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Gift Of The Mountain


Starts At The River

Before you come
Choosing apathy
Think of a drink
Think of the real
Scent of the women
Who hurt and haunt you
Down on the fire
In the beginning

It is here?
In the head for the heart?
Where it counts? Where it starts?
Is it in the river?

First Of An Early Go-Getter

Explorer Norm
And no hair stood up
On the air
Wistful oboe double
Clondike gut sticker
The mean-o speakers
Broke out in spades
Amino leakers
Flush the misty waters
Offers kiss skin
Hurts and doesn't bring improvement
Bring to pile
Mist king urth

An expert matador
Secures the "hurry home"
The optical press
The revolutionary actress
Down where and eye stops
On a dolphin fairy
The world singing war & roses
And we raise our stumps
In from the harvest

Society Dome

I'm going home
To the common section
To the place that we call home
To the list of viruses

With the lap dancers
And the pad rammers
And the human shots

I'm going home
Focus on a dream
Try to find a way out

Society dome
Stay in
Keep it on

Basic attractions
It's all over you
And I am

Shorter Virgins

I'm twenty-four feet away
I hid behind a lamp
They walk into walls
And pretend it never happened
The price is unreal
To the lurking spines
An animal planet
To the shorter virgins
Of speak and spell
And dumb looks good
In man's man's paradise
Follow the bite marks
Do you like something nice?

No Chain Breaking

I gave you a name
The number was already yours
(Would you) call me a dreamer?
I wouldn't call you

There is no building
There is only fast relief
No chain breaking

I am a farmer
I plant you next to a better man
Who grows into a good boy
For and from who works with his hands
You are a target
For all who would ride you
To swim with the flies
Whose prize is the catch of the day

There is no building
There is only short relief
No chain breaking

Climb into the next design
And take it for a spin
That's where gifts are celebrated
Never off the ground
Appearing now, they're soft and warm
From proud productions feel good
Paired well

Sea Of Dead


Surgeon Is Complete

My scenic meter
Where she gets tender
A few from her hand
As far as a flame thrower gets

Chasing black fingers
Legs and flowers
Hands won't sleep

Kink fooles people
They have not seen
Nor have they bridged
Any woolly temples
Any rocking formations
Not that I know of

Take it out now
Take it out now
Heal me!

Then We Agree

Behind every darkness
Buzzing shadows behind it
Outstretched arms
And limitations

Lost and glorious
Look as we see
Everything or nothing
Then we agree

I'll name your price
And watch them move
Blank faces
Learn the steps

Lost and glorious
Look as we see
Everything or nothing
Then we agree

Does the drug like you?
It is she
Queen of her domain
And when you walk up to meet her
Will she let you in?
Take root in your living
Take heed

Fether Herd


Red Whips And Miracles

This is a view with no room to spare
Where the pony won't travel
Nor the lion
The fresh preamble
To a nuclear future
The morning curse

Surely we can agree over lunch
That the path least traveled
Is a straight one
Look as we see
Corruption and gossip
Well, piss up a tree

Naked, smoke
Eat more meat
On a friendly woman/man
Whatever gets you off

Come to the protest
Where flowers in your hair may bring forgiveness
Like a God no longer jealous
Free to be actors and kings

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