Fast Japanese Spin Cycle

Lyrics courtesy of: Mark Benedetti

3rd World Birdwatching

Hiding behind the mercury curtain
Dark on the ??equinder?? who flies the coop
In the age of transfusion
Busting out for a fast game of motorcycles
He finds a tag reading 'fast japanese spin cycle'
And that's the code for go
And that's the code for go
And that's the code for go

My Impression Now

You told me you'd give your soul to the crowd
You run to the edge of the warzone
You're finding out that it's way too late
To be happy around your friends
You changed your head
And made your bed
Through time, circumstances and medicines
You lied a lot
Created a plot
To escort you safely away

Chorus: My impression now
My impression now
Stand on the edge of the ledge
Jump off cause nobody cares

You told me you found a way to escape
Through silence and not a suggestion
To apply it all to everyday life
But it can't find the connection
The magic lens
You contacted friends
Who just never seem to be with you
Flying up on a paper cup
They land to s-sailing away


Volcano Divers

Volcano divers
Volcano divers
You got a lot to say
But hey don't say it
So much reported and
So much distorted
Volcano divers


A bump is like a friendly letter
We are likely to enjoy a night together
Everybody is over here
Come on over don't be queer
Before I kill it tell me something
Why did you hide your plastic money
And this thing you like to sing
Perched up like a polynesian

Indian Fables

I leap toward the south yeah
And attempt to burn my bridges
Way down to the equator
And back up north with the wind
I'm travelin'
And the last I heard twelve sad stories
From disciples of the sun
And we rang the bell
And fired the gun
To worship the perfect and sometimes cruel
Impartiality of the sun

Marchers In Orange

The white line of tracers
For the facers of the aftermath
Positioned in the situation
Lost in battles of love
Not learning not returning
Unborn unhatched
Yeah but wait
It's time to collide
To decide, if you will
A purpose for the marchers in orange
Still circus for the children in disguise
Throwing bones to the drug-sniffing dogs
Projecting what we've come to know as ours
For the colors we wear in our dreams
For the flags we fly in our films


Comes a sign of wasted times
I will wait no more
Ever trudging through the aimless
Forest we explore
In our boots and money chains
Misfitting cloaks we can't contain
Hidden hates of urgency
Declaring our emergency
And up the tallest window world
The distance was not clear
Unoccupied with brutish thoughts
We had no cause to fear
A lesson so severe
Hotter than the fire we build
Darker than the truth
Ignorance reflected in
The windows of our youth
Push me now beyond the bounds
Of healing hands and thorny crowns
And all the sadness it implies
I've tasted with my own two eyes
And as the catlle rack was cleaned
The floor was brightly stained
And larger though we grew in size
Not a thing was gained
But fate has so ordained

Kisses To The Crying Cooks

Onion lady blows her precious prose
And so it goes
Kisses to the crying cooks
Their bigs in books
With baited hooks

Chorus: And days away from your army
And spend with whimsy kings and slaves
A girl of God becomes a cash flower
A catalog of gardens and graves

Travelers diagram
For where I am
From where I am
Director of visional codes and overloads
It all explodes


Hope these are good.  I might send some more tomorrow, if I get in the
mood.  I hope you got my check for Rafter Tag and I am eager to get and
hear the album.  Let me know if there's any problem.

        Scalping the guru,

        Mark Benedetti