1. Submarine Teams (4:58)

Fine mussels & selected brains
The trimmings of slim victory
Over the smelly waters
Of "See a World and Eat it"
Shocked by a whaling umpire’s trumpet
The starter gargles
The salt brine
The stoned nations rolling eyelids
The moments of gory league highlights
Swordfish swallower
Jumbo stats
Putting up big numbers on the ocean floor


2. Flings of the Waistcoat Crowd (1:43)

Great days are becoming
A matchlight liquor establishment
Where the factory soaks its scabs
It hangs there like insectrocutioner
Over the big river
Scum of us rinsed by a hard rain
The tar, the teeth & the gear
Yet no trail
All around the camp
And that is our game
To brag and complain
To guess who goes next
To tally the scars
Learn every weakness


3. The Big Make-Over (1:55)

Now see this!
We are O.K.
Fallen over
Hear me when I grunt
Supper reappearing during lift-off
And a number of saints
Pull into the station
Gotta get gassed
For the opening of the new highway
Gotta get spazzed
And waltz into the sunset
With my newly selected driver named Shaft
Drive, Shaft!
Up & over dig me cliff


4. Men Who Create Fright (2:12)

There is a place
Always in the undertow
Begging at best
Hollow culture
When you exist
Are you observable?
When you resist
Are you approachable?
When you pretend
Are you unreadable?
The unspeakable must settle
On your spy frame mind
The reason you came here
Is the reason you flee
Always to the same place


5. Television Prison (2:00)

Cigarette burnholes in the forest floor
Carry on children in the firecracker store
w/ two men gone & the other one missing
Yours are the lips that I’ll be kissing
TV prison
TV passion
TV action
TV wisdom
Television prison


6. Strictly Comedy  (1:42)

Their wails heard from scenic overlooks
And like fish marinating
In the swamp, the glade
The pig-nosed parade
We do not even see them
A world coming up for air
That one should even care?
Created for infatuation
Dig the accompanying play, right?
The conqueror of stage fright
Cast into the naked audience


7. Far-out Crops (3:27)

Look to the outside
In the failing garden
In the backwash
Far-out crops
Single-minded erections
Not so observable
From the inside
You must listen
You must look
In a soft-shelled vehicle
Gaze through this book
See them!
In a closet of household items
In a forest of examples
And I’m taking samples
Clipping and saving
Far-out crops


8. Living Upside Down (2:18)

It certainly is a blast
Living upside down
Stretching a perspective
Noticing how clean
The ceiling is being
Like a living room
Where no one lives
Like a breathing space
Fully occupied
Waiting for the drop
Not knowing
Sure does get the blood flowing


9. Snatch Candy (1:35)

File it under milestones
Men who pay the price
Flings of the waistcoat crowd
The grooms have hit ice
Dead father-type husbands
Have given them a world
A care-free world

10. White Gloves Come 0ff (2:33)

A pink clock becomes blurred
White gloves come off
Titled cubicles galvanized
White gloves come off
Shocker breath & television woman
White gloves come off
Smudged & fiddled with
This time put your sweaty palms up
Get ‘em white


11. Enjoy Jerusalem! (2:15)

The stark language of our cave
Whose guardian angels prohibit battery
A perfume not over-hyped
The cakemaker never fails to stun me
As I glow in television prison
The watcher at big church

12. You Can’t Hold Your Women (1:51)

Drained of selflessness
Manifested in psychobabble & holiday
Out to pattern
In pasteurization
You the priest
You the creator of self pain
In the house you built
On stilts
Above the crashing waves
Psychic realtor

13. Town of Mirrors (3:15)

I know this party hat
I know this crown
I believe the study of ratings
Will bring the honest man down
Bring the honest man down
In the town of mirrors
I’ll try to put on
My proper playing clothes
I wanna see the magic
You are the first one I chose
In the town of mirrors
Put your hands & feet together
Heads, hearts & nebula
The good god is breathing
Oh, alright (mutilation)

14. Powerblessings (1:58)

Release the hand that has you writing numbers
For these plans are broken into leaves
And powerblessings for all the kids who come over
How they know is into you
How they know is into me
And have you no horse to carry
you through December?
Get it somehow tediously broken
Breathing summer into faces of life
And into everyman’s gift going through
Powerblessings to you and all of you.

15. Island Crimes (3:43)

Read my pictures
Distribute the newsworth, oaf
Try on my crime
Bedazzlement made affordable
Life crimes

Island crimes
Bottled offspring
Life in a minute
All these I bring to you
To you and what’s more
Anyone can finger a target
Frame a brick sky and be off
An assignment of models
And also atrocities
Believe in me as I see you
See my story on the spot
Wolfing the creamskin for all the right stuff
Read my pictures
Distribute the newsworth, oaf
Try on my crime

All songs written by Robert Pollard c p 1999 Needmore Songs (BMI) Music Corporation of America