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By Tom Forget

Guided By Voices
Earthquake Glue
Matador Records
Every time you think that maybe Robert Pollard's well
has run dry, he delivers yet again. His band, Guided
By Voices, has put out an insane amount of music, and
they still show no signs of stopping. Since dabbling
in larger chunks of rock with Isolation Drills in
2001, they've retreated back into the softer terrain
of their earlier releases, and their latest could
represent their most introspective set ever.
Sonically, they record sounds like Pollard has been
marooned on an alien planet with his band, and they've
resigned themselves to singing into the void. There's
a deep, cosmic echo to his voice, and a palpable sense
of galactic distance. In the past, GBV has rocked a
little bit down and dirty, but here they're a trifle
more stately. It wouldn't even be a stretch to say
they're experimenting a little, as prog-y keyboards
take a decidedly more aggressive role than usual. If
you like GBV and are worried that they're losing it -
rest easy. Robert Pollard and crew still have plenty
to give. The song factory grinds on and on, and the
product is still superb.