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Why I Love Budweiser, by Bob Pollard



Note: Although we are fans of Bob's band, Guided By Voices, the opinions expressd in this piece in no way reflect the opinions of this magazine or its staff.

Budweiser was the first beer I experienced in my early teens. My sister's boyfriend bought me two quarts. I drank them and vomited. It was a head-spinning, magical coming-of-age summer night. I have tried other beers since, but nothing thrills the senses quite the way Bud does. The majestic label symbolizes its true perfection. The King of Beers! It compliments pizza and hamburgers like no other drink, extremely important in the Midwest, where I was born and raised and continue to live. I am drinking Budweiser as I write. Pouring it into a tall glass. Perfect color. Righteous head. Ver rarely skunky. The choicest hops, rice and best barley malt. "It's good for you",just like Grandfather said. I drank Bud Light for several years to maintain a boyish figure, but screw all that. Bud Heavy forever! Long live the King! (Can Guided By Voices get the endorsement now?)