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Radical Girl

Love girls / Hate boys
Flash passion, plastic fashion
She hurts me bad, now
She always...

She's such a radical girl

A vision at six
The real world spins
Kid shoots in
With motorcycle skin

She's such a radical girl

She's so...
Uniquely human
Look at her spotlights beeping

Calling Zero

Scary, did the sun come out t'day?
Blasted, I did not recall the program
Honey, did the weekend make you ill?
Hush Margarita, make it go away

Calling Zero

I love a girl named Colleen
But she loves a bouncer six feet ten
And that's a mistake 'cus he's Colleen's hero
This is a song called:

"Calling Zero"

Never Forget Where You Get Them

Never Forget Where You Get Them
We remind you
Always behind you
Watching closely the lovers
Never repeat where you found them
Blind sighted you
Ignited you
To do a new world image make-over
Never forget where you got it
They have spared you
But they don't care for you
Close-ups mingle, all wrinkled
Never forget where you get them
'Cus if you forget it
You will regret it
And don't forget who said it, now

So never forget where you get them
When there are oceans heavy on your mind
Round up your things and see what you find
Let go the coats and leave them behind

Red Hot Halos

And sometimes
When it's "Look out below"
The people move too slow
Sometimes the people move too slow

They see and care
And sometimes wear
Red Hot Halos

And other times
When we get back
Everyone's sleeping until next time

They see and care
And sometimes wear
Red Hot Halos

Again The Waterloo

As long as it holds up and I took it
Up over places once where we put
Our magnetic heads together

Yeah, one time it worked up against the window
For me and you - the mountains and cities
For now we are colder

Again the waterloo

Look to the nonsense as long as it holds
In the small minds of fish
Who demand their own kingdoms

Again the waterloo

Pound out your message and mail it to Heaven
Steep is the price for the thick heads of "Let us"

Again the waterloo


Climb through the chambers
I'm hiding and seeking
The strangest mask I wore
The dumbest costume I swore
I'd never wear again

I've been all over
I've been nowhere
I'll go everywhere
Before it's all over

Where is the wind?
Where are all my friends?
Where are all my dead friends?

Go Gold

Not so tired in trials of lately
Devil in the spaces
Giving credit, going places
You are told
To go
Feeling bold?
Go gold

Preconceived in half allegiance
Ideas of the wicked
Who remove you from your sickness
Young and old
Oh, no?
Are you sold?
Go gold

We will march one-half a million
From the tents to the pavilion
Where the drinks are being sold
Go gold!

For the quality of living
For the pleasures it is giving
Have the courage, leave the fold
Go gold!

Lifetime For The Mavericks

I am a dreamer
I'm this far away
You are a screamer
I hear you
This is tomorrow
And where will we stay
In a lifetime for the mavericks?

Was time for the jokers
But maybe too late
And now the punch line is stumbling
Who let them up here?
They're too young, you now
To witness this business

This is tomorrow
But maybe too late

I am a dreamer
This far away

Throat Of Throats

Scrap the engine and anvil ear
Sparkling the noises and nose rings
Noisy force field circus rings

Insects feeding
Zebras bleeding
Where a perfect crime watch goes
It flows
Replace your heart
Your throat of throats
Your jungle king ecstasy
A hidden lens will take you in

Vultures looping through fiery hoops
In third dimension jumping suits
All ecstasies are for yours
All this and more

Replace your heart

Ironrose Worm

Stenciled in silver on the gray casket
Where smoothness lies breathing

Ironrose worm of lost beauty
Slithering down woven paths of amazed
Ironrose worm of lost beauty
Withering now

Seeking a message not meant to be found
"Ironrose Worm"

It Is Divine

The colorful summer
I still remember
The smell of the chlorine
The diving hairline

It is divine, my child
And it only lasts a second

To study the plants
To hike the trails
Stray out from strange echoes
Collect the lights
Advice from the cows

It is divine...

To polish the pearl
To open the tomb
To piss on the hot street
Like transistor sunman

It is divine...

Dumbluck Systems Stormfront

Remember to use me
When it fits the trip
All card holders (cold hearters)
Your flashing elements hack me

Like stunted minds on the homefront
Like dumbluck systems stormfront

The good earth rules
Like a Utopian spoof
Zip code hallelujah

Get off your high horse, baby...

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