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Robert Pollard - Motel of Fools 


Truly I saw a fallen wave upon it's way
Truly I saw the undetermined person
Truly I saw goin' up and down on
Truly I saw the empties fired away
Truly I saw 12 states on 50 pages
Truly I saw the cover and the color
Truly I saw the quail and the quazar
Truly I saw the empties fired away
Telegram of steam
And winter green
When the senators gather
Crash the place
A fusion of their metals
And 10 winos grin
Wings, hoofs, and halos
All again
For matters worse
And public scourge
That's why they bring women
To eat with them
When they get fat enough
Pull the cork
And watch the party flow
Have courage - do not trade them
To the devil for your selfish souls
I trade her now
In my Sunday's best
You deserve it
The threads of gold
Wear your soft light man costume
They are pros for you again
When they come again
The sun will shine again
In the house of Queen Charles Augustus
There for all to see


Captain Black
Is magic
I wish I could see him
And run his game
Love it is
So here at last
Make your dying promise
To Captain Black
My name is Rhino
Yeah, get it on
To the skies
I have a scarlet heart
Captain Black is dark
In his ballroom
Above the stairs
One more to grow on
For Captain Black somehow
And I am free (for now)


Now and then
She serenades the system
I like looking at the crime
I like looking in
Don't fill up your freezer
At Henry's disco
Last night was all over
Last night is all gone
You paid the price
You paid the bill
Zipping in and out
Where are the perfect suits
Tags still hang
From the red light special
From the blue ink dream
From the white man's money
And you know
Ain't no clouds above ya
Proves the angels love ya
And the white man
Now you wanna go
Now you wanna swim
Working on your man
Red ink superman
We'll even the score in World War IV


The catepillar's destiny
The cloakmaker learns his size
Prizefighter studies
All men are freezing
The lantern blown out
Flat earth slick with murder
Where it all comes from
And must go
Well, we must wish
Those who pass before us
In a useful period
A time for recognition
Know your brother
And yourself
Just like the songs says
This song
This is called "The Vault Of Moons."


Salute a wooden outpost
Fort mold may feather
Personal grain in the heartache
Without the men's mothers
Ride out on an instant railroad
When blackness borne in strength
Removed it's arm
Stain at calvary
Racehorse and deadness
A respect no further
In needle dreams
And janitor shirts
And her collection of stems
All in that head
That stag memorial
A funeral in progress
Was driving through
I came upon a path in the woods
I was all alone
So fly away from this disaster
Could it be the stars you're after
Take you back forever after


A. She Drives Camaro
She drives camaro
Where have you gone?
A voice out in the lead
Puts you in his pocket
And takes you
In his casino
In this bright room
To help you explain
The bad days and the better ones
(That's why she works out)

B. Lift
For predators and friends
Good view from the fire escape
For eyes and legs to lift
Her position

C. Love Set (Inspired by a story by Dr. Micas Hughs)
Thrown by a hand
The ball came down
And bounced though a city of words
The ones that you were
The ones that you wrote
Down on a raincheck
Are you still there?

D. Wildlife Energy
The further you go
The longer you use
The free association
The wildlife energy
The spot on which you die
The island is lost, Lucy
(And here saints cry
No rain sky
It is dry
And her saints cry
For water)


There he sits
Guardian the fish market
Splitting hairs and atoms
Eying the salt target
Please to preach
Harrison Adams
The son of a jack poker
Panting like a ram worker
Give into the umpire
Feel his air
That's where we stay
He says: You aren't happy with me
And I know it
And you are the world to me
But it's all gone now
It's all gone now
Look at the back of his pants
Where he must have sat in something
Bring it to boil
Your gripes and your follies
Being appointed chief
Of your own dream team
That's what they call'em
Dead on arrival
Take your opinions
From the removal office
I ask
For your forgiveness...

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