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UTBUTS - UK Lyrics

Under The Bushes Under The Stars UK bonus tracks

Delayed Reaction Brats

Innocent or sweet
Shooting missiles in the street
They are deceiving
Seeing isn't hard but not believing
You've got the right to bite
The hind that feeds you
Delayed reaction brats
With all your multicolored hats
Are you excited?
But what's been building up
To be ignited?
You've got the right to fight
The hind that bleeds you, needs you

He's The Uncle

And now we see eye to eye
That another man's trash is collectible
And every weakness is correctible
Be leaving here quite soon now
Be pushing off to the moon now
And my I have had quite a time
And the mosh pit is filled
With memrobilia yeah
And if you'd have stayed
They'd have killed ya
And taken you home anytime now
And I had a very nice time now

Chorus: We are not so cold, are we?
They are not so bold, are they?
And I am getting old, aren't I?

repeat chorus
And how did you like my clothes?
I wore them so that they wouldn't ??dop?? us

The Key Losers

Oh darkness makes them cringe
Perhaps caught
Respectable impeccable
Not taught
The key losers
Not to trust an instinct
Blame them
No wait don't tame them

Chorus: They will let you down every time
The key losers

repeat chorus
In the clutch
Twice as much
In the long run
Final gun
Down the stretch we couldn't catch
The part-time players
The scrubs
Consistently choking
The roach coach is smoking

Chorus x3

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