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Robert Pollard - Fiction Man 


Horizon prizes
And arrow noses
Bad practice attracts
Like axis magnets

Well then run son run
run son run
run son run
Get back up to run, son

Freeze me up
 From going down the stomach pump
Can't spit me
Far enough to trust me

Well then run son run
run son run
run son run
Get back up to run, son

It's how to chase you, son
It's how to make you run


I expect a kill
Of sad sack celebrations

Memorials and such
At targets and shit

Look / run / not learn
 From nightmares of history

Tear it resurrection
Step away for growth

The tower that they built
Whatever the fuck it was called
And we still have it
And we still build it
Because of fear

Out of


You think you can run
You think you can hide
Oh you wanna run
You wanna run

What we make in our houses
That is heavy never done
Protecting our supplies
 From the sun

Hear us roar
Our hair is slick

Sea of dead


Children come on
Scratch the case
The eggshell dark
The seed
The architectural nightmare

Not the job of real people
Whosoever sees
We are not making things easier

And we are now speaking now
Stars and dust are speading out
We must be proud
To be here now

Children come on
Seize the hour
The wrinkled point of view

Information leaking clear
To the outer atmosphere
A change is gonna come real time
The rain is gonna sun will shine
Into my life unknowingly
Thinking of you only
Where I'm not so lonely


He was

And it was like "Inhale to the chief"
Got slappy and he still does
Life is one endless boogie, you know
from town to town
 From battle to battle
Says "Wake me when you Seattle"

You couldn't meet a nicer guy
With nobody ever looking for him

He once slept
All the way
 From Alberquerqe to Ohio

The motherfucker could sleep

And smoke


Losing usage

I'm losing


Put out

Put off

In a path of screaming lines

Where'd it go

How could I know

I would lose?


If you didn't know you wouldn't know


They are built to move
I'll take two

They are flashing
Red, white, and blue
Flash across a black sky to you
When all is well

Bulletins are also
And we are bored with being bored

That is why we move
We can't afford
To sit still too long

These glasses are hot but see a lot
A lot in order to move

And they flash across a black sky
With boxes also flashing
That is why were moving out
Everything is also


Inner beauty
Like shearing a spark
That's speak mumbo
Tall and giraffe-like

Go down
Go down in my lake

Hit me in the water
And live for a while

Do it paradise style

Couplings frolic
On my metal surf

On my next look around
At aged love-lings and new borns

It's still here
All of it
To gawk
You gotta go get higher
And die for a while
Do it paradise style


How very thoughtless of you
To remain unknown/unseen
Out of the sight on the ledge
Hanging on with scarred wings

Because you have gone through thought battle
And lost in fair game
Observing the curves on the cat's head
A cycle of flies will remain

Old king of shadows whose wisdom we seek
Old king of liars tell please
How can we know the conspiracy then?
How can we spread the disease?

A birthday on the doll's theater
Where all great wonders must die
Lift to the gift shop of the stars
I perfer a stormless sky

And many strange things can happen
Here in the fresh circus, child
Once you have gone through the process
Once you are lost in the wild

Old king of shadows whose wisdom we seek
Old king of liars tell please
How can we know the conspiracy then?
How can we spread the disease?

It's a wonderful world and terrible still
A beautiful place to be stripped
Standing in line for a cowards mystery unzipped...


A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
It's only natural
Stroke men in higher positions
It's only natural

With an appetitie to roam
Like a narcoleptic truck
As a 21st century what the fuck
It's only natural

With him anything is alright
It's only natural
Shit and check out the camel toe web-site
It's only natural

Hurtling toward the night
With no runaway ramp in sight
No adult superstore or diner
But it's alright
It's only natural

I can take a garden
And turn it into a grave

It's only natural...


Kill your desire
With trouble and smoke

The unclearing, the head, the maze
And partial resoundings

Make hideous the family
Obsessed with elections
Make better the place of comfort

Burn it in theater
Burn it on cable
Burn it in religion
Burn it in frozen food
Burn me a copy
Burn it in bacon grease
Burn it for demonstration
Burn in it for your sins
Burn on it on the beach
Burn through it with vibra-rub

Trial of affliction and light sleeping
I need a tour guide for my own head


Every word in the world raging silent
Like the spirit of original film
Straight out as the drama and the test
Try to reach you
Stretching out from East to West

Like the endless city
Running from time
Breathing easier in it's place to hide

 From seed
 From single cell it comes
Not transmutaed
Or digressing even from

None of them even matter
Or seem of worth
Of the lost in their microcosmic world

A maze
By a mist
Out of time
Raging silent
Like every word
In the world


Hey, when her misery
Is conqured - how sweet
I'll stay looking
I'll seek
Above and under
Pass up the night
The love and the devil
The fight

Follow her into it's world
Up to the heart of it's towm
Away from the night of the golden underground

On it where you press your cheek
The original floor where to sleep
Or just above and under your feet

What I can't give you
What I can't see


1963 or 5
The heart, the glue, the backbone
Rejoicing in the what is left
The energy theft

And we say nothing but when we want some
And we do nothing but when we get some

"The tree is dead" they said
And they felt this
Wild dog kill-lust never again
It was their biggest win

All songs written by Robert Pollard
C P 2004 Needmore Songs (BMI)

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