I Am A Scientist EP
Thanks to John Pappas


excess talkers told stories
a "Pioneer Chambers" release
official transcript pony expressed
for the gasoline drinkers recieved
and i failed to mention that
even we could smell a rat
woould rather throw parties than stones
would rather break virgins than bones
now this is just a theory
but i sincerely believe
that if you're into rock and roll
you've got to sell your soul
and now i've got a hunch
they've got something up their sleeves
and think that "Pioneer Chambers"
doesn't wish us to leave
doesn't wish us to leave


here's a picture from the house of meat
are you the person i'm scheduled to meet
to assess my skeleton's worth?
do the earth
curtains open and the guests are fried
in my attempt to seem dignified
i re-enact my birth
do the earth

do the earth i wanna ramble in opium fields
playing tricks on the invasion boys
penetrator like a space invader - do the earth
do the earth- this tear will never wash away
on any human sanitation day
and i will starve to death and wither away
unless you feed me

I'm too tired to run from the tiger
i'm too dumb to hide in the bushes

i'm a human costume with veins of gold
i'll face the punching bag - do what i'm told
til i get old and have to dwell
in the valley of the ironman

do the earth -- you beckon me and leave it up to fate
you offer salvation and i salivate
and the thought of my next free cheese
hear the voice


eveything is insane
the prices never change
the aisle of truth is zero and cold
the aisle of truth is zero and cold
come to planet
follow the search
come to me especially
drive me to drink
...in a car

something tells me no
but i can slip through the bars
under the bushes under the stars

come to planet now
it's just a start
come to me religiously
rent me a room in your heart