one CD
(recordhead 1998)

Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam) (Matador 1997)

Carnival Boy (Matador 1996)


Wax Nails (wigwam/recordhead 1998) CD EP
Popstram (recordhead 1996) 7"

Let Go Of My Beautiful Balloon b/w Shirley The Rainbow (wigwam/recordhead 2001) 7"

Sentimental Stations (recordhead/wigwam 2002) CD EP

"Small Parade on What's Up, Matador? Comp. (Matador 1997) LP
"Cryptic Shapes" - from v/a comp I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records- (Anyway
Records 1998) CD

"Once I Had A Day" - from v/a comp Regain The Lost Conversation (Sarang Bang 1999)

"How's Your House?" - from v/a comp Hydroponic Mascara Volume II (Mr. Whiggs 2000)

3 Dream Bag
(Personnel: Greg Demos and Don Thrasher)


The Fertile Octogenarian (Naked Fat Baby Records 2001) Vinyl Only 


*A Frenzy in Frownland (Gas, Daddy, Go! 1993) 7"


*3 Dream Bag, "Saline Man" +2 (Simple Solution 1994) 7"
Split with Bevil Web.

Thanks to Andy Gower, Bruce Melendy, Michael Davies, Grunnen Rocks & Brian Mikesell

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