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Offical Ironmen Rally Song Single Tracks

The Official Ironmen Rally Song single

Official Ironmen Rally Song - see lyrics for Under the Bushes, Under the Stars

Deaf Ears

?? wash and wait
A human sanitation aid
And I will starve to death
Until you feed me
With your tenderness
Greet me with your
Slimy hands
You beckon me with open arms
You offer salvation
And I salivate
But it's too late
And you're a dollar short
And that's too bad
Cause what you got
I wish I had
I seek to ??
But you get mad

Chorus: My final words
Have fallen upon deaf ears
My last few words
Have fallen upon deaf ears
repeat chorus twice

Why Did You Land?

Standing around
Hoping everything works out
Cause I want them all to work out
You were always so in love with the truth
Why did you change?
Why did you land?

Chorus: Look at the photograph
Nothing is real
Spend another lonely life
With nothing to feel

Was it something
In the stories everyone told you
You needn't heed them
Maybe you should read them
Go back to where you came from
Why did you land?
You couldn't stayed in flight forever


Why did you land?
repeat five times

June Salutes You!

I know when it's coming
And it's not a bad thing
You wouldn't hold back
If you wanted to sing
You'd say "hey,
look over there"
June salutes you
With her oncoming glare
Like a chain in a gun
Like a call in the sun
Like a bell or a spell
Like an angel
With stars circling round her head
I wanna be there
For each hopeless affair
Out of bucks and out of blame
But I can do it just the same
We're saying
"Come and intercept our love" (three times)
Lasting forever
For rain and wet weather
Enjoy us employ us
We'll serve it in a time of need
Hey, June salutes you
From the fundamental champs
And Tammy and the Amps
We're singing
"Come and intercept our love" (three times)

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