Plantations of Pale Pink

Special thanks to : Michael Davies & Brian M Edwards


Systems crash, systems crash
Systems crash the universe
All emotions are flying
Systems crash the universe
All the systems are dying

Are you watching us watch you?
Are you, are you watching us watch you?
Are you watching us watch you?
Are you watching over black screen?
Are you writing her the blank page?
All the systems are dying


Falling all over the globe
Falling all over the globe
Falling all over the globe


?? camera
Mother of ??? boots

Good words and perfumes licked my nose
I got to like that
To make me happy

Extremely dancehall
Christmas cards
And the night watchmen in the kissing booth
Rocky's summer horse head
Catfood on the earwig

I got to like that
To make me happy

Milk cream cars
Go shopping
For the fuel
Oh, the ?edget?

And then you go
And then you wonder
Exactly why
But you add up one note
I got a egg roll reaction
With ??
I got a dead man reaction
With ??


Hey go
Quick, be off, be sinking
Lown down whale the navy wing
It clears out congested arenas
They sell rocking host balloons
And they're celebrating children
And the weeping circus

And the smoking-nosed robot
Tasted ???? blackens the sticks
Like clowns from a fire, the albatross winks
Faked to the back goes right wing shield
All in a day's work

We met at one of the Kinks' yeah
We could come from the inner circle
Of the dry ??
Until it is just one trap
One threaded ??


Wanting to choose 
Fight the scene through unreknowned leaders too 
And nothing is real 
She found me someone who wants to stone cheaters too 
And I think it's cool 
Finding out yr not one of the bleeding few 
And just like in school 
Yr following every unsane leader
Cool as long as you weed them out
Fool says nothing but breeze
For all the things for you
And all these things are new
So unbelievable now
In finding freeways through unreknowned leaders too

THE WORRYIN' SONG (nothing could be finer than viewing this in paragraph form!)

Constant gray-haired hunters are after me, on the collision course
in the room of the lie detectors. Someone's ideas are a joke, but this
one is all mine. And that's what bothers me, like my father before me,
and the mothers that bore me. There is always going to be the test team
and qualifiers. I'm on the cutting edge of humility. Just like Jerk said,
I ain't gonna worry no more.


(I had trouble transcribing this song before I realized that it is total gibberish.)
Business is leaving Pioneer Chambers
Young trackers in angles of jet-speed solar triangles
Cranes of wax
The best of my Chinese lessons gravely
Voters rule in

Plantations of pale pink
Plantations of pale pink
Plantations of pale pink

Crippled dragons ??
Wishing that girl
Mobile rendered ocean
And the swingers get digging
Finalized pollution ?? being stopped

Cast out the groovy engineer to steer clear
Of bakery raids and ambulance puddin'
Foggy no-man lady luck gift
And a bowl of crystallized painter tea
Recommended out of sight revolution
Contact colution contacting General Pettiworth
Splash dinner upshon yo coraggits

Your post case gave you oxygenated sign-language kid
Beambacked scraper of antelopes
Childberry food desserts
Specialized in subtle gear shifting