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Nick Miller

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Guided By Voices
Earthquake Glue
Matador Records

Tackling the Guided By Voices canon can be a perplexing proposition for the uninitiated so here’s a good place to start. The wonderfully titled ‘Earthquake Glue’ may not stick straight away but after some light rotation, there are plenty of tremors to be had.

Opener ‘My Kind Of Soldier’ is muffled pop precision, followed by a militaristic brass suite interlude that salutes the acoustic led crossword puzzle perversion of ‘My Son My Secretary My Country’, ode cowboys, lawyers, and a bloke called Mr. Sink. Greasy pistons get fire up and give your ear drums a good bashing on ‘I’ll Replace You with Machines’. The set peaks with ‘Useless Inventions’, which could be a QVC shoppers protest song and if you’re not impressed by this point then the bouncing bass on ‘The Best of Jill Hives’ will bowl you over good and proper. The guitar crunching on ‘Dead Cloud’ makes for a rusty and poisonous incarnation of The Beatles ‘Here Comes the Sun’. A juiced up display of prog rock pyrotechnics and psychedelic swirls shift gears on ‘Mix up The Satellites’. This is followed by further astral ascension on ‘Secret Star’ and before you know it Uncle Bob Pollard has just penned the most accomplished GBV album in years.