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Making a wish
And your wishes are hear
And your words are herded
Into proper grids

Measured out
To roam about
Together - birds of a feather
Ride them
The good ones - oh, yes

We're In The Business

We're not looking
We're bargaining for pardon
Out of the straits
Of the madhouse garden

And if you fall asleep
May you rest in peace
And we're in the business

The sweet trip
That no one's taking
The bell curve whiplash
That no one's faking

And if you fall asleep
None of us shall weep
'Cause we're in the business

Yellow Wife No. 5

No connection between hot box and zip code
Circling Fort Recovery
For landing instructions

Save yourself
Stay alive
With Yellow Wife No. 5

White crushed Americans
Need weird energy
Time descriptions
Same old tricks
For computer strategy

Save yourself
Stay alive
With Yellow Wife No. 5

Wrong Drama Addiction (...And Life Starts Here...)

Manstruck-killed by the moonstruck
Fever hits like wide typhoon struck

Gaining steam in forest gloom
Now he belongs to them

Wrong drama addiction
Joycraft is worthless craving
Far too little that I've been saving
Now that i don't have it

What else can be gotten
Make no effort to control
Eternal racket in the soul
Picture me small
For every reason

The coast is wild
Come on one disease
The irritable suits
Destroy immunity

Wrong drama addition...
And life starts here...

However Young They Are

The public vanguard
Consider the realm of this
The place of risen has eagerly come
To return the gift

And issue warning
Now take it
Go on with new purpose

And lead your people
However young they are

The wait is over
Prior to this blessed event
We felt nothing
Now we are clear headed
And able to see in the dark...

The Dawntrust Guarantee

I sail the sink
For a severe several days
On the dawntrust guarantee
Hands strange criminals
Her growing religion
Gains gusto
Her growing hair
Is attractive
In the joint
One the wall
Trust me

Forever Since

With crystal clear misery
I've grappled with the ever since
With heavy headed assurance
I'm reminded of the ever since

And into the phantom lake
Goes a firefly's innocence
Been there forever
And I've suffered or whatever
Been there forever since
With crystal clear misery...

In the dome of collision
We have little assurance
That the next day
Will grant clearance
A guest appearance

Impressions of a Leg

And finally the price to pay
Is equal to the reward

Impressions of a leg
How might I know you?
The prime example
Made flesh, I say
Impressions of a younger day

Strong bones and flexibility
Build schools and churches
In new tranquility

Impressions of a leg...

How Brown?

For up we are
For up we are
And we must be adventurers
Partners in shit-heeled glory...

Sell a paranoid dream
Quick tip swallowers

How brown?

It's making sense
And it drives the crucial moment
Into a fat body of work
But, oh how worthless

For up we are...

Natives Approach Our Plane

Natives approach our plane...

Strangers familiar
In the funhouse mirror
They are us
Ideal directions in the zero zone
Make me laugh

Natives approach our plane...

A full circle downspin
Back to the crater
We have come
In heavy pretense
So we did avoid
Drafts and lotteries

Natives approach our plane...

I Can't Freeze Anymore

I can't freeze anymore...
Lost in the world
Far from colony
I can't freeze
I can't freeze anymore
Frozen in black and white
On a frozen rope
The price of ice has sky-rocketed
And I'm lost in the world
I can't freeze
I can't freeze
I can't freeze anymore

Out In The World

To move on
In "too weak" unison
Borrow this paper
And bleed with it's words
Find them very good
And that would be absurd
Find them somewhat bad
And that would be much better
Move onto it!
It's a cinch!
And we are

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