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Band Interviews and Articles

Rest In Peace
Nude as the News' GBV Eulogy.
Finally A Derogotis Story
Chicago Sun Times rock critic FINALLY writes a GBV story.
Coming Full Circle
One of the first major rock critics to write about GBV, Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot, talks to Bob about the final show.
Standout Frontman
The Emory Online newspaper lists Bob is their top 10 front men in rock.
No More Beer Showers Please
A preview for the Orlando show.
Getting Back to Ground Zero
Bob explains the break up of GBV to the Washington Post.
No John Denver
The New York Post gets the downlown on the final days of GBV.
Saying Goodbye to the Northwest
Stevie Chick chats with Bob in his preview for the Northwest finale.
End of an Era
Cincinnati Enquirer does its GBV wrap up piece.
Just Bob from Dayton
CityBeat looks back on Bob and ahead with Bob.
Looking Back
Incendiary looks back at the albums in the Guided By Voices arsenal.
The Deal is Sealed
Bob talks with Plan B magazine about the end of GBV.
eBay Score
Don Thrasher's article on the $6,200 Propeller.
Reflections on Bob
PopMatters with an in-depth piece reflecting upon the career of the Fading Captain.
And They Changed My Life
Bob talks with Spin about his life changing LPs.
The Influence of Bobby Pop
Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins talks about his love of GBV.
The Fountain of Youth
Resonance interviews Bob and asks for fatherly advice.
Unpeeling Bob
UK's Unpeeled interviews Bob. Some great secrets revealed.
History Lesson in Two Parts
Sponic Zine tackles the GBV history in two parts.
Shocker of a Riff
GBV's Shocker in Gloomtown makes Stylus Magazine's Top 10 Indie Riff List.
The Day the Voices Died
The Black Table pays tribute to the monster that is GBV.
Loud and Beer
The Orlando Sentinel tries to explain the madness behind a GBV show in Orlando.
Bob is Fab
Fab from the Strokes tells NME why he loves GBV.
All the GBV That's Fit To Print
Front page, art section, New York Times, 'nough said.
We're A Guitar Band
Chorus and Verse catches up with Doug and talks about Hardcore UFOs, Earthquake Glue and what's coming up next.
Musical Therapy
FFWD in Calgary chats with Bob about the music industry and Hardcore UFOs.
From the Way Back Machine
Special thanks to Liz Clayton for linking up and sending me one of the original first Bob Pollard interviews from Wind-Up Toy in 1994!
Robert's Universe
Nick Bensen and Free City Media get the full low down on the Hardcore UFOs box from Bob.
True Hall of Famer
Georgia Straight catches up with Bob and chats about the upcoming box set.
Meet the Bass Player
Local boy makes good, the Oregonian chats with new bassist Chris Slusarenko.
Bob's take on Rock
Article from Holland with Bob. It is written in Dutch but if you click on the speaker icon you will hear the audio of interview.
Doug and Sponic
Sponic Mag chats it up with Doug.
Stripped Down Rock
Plan 9 Music chats with Bob.
Pioneers of Lo-Fi
Recoil chats with Bob about Earthquake Glue and more.
Who's Eating Gilbert's Grapes
Harp does a main feature on Bob and GBV.
Keep Going
Great interview with Bob from X-Ray.
Not As Drunk As We Used To Be
Gallery of Sound talks with Bob about Earthquake Glue.
Talking with Tim
Nick Miller intervies Tim Tobias for Unpeeled in the UK.
No Hit Stuff
Article from 1978 detailing Bob's no hitter thrown in college.
Gargoyles and Leprechauns
Buffalo's Art Voice interviews Bob for a Buffalo show preview.
Swimming in a Giant Glass of Beer
Bob gets kidnapped by the Buffalo BEAST.
Rock's Inherent Freedom
A GREAT article from the Riverfront Times in St Louis on Bob and GBV.
The Amazing Neckrophone
Stuff Magazine talks to Bob and gets the lo down on the Fading Captain Series.
Best Job in the World
GBV finally makes it to Lexington KY and he talks about it with the Lexington Herald-Ledger.
Creative Doug
New York Press talks to Doug about his recent soundtrack for Creative Process 473.
Ohio Hall of Famers
Columbus Alive talks with Bob about the upcoming GBV album and their place in rock history.
Happy in Trying Times
Comes With A Smile #11, comes through with an interview with Bob (as well as a live GBV track on their comp).
Bob and Rat
The Miami New Times previews the upcoming GBV show by talking with Bob and the infamous Rat Bastard.
One For The Rambunctious Middle Aged Followers
The Asbury Park Press previews the upcoming GBV show with Nate.
Doug's Mullett
The Stone Pony newsletter previews the GBV show with an interview with Doug.
Fret Talk
FretWeb gets the lowdown from Doug.
And It Changed My Life
Uncut asks Bob what album changed his life.
Beers With Bob
One of the beers With Bob contest winner reports back on the festivities.
Like Clockwork
Mean Streets talks with Bob about UTAC and future plans.
On The West Coast
Doug talks with Virgin Megastore out on the west coast on the new album and other things.
GBV Buying Guide
Bob sits down with MOJO and gives an overview on what GBV albums to buy for the GBV beginner.
Frozen Bean and Cheese Burritos
WashingtonPost.com preview of the 930 Club show.
Sonically Interesting
Tim Tobias talks with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the new album and GBV live.
Everyone Was Shoegazing
Stevie Chick's full interview with Bob.
The Soul of Rock
Michael Goldberg writes an excellent piece on the band on his neumu.com website.
Guided By Roses
The Post Crescent chats with Doug about the new album and tour.
A GBV Jolt
Billboard Magazine piece on the current state of GBV.
The Lazy Workaholic
Stevie Chick's piece in Seattle's The Stranger.
Still The Kings
Great Seattle Weekly piece on why GBV is still number one.
GBV Fans Duty
Fred Mills article in Seattle Weekly telling all that you're missing if UTAC is the only recent Pollard release you have purchased.
You Only Get Paid For 12
Barnes and Noble.com interview with Bob.
Open for the Romantics?!
Maximum Ink geers up the Wisconsin crowd for GBV's multiple appearances at the end of June.
You're Reborn Every Morning, Get Your Shit Together
KindaMuzik sits down and chats with bob and Nate.
Drinking Whiskey & Hanging In the Basement
Stevie Chick chats with Bob for a Playlouder.com feature.
What Are The 4 P's?
Full version of an interview with Bob with Mike Minney for Seattle's The Tablet.
'60s Melody '70s Heaviness
London Times sits down and talks with Bob.
Mountain of Melody
The Dallas Observer previews GBV's June appearance and calls Bob a mountain of melody that no one's been able to climb higher than the tree line yet.
There's Prolific and Then There's Bob Pollard
Pulse Magazine goes over a few of the latest releases in the Pollard catalog.
Observing From the Outside
GBV returns to Athens to preview Universal Truths and Cycles.
How To Avoid The Hangover
Blender's April 2002 edition includes 37 tips on life from stars from around the world. Bob offers the most important advice of them all.
Going Home Again
Rollingstone.com piece on GBV's return to Matador.
Taking Chances Again
The Octopus in Champaign IL chats with Doug Gillard.
No Songs About Girls
Very informative and well written article from the Georgia Straight on the new album.
Postal Rock
Bob talks with NEUMU's Michael Goldberg about his latest Fading Captain projects and the new GBV album.
Putting the ME in MeZine
MeZine's interviews with their favorite webmasters turns up yours truly.
Electric Newspaper Writer
Ed Kinsella, THE Electric Newspaper Boy, spends two days and nights with GBV and The Strokes in Harlem and tells us all about it.
Paper GBVer
Washington Post writer David Segal joins GBV on stage at the Trocadero.
Compare and Contrast
In Wavelength's running compare and contrast article it's Robert Smith vs Robert Pollard.
Bob = All 4 Beatles
BOMB Magazine interview with Bob.
What's Up Ahead
The Coast in Nova Scotia talks with Bob and reveals some new projects Bob is working on.
Believe The Hype
Story from the Halifax Herald previewing a GBV weekend in Nova Scotia.
GBV Quiz-time
Interview with Bob from Mean Magazine.
Layers of Guitars
Guitar World does a feature on the power rock of GBV and Isolation Drills.
Setting the Record Straight
Bob talks with Dayton's Impact Weekly about his adversary relationship with the Dayton Daily News.
Doing It For The Right Reasons
The Ottawa Express previews the July 2001 Barrymore show....that is actually cancelled.
Rockin' Jock
The National Post SPORTS section talks about Bob's sports history.
Like Tiger Woods and The Simpsons
Excerpts from the Big Takeover's cover story on Bob.
Playing Army
Tulsa World previews June's GBV show.
Letting It Bleed
Peter Bothum and Rockpile feature Bob on the cover and chat with him about Isolation Drills.
The Song He Sings Has Meaning
CMJ discusses Isolation Drills with Bob.
Alice Rod and Alex
Time Out New York plays Bob some music and sees if he can guess who it is.
GBV Poetry
Chicago poet Thax Douglas created poems for each band member and read them before shows on the 2001 tour.
Courtney Loves Cock
Swizzle Stick sits down and talks with Bob.
Talkin With Tim
Northwestern University talks with Tim Tobias before the Noise Pop fest show.
Poetry at 90 MPH
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette previews GBV's Beehive show.
Open String Drones
The on-line guitar magazine Grace and Fury features none other than Bob Pollard.
What's the Score Boys?
GBV takes Chart Attack's Rock Geek Elitist Quiz.
Rock's Teacher
Columbus Dispatch article from the weekend before the release of Isolation Drills.
Hanging in Lo-Ho
Revolver Magazine article written during the recording of Isolation Drills.
The New Religion
All hail the mighty beer bootle and the mighty mighty GBV.
The King Of Krispy Kreme
Cover story from Toronto's The Eye.
Harmony Rocket
Guitar World does a little feature on GBV's 3 guitar heroes.
Party Texas Style
The Dallas Observer previews the upcoming GBV show.
This Buds for You
RollingStone.com interview with Bob.
Coming of Age With a Twist
Excellent piece from the Phoenix Times talking about Isolation Drills and current status of the band with Bob.
What Time is It?
An AMAZING GBV timeline from Exclaim magazine from Canada.
The MJ of Rock
New York Observer marches through a NYC record store with Bob.
Video Interview
Check out Bob on RollingStone.com interviewed by Greg Kot.
The Secret Message
Bob talks with the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages about lyrical meanings.
How's His Drinking
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article previewing the GBV show at the Rave Underground.
Bob chats with Splendid Magazine on the eve of the first show from the Isolation Drills tour.
The Switch To Lite
The Louisville Courier-Journal gets the scoop on the big beer switch.
30-Something Drunks
Bob talks with the Greenville News about how his songwriting has changed over the years.
Hendrix SHOULD Open for the Monkees
Bob chats with the Times-Union in Jacksonville and discusses amongst other things one of his favorite rock singers, Mickey Dolenz.
Who's Next? GBV!
In a talk with the Free Times in SC Bob tells them that the new album has a Who's Next feel to it.
Theosophy and Biographies
Bob talks with the Metro Pulse from Knoxville about how his song writing has progressed.
The Charlie Brown of Rock
Vanity Fair talks to Bob about the upcoming Isolation Drills.
Ode to Bob
Some poetry to GBV from Thax Douglas.
Dark and Personal
In the Spectator, Bob talks about the upcoming album in this New Year's Eve show preview.
Santa Bring Me Suitcase
The Winnipeg Sun offers up Suitcase on its Holiday Shopping Guide.
It's The End of the Year As We Know It
Cincinnati's CityBeat has multiple GBV references in their Year In Music issue.
Suitcase & Beyond
Mike Jolly and Entertainment Today talk with Bob about Suitcase and Broadcaster House.
Bee Thousand Rocks
Exclaim! Magazine's 100 albums that rocked 100 issues has Bee Thousand in that list.
Flying Objects
Story from the Chicago Tribune on items flying on to the GBV stage.
A Large Metal Suitcase
CMJ does the Q & A thing with Bob ob Suitcase.
Just Having Fun
The Ottawa Sun talks to Bob about Suitcase and beer.
Just Like Mozart
The Ottawa Xpress previews GBV's Ottawa appearance.
What's Wrong With Straightforward Rock?
Bob talks with the Kalamazoo Gazette about new GBV members and the next GBV album.
25 Years of Surrealist Prog-Pop
ICE previews the release of Suitcase.
Bob and the Positive Gang
A story from Shout magazine in NY on GBV.
One Word - Suitcase!
AP tells the world about the upcoming monumental release.
From Archie to James Honeyman-Scott
Soundcheck with Doug Gillard from the Cleveland Free Times.
Don't read if you think Sting is cool!
Seattle Times talks with Bob about their upcoming West Coast tour.
Sexiest Middle Aged Rocker
Seattle preview for the GBV/Matthew Sweet pairing from Pandomag.com.
Happiness in Lazyeye
In an interview with Lazyeye Bob offers that he is happy and content.
Vital Group of Lo-Fi Castaways
More Australia preview articles, this one from Drum Media.
Drinking + Loud Rock = Fun!
Bob talks with Rave Magazine before their Australian tour.
It's In There!
Bob explains the theory behind Ragu rock in this Boston Globe show preview.
And At #4
Magnet Magazine names GBV #4 artist of 1999.
Here for the Beer
Brainsoap.com's preview for the Philadelphia TLA show, the first for GBV in 2000.
GBV's Backbone
CitySearch Chicago chats with Doug Gillard about recording DTC with Bob and Ric Ocasek.
Big Room Filling Power Pop
Houston Press Online chats it up with Bob.
From Brilliant to Pathetic in a Half Hour?
Dallas Morning News show preview.
Her Psychology Today
Sophie Vick interviews Bob Pollard for her H.S. Psychology class.
Voted Most Likely To Receive Heavy Rotation
Australia's Revolver Magazine chats with Doug about the recording of Do The Collapse.
Everybody Wants A Hit
Bob talks with Pitch Weekly for the Lawrence Kansas show preview.
The Power of Suck
From the UK magazine Select; another GBV article.
Pump Up The Amp
Amplifier Magazine interview with Bob Pollard.
Prodigal Son Returns Home
Dayton Daily News article capturing Bob's return home to play at X-fest.
Only Stage Guzzling
10 GBV facts from NME.
Hey Ringo!
Great Dayton Daily News article about Greg Demos' and his GBV career.
Fuck Rochester!
This article from the Buffalo artvoice caused Bob to say the above at a recent GBV show.
Six Degrees of Ric Ocasek
Barnes and Noble.com chats it up with Bob.
Dreaming Up Hits
Find out in this NOW article where Bob came up with Hold On Hope.
Hangover Advice
Bob offers up hangover advice and Do The Collapse talk to the Toronto Eye.
Indie Epics
For the upcoming show in Toronto the Sun talks with Bob about the Do The Collapse.
Staying at home for Y2K
Bob discusses his New Years plans along with stories about recording with Ric Ocasek in this interview from Rolling Stone.com.
Rock Obligations
Long time fan Dave McKenna's great article from the Washington Post on the day of GBV's appearence with Cheap Trick.
New Guitar Gods
Guitar Magazine gets guitar techy with GBV.
It's A Hell Of A Town
Previews of the Chicago 8/6/99 show from New City and The Chicago Reader.
It's in the Groove
Interview with Bob from Salon.com.
Bob's Baby
The Onion interviews Bob and talks about who really is Guided By Voices.
Hitchin' A Ride
CMJ article on GBV's trip to hi-fi.
Radio Ready
Article from Billboard Magazine on the release of Do The Collapse.
Bob's All Time Top 10
From JANE magazine, Bob tells his all time Top 10 albums.
From GBV to Hanson
Spin.com asks Bob about Ocasek producing the next Hanson album.
A New Rivalry
Bob reacts to a Man or Astro-Man? dis.
Speaking with the Captain
Good interview with Bob from the No Ugly Babies web zine.
What's That Noise That I Hear? That Is The Question
SXSW Preview from the Ausin American Statesman.
Ink Blot
Great interview with Bob from Ink Blot.
Movin' On Up?
Dayton Daily News article on GBV's potential label switch
What's That Noise That He Hears?
Don Thrasher of the Dayton Voice gathers for a Monument Club listening party of Kid Marine.
It's Got To Be On A Major
Latest gossip on GBV recording news.
They're Gonna Put Me In The Movies
GBV heads out to LA and goes Hollywood.
There Are 62 Better?!
Alternative Press names Bee Thousand as one of its Top 90 albums of the 90s.
Cleveland Rocks
The Cleveland Free Press previews the Phantasy show and details GBV's Cleveland connection.
Translated from Swedish
An interview with Bob from a Swedish rock mag.
This Years Last Album
MAGNET article about Watch Me Jumpstart and other GBV projects.
Optical Hopscotch, Rainbow Billy & Sweet Jelly
Bob talks with the zine Pink Eye.
Kings of the Hardwood
Dayton Daily News looks at the Pollard family sports legacy.

Driving on Pollard Boulevard
            From Rolling Stone On Line. Bob talks about getting "lubed up" on stage.

Friend, Fan & Former Member
Jim Greer's Raygun article on Bob and Waved Out.
Record Collecting Magazine Talks With The Ultimate Record Collector
Goldmine traces the history of GBV.
Hometown Hero
The Dayton Voice's Don Thrasher looks ahead to the new lineup of GBV.
Who Are You, 97
Eric Miller and Ptolemaic Terrascope get in depth with Bob.
The Man From Dayton
GQ magazine article captures Bob in his home town.
Where the Magic Was Created
Musician Magazine takes a look at Toby's 4-track (and now 8-track) home studio and talks with Bob and Toby about how they made some of GBV's biggest hits.
The King of Lo-Fi talks about The King of Beers
From the brand new JANE magazine, Bob writes about his love of Bud.
Bob talks about his duality as a melancholy soul and a rock and roll soul.
Bob's Mixed Tape
In an interview with Guitar World, Bob tells what he would put on his 60 minute mixed tape.
Lou Reed and Blondie
New York Newsday's Central Park show preview..
Tulsa World talks with Pollard
A preview of GBV's show in OKC.
Lamb Lies Down On I-71
Bob and John sit down for chicken salad and questions with Spin On-Line.
No! No! No!
A digruntled writer(?) poses the question is Bob King Poser of the anti-God's? From Yeah Yeah Yeah.
He's still being guided by voices after all these years
by Michael Jolly - From the Daily Texan. A review of Mag Earwhig! and a look with Bob towards the future sound of GBV.
GBV vs Dave Larsen
This is the actual preview for the Gilly's show that Dave Larsen wrote in the Dayton Daily News before he trashed them.
Beer and Loathing on the Concert Trail
by Jay Austin - originally published in Sacred City. See the first documented pic of the band!
Sponic goes to the Monument Club
A great new zine on the Ohio scene, Sponic, features an interview with Bob in their first issue.
Cute Band Alert
Blowfisher James Doehring found this brilliant piece on GBV from 1994 from Sassy Magazine (yes Sassy).
Year In Rock
It's Jim Greer writing about GBV in the infamous Spin article before he joined the band. One of the rare photos featuring Dan Toohey on bass.
Have GBV Broken Up?
This is the official article from the Dayton Daily News with Pollard addressing the possible break up of the band.
The Ptolemaic Terrascope
Interview with Pollard from 1993. Interesting to look back now and read.
Mo Ryan interviews Bob
Mo Ryan in a superb 2 part interview with Bob before the Chicago Metro & Southgate House shows in March of 1996
Mike Velez writes about GBV for PDXS in 1996
and in 1995.
Our main man in Portland Mike checks in with two articles from PDXS in Portland, Oregon
Segal takin good notes
David Segal took the following notes and recorded the following observations while seeing GBV in Dayton on April 6th 1996.
On Guided Tour, Voices Carry ; Band Does It Their Way or No Way
from Chicago Sun-Times - Feb 23, 1996. By By Jim Montalbano. Pollard discusses upcoming album and the Urge Overkill Fiasco
Tobin Sprout Interview - In NotreDame Paper
by Dominic DeVito (ddevito@darwin.cc.nd.edu). Feb 17, 1969

Guided by Voices Of Experience; It Took 2,000 Songs to Get These Aging Rockers Rolling
from Washington Post November 03, 1995. By Dave McKenna, Special to The Washington Post
2 new articles from a great online music magazine "Puncture" The first article - from 1993 - is the first full-length article written about the band.
by Eli Attie for Guitar World Magazine
Hear Mitch say " I live fast,man. I try to live hard, I try to have fun, I try to get out, make the scene, make the parties, make practices, make shows.Everything I always wanted to do revolves around rock and roll."

Guided By Voices - By Randee Dawn

(Copyright Critics' Choice 1994. All Rights Reserved.)

Science Friction - Great Interview from Melody Maker This was hand typed by Rhys Davies (email: email him and thank him).Peter Buck says: "They're totally cool."


star gazing with: GUIDED BY VOICES by Blue Sullivan:

Guided By Voices' prolific predicament.
By Tim Perlich. NOW - Toronto's News and Entertainment Weekly - October 19-25, 1995ew.html">