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The Valium Restaurant

sweet blood of Jesus: it's sweet
a mosquito could and probably
would get the sugar blues from
biting into the fucker
but I'm immune

8 o'clock, 7 o'clock, 6 o'clock
no matter what the hour
there's always another one

give us this day
give up on
this day

all that's left
is tufts of stuff

totem of scrotum
in Sioux City, Iowa
(the afternoon is shit there)
I'd rather stick a fork in my gums

Ovarian Angel Architect

throat mirror magic show
lost in the brain of "all grown up"
fiery synapses around dome & globe
made her bound in metal
and wounded pregnancy
tested for blessing
to shave the wooden collector
of soft toys and other
lost joys
kings of these lower hells
mourn our shortage
of qualified virgins
and the loss
of yet another ice cream season
(we will fall with the drop
at the drop of a rain)

Kerouac Never Drove, So He Never Drove Alone

you're born alone,
you die alone, you
pull into a truck-
stop in Gallup alone
where every trucker
looks like the devil.
like pictures of the
devil. like they'd
kill you worse than
cops or buy you a
beer, two beers, if
they knew what you
were thinking. about
their looking like
the devil or killing you or buying
you beers. but
there's no beer
at this stop, so
it's only devil,

Industry Standard

out of print
tape rolling
no options or points



the smell of a woman (any
woman) merely SUGGESTED BY
the stink of me is
often sufficient to make me


Mosquitoes Dropped Their Javelins

WAIT!  there’s no need
for senseless bloodshed
the mosquitoes dropped their
javelins and looked on
oh man
far out
it’s king frog



yes, the fruits and spoils
of our good people
at peace with equality
all the properties that call us home
from wherever our swollen feet
are mistreated
by uncompromising streets

Chowder, Anyone?

my hands are as sticky
(& possibly even as CLAMMY)
as my pits and my face is kind of TIGHT
like a fucking clammy SPONGE
and I feel like a clammy TOWEL
and I'm gonna go to one of those
good places 'n' get some....GOODNESS
and if it's clammy I'm gonna
kick something (really)
I'm gonna break a lot of shit!


All For Sex And Better Whiskey

reach for the "please feel free®"
suitable for replacing guilt
shave yourself in horror
of unfinished dramas
crops and clips
of their unique inventories
impossible figures
emptying mixtures
big slick postures
providing thrust
in hotels red
houses green

The Sonny Liston Fan Club

poor lame
I feel
for all
Stans, Dans, Dukes,
dudes, duds, Buds,
Bobs, Robs, Randys,
Mandys, Maggies, mar-
rieds, Marys, Garys,
Gabbys, crabbies, Cabs,
Babses, Sabus and
as they all
one another


Tykie Love (Text Book Memorial Hemmingway)

…and it riles to no end
a fuming speaker
crackling devilspeak
to say "o’ rise!"
and select defense
its civil disobedience
its a national mockery
hell yes, ma’am
i’ll support your life system
but you gotta do your part
and hold me open the door
for what i got is gold
…but I just can’t sell it no more
…and now i’ll shut up

Tropic Of Nipples

Any god whose NAME can not even be
damned can go right out &

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