Lyrics courtesy: (Mark Drew Benedetti)
The Grand HourI'll Get Over ItDuring the initiationPlease refrain from conversationLeave your opinions at homePut your cigarettes outI've been thinking a lotI might have difficultyI've lost my insensityBut I'll get over itShocker In GloomtownWe're you thereWe're you kickingAlive in aisle twelveGimmick of the centuryIn boxes and jarsAnd giveaway carsHe motioning for youTwas a bandThey were sickeningArousing everyonePS Dump Your BoyfriendPromotional trashEmotional bashWith helium balloonsSo now tell meHow the hell did we miss itBared his ass for all to seeAnd no one got to kiss itAlien Lanes--I have no idea hereOff The FloorIn my mindThere are dreams of me??Following white??See the form before my eyesWouldn't Jesus be surprisedIf ??in colony?? the way to seeAnd if color be the way you see itsDistant greetingsBreak EvenJagged purple rocksDrunk with the tours and the travel guidesWe've all come to Hope CoveSinging the ??waning?? pop standardIn the haven of our loveTrying to break evenMost of us will not turn backSomehow I know you will notCarry all the ancient medicineSteal my rosy red inventionGather the ampsAnd dampen the campsThe day is doneWhen we see the sunPerhaps then the race is wonBee Thousand--not a clue