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GBV Live Set Lists 2001

Empty Bottle, Chicago IL - 2/11/01

Fair Touching/Skills Like This/Chasing Heather Crazy/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Sister I Need Wine/Want One?/The Enemy/Unspirited/Glad Girls/Run Wild/Pivotal Film/How's My Drinking?/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Fine To See You/Privately/The Closer You Are/Back to Saturn X/I'm Dirty/Bright Paper Werewolves/Sing It Out/Watch Me Jumpstart/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Waved Out/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Cut-Out Witch/Tractor Rape Chain/Don't Stop Now/Shocker In Gloomtown/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Far Out Crops/Submarine Teams/Tight Globes/Game of Pricks/encore one:Pop Zeus/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Peep-Hole/I Am A Scientist/encore: Hold On To Yesterday/Subspace Biographies/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Whiskey Ships/ Smothered In Hugs

Empty Bottle Chicago, IL - 02/12/01

A Salty Salute/Run Wild/Get Under It/Flat Beauty/Chasing Heather Crazy/Lethargy/Soul Train College Policeman/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Fair Touching/Want One/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Waved Out/Girl Named Captain/Glad Girls/Tight Globes/Pivotal Film/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Acorns & Orioles/Teenage FBI/Back To Saturn X/I'm Dirty/Bright Paper Werewolves/Sing It Out/Skills Like This/Unspirited/The Closer You Are/Watch Me Jumpstart/The Enemy/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Baba O' Riley/How's My Drinking?/Cut-Out Witch/Hot Freaks/Tractor Rape Chain/Game of Pricks/Pop Zeus/Postal Blowfish/Whiskey Ships/Weed King/Shocker In Gloomtown/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Motor Away/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep

Bowery Ballroom, New York NY - 2/14/01

Fair Touching/Skills Like This/Chasing Heather Crazy/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Sister I Need Wine/Want One?/The Enemy/Unspirited/Glad Girls/Run Wild/Pivotal Film/How's My Drinking?/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Fine to See You/Privately/Whiskey Ships/The Closer You Are/Watch Me Jumpstart/Back to Saturn X,/Tight Globes/Waved Out/Sing It Out/Teenage FBI/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Game of Pricks/Bright Paper Werewolves/Ttractor Rape Chain/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/I'm Dirty/Mushroom Art/Baba O'Riley/Cutout Witch/enc 1: Zoo Pie, Things I Will Keep/Submarine Teams/I Am A Scientist/enc 2: Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hot Freaks/Pop Zeus

Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia PA - 2/16/01

Run Wild/Fair Touching/Skills Likes This/Chasing Heather Crazy/Twilight Campfighter/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Pivotal Film/The Enemy/Glad Girls/The Closer You Are/I'm Dirty/Back To Saturn X/Watch Me Jumpstart/Bright Paper Werewolves/Sing It Out/Waved Out/Tight Globes/Soul Train College Policeman/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Submarine Teams/Pop Zeus/Whiskey Ships/And I Dont, So Now I Do/Game Of Pricks/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Shocker In Gloomtown/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Teenage FBI/Tractor Rape Chain/Cut-Out Witch/enc1: Flat Beauty/Get Under It/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/I Am A Scientist/enc2: Lethargy/Echos Myron/Don't Stop Now/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Baba O' Reily

Black Cat, Washington DC - 2/17/01

Run Wild/Fair touching/Skills Like This/Watch Me Jumpstart/Chasing Heather Crazy/The Closer You Are/Twilight Campfighter/Back To Saturn X/Pivotal film/I'm Dirty/Bright Paper Werewolves/Sing It Out/Soul Train College Policeman/Glad Girls/The Enemy/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Tight Globes/Mushroom Art/Teenage FBI/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Submarine Teams/Shocker In Gloomtown/Game Of Pricks/Tractor Rape Chain/Waved Out/Lethargy/Chocking Tara/Peephole/Don't Stop Now/Get Under It/Cut-Out Witch/enc. 1:Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Flat Beauty/I Am A Scientist/Psychic Pilot/enc. 2:A Salty Salute/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Baba O'Reily

Elbow Room, Columbia SC - 3/2/01
Strident Wet Nurse/Skills Like This/Tight Globes/Pivotal Film/Watch Me Jumpstart/Chasing Heather Crazy/Pop Zeus/Mushroom Art/I'm Dirty/Game Of Pricks/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Teenage FBI/Get Under It/Shocker In Gloomtown/Closer You Are/Glad Girls/Choking Tara/In Stitches/Lethargy/Run Wild/Waved Out/The Enemy/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Fair Touching/Submarine Teams/Soul Train College Policeman/Twilight Campfire/Tractor Rape Chain/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Peep-Hole/Bright Paper Werewolves/I Am A Scientist/Don't Stop Now/Cut-Out Witch/1st Encore:A Salty Salute/Hot Freaks/Baba O'Riley/2nd Encore:Back To Saturn X/Motor Away/Smothered In Hugs

Asheville Music Zone, Asheville North Carolina - 3/9/01

Strident Wet Nurse/Skills Like This/Back To Saturn X/I'm Dirty/Pivotal Film/Chasing Heather Crazy/The Enemy/Glad Girls/Run Wild/Closer You Are/Watch Me Jumpstart/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Five Years/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Lethargy/Pop Zeus/Fair Touching/Sing It Out/Game Of Pricks/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Twilight Campfire/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Tight Globes/Teenage FBI/Soul Train College Policeman/Shocker In Gloomtown/I Am A Scientist/Peep-Hole/Don't Stop Now/Cut-Out Witch/ 1st Encore: A Salty Salute/Flat Beauty/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Hot Freaks/Baba O'Riley/ 2nd Encore: Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Motor Away/Smothered In Hugs

Showbox, Seattle WA - 3/30/01

Titus And Strident Wet Nurse, Skills Like This, Run Wild, Fair Touching, The Brides Have Hit Glass, Chasing Heather Crazy, Frostman, Twilight Campfighter, Pivotal Film, Unspirited, The Enemy, Want One?, Glad Girls, Alone Stinking & Unafraid, Lethargy, Mushroom Art, Frequent Weaver Who Burns, Zoo Pie, Things I Will Keep, Bright Paper Werewolves, Watch Me Jumpstart, I'm Dirty, Sing It Out, Shocker In Gloomtown, Tropical Robots, In Stitches, That's Why I Drive A Tank, Instrumental Beetle, Back To Saturn X, Game Of Pricks, Soul Train College Policeman, Pop Zeus, Waved Out, Submarine Teams, Get Under It, The Closer You Are, Teenage FBI, Choking Tara, Tight Globes, I Am A Scientist, Don't Stop Now, Cut-Out Witch (Encore 1) A Salty Salute, Tractor Rape Chain, And I Don't (So Now I Do), Flat Beauty, Hot Freaks, Psychic Pilot Clocks Out, Baba O'Riley (Encore 2) Five Years, Subspace Biographies, Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory, Peep Hole, Motor Away, Smothered In Hugs

Gyspy Tea Room, Dallas TX - 4/13/01

Run Wild / Titus and Strident Wet Nurse / Fair Touching / Frequent Weaver Who Burns/ Tank / Sing It Out / Skills Like This / Frostman/ Twilight Campfighter / Chasing Heather Crazy / I'm Dirty / Bright Paper Werewolves/ The Enemy / Alone, Stinking and Unafraid / Glad Girls / Submarine Teams/ Brides Have Hit Glass / Pivotal Film / Watch Me Jumpstart / Instrumental Beetle/ Mushroom Art / Shocker In Gloomtown / Zoo Pie / Things That I Will Keep/ Back to Saturn X / Tight Globes / Want One? / Waved Out / Tropical Robots/ Lethargy / In Stitches / Soultrain College Policeman / Game of Pricks/ Pop Zeus/And I Don't So Now I Do / Teenage FBI / Don't Stop Now / I Am A Scientist/Cut-out Witch. 1st Encore: A Salty Salute / Tractor Rape Chain / Flat Beauty /Hot Freaks / Psychic Pilot Clocks Out / Baba O'Riley. 2nd Encore: Peephole/ Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory / Motor Away / Smothered in Hugs

Stubb's BBQ, Austin TX - 4/14/01

Titus and Strident Wet Nurse/ Skills Like This/Postal Blowfish/Chasing Heather Crazy/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Tank/Pivotal Film/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Run Wild/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Sing It Out/Game of Pricks/Instrument Beetle/Soultrain College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Back To Saturn X/Closer You Are/Girl Named Captain/Waved Out/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Fair Touching/The Enemy/Whiskey Ships/Watch Me Jumpstart/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Tight Globes/Get Under It/Shocker In Gloomtown/Lethargy/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Far Out Crops/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Teenage FBI/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Peephole/Cut-out Witch/ encore: Five Years/ A Salty Salute/Tractor Rape Chain/Subspace Biographies/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Baba O'Riley

Opera House, Toronto Canada - 4/25/01

Titus and Strident Wet Nurse\Skills Like This\Total Exposure\I'm Dirty\Chasing Heather Crazy\Tank\Frostman\Twighlight Campfighter\A Girl Named Captain\Fair Touching\Watch Me Jumpstart\Pivotal Film\Instrument Beetle\Tight Globes\Waved Out\Mushroom Art\The Enemy\Frequent Weaver Who Burns\Submarine Teams\The Brides Have Hit Glass\Back To Saturn X\Alone Stinking and Unafraid\Glad Girls\Shocker in Gloomtown\Run Wild\Lethargy\Soul Train College Policeman\Pop Zeus\Want One?\Game of Pricks\Bright Paper Werewolves\Get Under It\Zoo Pie\Things I Will Keep\Tractor Rape Chain\Teenage FBI\Don't Stop Now\I Am a Scientist\Cut-Out Witch\encore1:A Salty Salute\Flat Beauty\And I Don't, So Now I Do\Hot Freaks\Peephole\Baba O'Reily\encore2:Psychic Pilot Clocks Out\5 Years\Motor Away\Smothered in Hugs

Valentine's, Albany NY - 4/28/01

Frequent Weaver/Titus and The Strident Wet Nurse/Skills Like This/Pivotal Film/Privately/Chasing Heather Crazy/Total Exposure/Tight Globes/Waved Out/Run Wild/I'm Dirty/Get Under It/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Tank/Sing It Out/Back To Saturn X/Game Of Pricks/Things That I Will Keep/Fair Touching/Instrument Beetle/Postal Blowfish/Watch Me Jumpstart/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Bright Paper Werewolves/Shocker In Gloomtown/Tractor Rape Chain/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Peephole/Teenage FBI/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Cut Out Witch Encore:A Salty Salute/Closer You Are/Flat Beauty/Hot Freaks/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Baba O'Riley

Paradise, Boston MA - 5/1/01

Hot Freaks/Glad Girls/Skills Like This/Titus and The Strident Wet Nurse/Total Exposure/Pivotal Film/Watch Me Jumpstart/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Tank/Run Wild/Chasing Heather Crazy/Tight Globes/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Shocker In Gloomtown/Waved Out/Frequent Weaver That Burns/Instrument Beetle/Bright Paper Werewolves/Fair Touching/Sing It Out/The Enemy/Closer You Are/Want One/Get Under It/Game Of Pricks/Lethargy/A Girl Named Captain/Privately/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Teenage FBI/Don't Stop Now/I am A Scientist/Cut Out Witch/Peephole/Encore 1:A Salty Salute/Flat Beauty/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Baba O'Riley/Encore 2:Whiskey Ships/Postal Blowfish/Far Out Crops/Motor Away/Smothered In Hugs

Irving Plaza,
New York  NY- 5/3/01

Get Under It/Hey Hey Glad Girls/Skills Like This/Titus and The Strident Wet Nurse/I'm Dirty/Chasing Heather Crazy/Back To Saturn X/I Drove A Tank/Sing It Out/Pivotal Film/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Watch Me Jumpstart/Instrument Beetle/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Fair Touching/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/The Enemy/Want One/Game of Pricks/Privately/Waved Out/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Tight Globes/Subspace Biographies/Run Wild/Tropical Robots/Shocker In Gloomtown/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Tractor Rape Chain/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Cut Out Witch/Encore:Liars Tale/A Salty Salute/Flat Beauty/Hot Freaks/Teenage FBI/Baba O'Riley/Motor Away

Vic Theatre, Chicago IL - 5/12/01

Get Under It/Titus and Strident Wet Nurse/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Privately/Waved Out/Chasing Heather Crazy/Frostman/Twilight Campfighter/Fair Touching/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/The Enemy/Lethargy/Game of Pricks/Unspirited/Instrument Beetle/That's Why I Drive A Tank/Total Exposure/Sing It Out/Pivotal Film/Tight Globes/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Watch Me Jumpstart/Shocker in Gloomtown/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Run Wild/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Teenage FBI/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Peephole/Cut-out Witch/encore 1:Liar's Tale/Tropical Robots/A Salty Salute/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Hot Freaks/Baba O'Riley/encore 2:Five Years/Flat Beauty/Motor Away/Smothered in Hugs

Cat's Cradle , Carrboro NC  - 5/18/01

Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Titus & Strident Wet Nurse/Skills Like This/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Chasing Heather Crazy/Pivotal Film/Fair Touching/Waved Out/Frostman/Twilight Campfire/I Drove A Tank/Sing It Out/The Enemy/Total Exposure/Back To Saturn X/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Glad Girls/Teenage FBI/Unspirited/Instrument Beetle/Get Under It/Game Of Pricks/Run Wild/Bright Paper Werewolves/Tight Globes/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Lethargy/Watch Me Jumpstart/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Shocker In Gloomtown/Submarine Teams/Liar's Tale/Tractor Rape Chain/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Cut-out Witch/Peep-hole/Encore: A Salty Salute/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Whiskey Ships/Hot Freaks/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Motor Away/Baba O'Riley

Trocadero , Philadelphia PA - 5/20/01

Titus and Strident Wet Nurse /Skills Like This /Chasing Heather Crazy /Run Wild /Back to Saturn X /Fair Touching /Frostman /Twilight Campfighter /
Frequent Weaver Who Burns /Waved Out /That's Why I Drive a Tank /Total Exposure /Pivotal Film /Alone, Stinking and Unafraid /Glad Girls /Choking Tara /The Enemy /Tight Globes /Zoo Pie /Things I Will Keep /Watch Me Jumpstart /Instrumental Beetle /Sing It Out /I'm Dirty /Game of Pricks /Lethargy /Submarine Teams /The Brides Have Hit Glass /Shocker in Gloomtown /Tractor Rape Chain /Teenage FBI /Don't Stop Now /I Am A Scientist /Soul Train College Policeman /Unspirited /Mushroom Art /In Stitches /Peep-hole /Cut-out Witch FIRST ENCORE:A Salty Salute /Pop Zeus /Get Under It /Hot Freaks /Baba O'Riley SECOND ENCORE:Closer You Are /Motor Away /Whiskey Ships /Psychic Pilot Clocks Out /Smothered in Hugs 

Southgate House , Newport KY - 6/12/01

I Drove a Tank/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Stifled Man Casino/Pivotal Film/Edison's Memo/Chasing Heather Crazy/Privately/Tight Globes/Total Exposure/Instrument Beetle/Alone, Stinking, & Unafraid/Glad Girls/Run Wild/Want One?/Game of Pricks/Titus & Strident Wet Nurse/Watch Me Jumpstart/The Enemy/I'm Dirty/Sing It Out/Unspirited/Tractor Rape Chain/Twilight Campfighter/Waved Out/Shocker in Gloomtown/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Submarine Teams/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Get Under It/Teenage FBI/The Brides Have Hit Glass/I Am a Scientist/Don't Stop Now/Cut-out Witch/Back to Saturn X/Lethargy/Hot Freaks/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Baba O'Riley

Mercury ,
Austin TX - 6/17/01

Sing It Out/Watch Me Jumpstart/Settlement Down/Liar's Tale/Shocker In Gloomtown/I Drove A Tank/Edison's Memos/Instrument Beetle/Total Exposure/Stifled Man Casino/Waved Out/Get Under It/Psychic Pilot/Clocks Out/Far-Out Crops/Fair Touching/Skills Like This/Chasing Heather Crazy/ Twilight Campfighter/Want One?/The Enemy/Unspirited/Glad Girls/Run Wild/Pivotal Film/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Teenage FBI/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/In Stitches/Mushroom Art/Alone Stinking And Unafraid/Game Of Pricks/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Tight Globes/Tractor Rape Chain/ Peep-Hole/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Don't Stop Now/Cut-Out Witch ENCORE #1: A Salty Salute/Motor Away/Hot Freaks/I Am A Scientist/Baba O'Riley ENCORE #2 Lethargy/Whiskey Ships/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Smothered In Hugs

Cactus Club San Jose, CA - 6/23/01

Tight Globes/I Drove A Tank/Chasing Heather Crazy/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Edison's Memos/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Stifled Man Casino/Titus And Strident Wet Nurse/Pivotal Film/Alone, Stinking & Unafraid/Glad Girls/Instrument Beetle/I'm Dirty/Watch Me Jumpstart/Run Wild/Fair Touching/Unspirited/Tractor Rape Chain/Total Exposure/Want One/The Enemy/Game of Pricks/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Liar's Tale/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Shocker In Gloomtown/Privately/Twilight Campfighter/Lethargy/Get Under It/Don't stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Cut-out Witch/Motor Away/A Salty Salute/Peephole/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Goldheart Mountain Top Queen Directory/Hot Freaks/Baba O'Riley

Fillmore ,
San Francisco CA - 6/24/01

Waved Out/I Drove A Tank/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Twilight Campfighter/Chasing Heather Crazy/Edison's Memo/Stifled Man Casino/Want One?/Pivotal Film/The Enemy/Alone, Stinking, and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Watch Me Jumpstart/Tight Globes/Instrument Beetle/Total Exposure/Sing It Out Game Of Pricks/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Liar's Tale/Shocker in Gloomtown/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Get Under It/Run Wild/Unspirited/Lethargy/The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Teenage FBI/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Cut-Out Witch ENCORE: A Salty Salute/Postal Blowfish/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Baba O'Reilly ENCORE: Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Whiskey Ships/And I Don't (So Now I Do)/Peep-Hole/Smothered In Hugs

The Other Side , Tulsa OK - 6/29/01

I Drove a Tank/Stifled Man Casino/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Game of Pricks/Edison's Memo/Fair Touching/Waved Out/Pivotal Film/Alone Stinking & Unafraid/Glad Girls/Instrument Beetle/Total Exposure/Want One?/The Enemy/Watch Me Jumpstart/Unspirited/Tight Globes/Drinkers Peace/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Zoo Pie/Things That I Will Keep/Shocker in Gloomtown/Tractor Rape Chain/Run Wild/Lethargy/Liar's Tale/Get Under It/Chasing Heather Crazy/Teenage FBI/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Smothered in Hugs/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Cut-out Witch/A Salty Salute/Physic Pilot Clocks Out/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Peephole/Baba O'Riley

Beachland Ballroom , Cleveland OH - 7/14/01

Cut-Out Witch/Tight Globes/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Stifled Man Casino/Total Exposure/Chasing Heather Crazy/Hot Freaks/ Back to Saturn X/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/ Glad Girls/Run Wild/Tractor Rape Chain/ Drinker's Peace/ Lethargy/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Game of Pricks/ Twilight Campfighter/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/ Edison's Memos/ Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/ The Enemy/I Drive a Tank/ Liar's Tale/Unspirited/ Shocker in Gloomtown/ Watch Me Jumpstart/Teenage FBI/ Frequent Weaver Who Burns/ Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/ Pop Zeus/ Pivotal Film/ Don't Stop Now/Instrument Beetle/ Peephole/ I Am a Scientist/encore:Postal Blowfish/ A Salty Salute/ Wild Horses/ Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/ Motor Away/Baba O' Riley

Siren Fest Coney Island , New York NY - 7/21/01

Tight Globes/I Drove a Tank/Chasing Heather Crazy/Edison's Memos/Skills Like This/Waved Out/Twilight Campfighter/Shocker In Gloomtown/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Teenage FBI/Game of Pricks/Cut Out Witch/Instrument Beetle

Irving Plaza New York NY - 7/24/01 (unannounced opening slot for Weezer) - with Jon Wurster from Superchunk on drums

Echos Myron/The Bride Have Hit Glass/Teenage FBI/Chasing Heather Crazy/Glad Girls/Game of Pricks/Tractor Rape Chain/I am a Scientist/Motor Away/Cut-Out Witch

The Garage London England - 8/23/01

I'm Dirty/Titus and Strident Wet Nurse/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Stifled Man Casino/Waved Out/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/I Drove A Tank/Edison's Memos/Tractor Rape Chain/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Pivotal Film/Things I Will Keep/The Enemy/Get Under It/Shocker In Gloomtown/Tight Globes/Game Of Pricks/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Twilight Campfighter/Don't Stop Now/Teenage FBI/I Am A Scientist/Cut-Out Witch/Instrument Beetle/A Salty Salute/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Baba O'Reilly

Pukkelpop Festival Belguim - 8/24/01

Shocker In Gloomtown/ I Drive a Tank/ Watch Me Jumpstart/ Things I Will Keep/ Edisonís Memos/Submarine Teams/ The Brides Have Hit Glass/ Tight Globes/The Enemy/ Waved Out/ Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/ Glad Girls/ Skills Like This/ Teenage FBI/ I Am a Scientist/ Game of Pricks/ Tractor Rape Chain/ Instrument Beetle/ Baba O' Riley

Reading Festival - 8/25/01

Shocker In Gloomtown/I Drove A Tank/Skills Like This/Frequent Weaver Who Burns/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/The Enemy/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Tractor Rape Chain/Alone, Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Game Of Pricks/Teenage FBI/I Am A Scientist

Bumbershoot, Key Arena, Seattle 9/3/01

A Salty Salute/Fair Touching/I Drove A Tank/Titus and Strident Wet Nurse/Skills Like This/Tight Globes/Waved Out/Run Wild/Chasing Heather Crazy/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/ Twilight Campfighter/Zoo Pie/Things I Will Keep/Tractor Rape Chain/The Enemy/Watch Me Jumpstart/Alone,
Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Pivotal Film/Lethargy/Shocker In Gloomtown/A Girl Named Captain/Teenage FBI/Get Under It/Echoes Myron/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Cut-Out Witch/Instrument Beetle/Baba O'Riley/Soul Train College Policeman/Pop Zeus/Gold Heart MountainTop Queen Directory/Subspace Biographies/Postal Blowfish/Closer You Are/Peephole

Irving Plaza, New York, NY 10/18/01

Cheyanne/Car Language/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Visit This Place/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Alone Stinking & Unafraid/Glad Girls/Back to the Lake/Wings of Thorn/Game of Pricks/Run Wild/Waved Out/Shocker in Gloomtown/Twilight Campfighter/Storm Vibrations/Tractor Rape Chain/The Enemy/Action Speaks Volumes/Cut Out Witch/I Am A Scientist/encore:A Salty Salute/Tight Globes/Teenage FBI/Baba O Riley

Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ 10/19/01

Wings of Thorn/I Drove a Tank/Run Wild/Tight Globes/Cheyanne/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Car Language/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Far Out Crops/Watch Me Jumpstart/Twilight Campfighter/Visit this Place/Storm Vibrations/Try To Find You/Game Of Pricks/Edison's Memos/Fair Touching/Back To The Lake/The Enemy/Unspirited/Shocker in Gloomtown/Actions Speak Volumes/Things I WIll Keep/Tractor Rape Chain/Little Jimmy the Giant (first two bars only)/Waved Out/Instrument Beetle/Cut Out Witch/Teenage FBI/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Encore:Chocking Tara/A Salty Salute/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Pop Zeus/Chasing Heather Crazy/Jumping Jack Flash/Motor Away/Hot Freaks/Baba O'Riley

Middle East, Cambridge MA 10/20/01

Things I Will Keep/I Drove A Tank/Visit This Place/Car Language/Waved Out/Run Wild/Tight Globes/Wings of Thorn/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Game Of Pricks/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Back To The Lake/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Edison's Memos/Twilight Campfighter/Watch Me Jumpstart/The Enemy/Fair Touching/Tractor Rape Chain/Storm Vibrations/Shocker in Gloomtown/Absence Speaks Volumes/Peephole/Girl Named Captain/Teenage FBI/Instrument Beetle/Cut Out Witch/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Encore:A Salty Salute/Pop Zeus/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Baba O'Riley

Toad's Place, New Haven CT 10/21/01

Things I Will Keep/Car Language/I Drove A Tank/Fair Touching/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Run Wild/Cheyenne/Visit this Place/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Back To Saturn X/Wings Of Thorn/Waved Out/Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Storm Vibrations/Game of Pricks/Unspirited/Back to the Lake/Edison's Memos/Watch Me Jumpstart/Action Speaks Volumes/Twilight Campfighter/Tractor Tape Chain/Pop Zeus/Tight Globes/Shocker In Gloomtown/Girl Named Captain/The Enemy/Choking Tara/Peephole/Teenage FBI/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Instrument Beetle/Cut Out Witch/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Encore:A Salty Salute/Lethargy/Postal Blowfish/Hot Freaks/Motor Away/Baba O'Riley

Trocadero, Philadelphia PA 12/29/01

My Valuable Hunting Knife/Eureka Signs/I Drove A Tank/Everywhere With Helicopters/Things I Will Keep/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Visit This Place/Titus and Strident Wet Nurse/Tight Globes/Back to the Lake/Chasing Heather Crazy/The Enemy/Waved Out/Flat Beauty/Edison's Memos/ Alone, Stinking, and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Christian Animation Torch Carriers/Tractor Rape Chain/Submarine Teams/The Brides Have Hit Glass/ Mushroom Art/In Stitches/Game of Pricks/Watch Me Jumpstart/Storm Vibrations/Twilight Campfighter/Shocker in Gloomtown/Get Under It/Unspirited/ Cut-out Witch/Soul Train College Policeman/Echos Myron/Don't Stop Now/I Am A Scientist/Encore: A Salty Salute/Run Wild/Motor Away/Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory/Pop Zeus/Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Baba O'Riley

Apollo Theater, New York NY 12/31/01

Psychic Pilot Clocks Out/Christian Animation Torch Carriers/Settlement Down/Skills Like This/Soul Train College Policeman/Game Of Pricks/Bake to the Lake/Hot Freaks/Echos Myron/Don't Stop Now --NYE countdown-- A Salty Salute (with The Strokes)/The Modern Age (Strokes lead GBV through Strokes song) ---Strokes perform thier second set then GBV returns)--- Lethargy/Run Wild/Tight Globes/Submarine Teams/Brides Have Hit Glass/Eureka Signs/I Drove a Tank/Flat Beauty/Unspirited/Watch Me Jumpstart/Alone Stinking and Unafraid/Glad Girls/Cheyenne/Storm Vibrations/Smothered in Hugs/Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory/Closer You Are/Drinkers Peace/Tractor Rape Chain/Teenage FBI/Baba O'Riley/Encore:My Valuable Hunting Knife (with The Strokes)

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