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Endless calendar


April 15, 2000

Guided by Voices, Matthew Sweet


Guided By Voices - Okay, I confess... I gave up on Robert P. and company after the first studio album attempt... BUT!!! Big "but!" (one "t")... I've heard the latest, and now I'm hooked again. It's back to basics for the perfect songs/shitty recordings band the Northwest loves like a toothless relative. Short little hooks. Pretty grown-up boy vocals. Now picture a '66 Impala on blocks in the front yard. And the best drums to date. I'll be there... (Indie Anna Jones)

Guided by Voices - Saturday night is the night to see the sexiest, middle-aged, cheerleader kickin' rock star alive. His students used to call him "Mr. Rocker". Some say he's a mixture of Roger Daltrey and Ronald McDonald. I say he and his band are Seattle's best bet to a fulfilling Saturday night. See you there amidst the devoted fans and rivers of beer. (Marina Braid)

Guided by Voices, Matthew Sweet - Are you kidding me? Undoubtedly the show of the week. Both bands are great and it's a toss up to decide who should be headlining. Don't you dare think this is just derivative pop/rock... Matthew Sweet and Guided By Voices continue to break new ground and deliver the goods as they explore new pop adventure. Matthew Sweet's "In Reverse" and Guided By Voices "Do the Collapse" are two of the best albums of last year. You want to see a great show, this show has the Pandemonium seal of approval as your assurance of a "can't miss". (Pete Everett)