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Robert Pollard
Fiction Man
#30 in the Fading Captain Series

Like other releases in The Fading Captain Series, Fiction Man is an effort of collaboration. After writing the Fiction Man's 14 tracks at his Dayton, Ohio home studio, Robert Pollard sent tapes to recent Guided By Voices and Circus Devils producer Todd Tobias (Earthquake Glue, Universal Truths & Cycles) to flesh them out. On this recording, Tobias builds insanely intricate and beautiful instrumental beds out of Pollard's acoustic demos. The songs are steeped in echoes; they feature odd timing structures and moments of noise and punk rock previously not evident in a Pollard project. Having these soundscapes in front of him, Pollard then recorded vocals at Waterloo in Kent, Ohio-- some of his most inspired and memorable to date. Most of the lyrics (from the recent literary and art book EAT) are delivered with a twisted and fucked-up psychedelic urgency that resonates for moments and hours and days.