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By Sean Palmerston

Guided By Voices
Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
Matador Records

Depending on what side of the fence you reside, Robert Pollard is either indie rock's greatest songwriter ever or an over-achieving ex-school teacher turned rock star that writes way too many songs. If one ever needed proof that the former is law, this 32 song best of will do the trick. Taking songs from all of their albums, this is a stunning one-disc collection. This isnít necessarily a compilation of the most popular songs the band has ever released. Note the inclusion of the brilliant "Captain's Dead" (off 1987's Devil Between My Toes) and "Drinker's Peace" (from Same Place The Fly Got Smashed) lined up side by side with "Tractor Rape Chain" and "Glad Girls" ó this highlights the cream of the crop. If this doesn't convince you, nothing ever will. Glory to Bob.