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Sunday Times (UK)
May 30, 2004

Robert Pollard
Fiction Man
#30 in the Fading Captain Series



It sometimes feels as if all rock's possible paradigms were established by the 1970s and that subsequent generations are really reinventing the
wheel. Nobody who lived through the 1980s hair metal first time around is buying Darkness albums. Yet Pollard's two decades fronting the
soon-to-split cult indie band Guided By Voices, and in various side projects, have left a legacy of more than 50 albums and 1,000 songs
that embraces wide influences- punk, psychedelia, the 1960s British beat boom and weird prog- while suggesting that rock's classic forms have
infinite possibilities. Pollard's solo albums, available in a limited edition from www.gbv.com, finds new ways to glue together the
components- irresistible hooks, cascading guitars, quasi-meaningless lyrics- and soars beyond anything currently in the charts. Log on now.