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Metro - Dutch Newspaper
Emil Peeters

Guided By Voices
Universal Truths and Cycles
Matador Records

Many thanks to Ben Reuling for translating!

The comeback record of GBV with Matador, after two albums for TVT, Universal Truths And Cycles is a majestic and compelling adventure. It's got nineteen new songs some of which no longer than 36 seconds,  sometimes, due to the  big rock sound reminiscent of  the latest two albums Do The Collaps and Isolation Drills, sometimes reverting to the lofi sound of earlier work. A lot of guitar is heard on UTAC, from the sound of  firewood to fighterjets, with exuberant melodies jumping in all directions  played with the kind of vigorous abandon only matched by The Who. GBV, "the last of the no-hit wonders" (self proclaimed) never reached the superstatus of Pete Townsend c.s.. UTAC illustrates that this is a great injustice.