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London Telegraph
James Delingpole

Guided By Voices
Universal Truths and Cycles
Matador Records

I was about to tell you that the insanely prolific Robert Pollard's latest Guided By Voices album wasn’t as good as its zillion and one predecessors but then I played it again. Yes, two plays is all it takes to become reasonably well attached to Universal Truths and Cycles, and after a few more that's it, you’re addicted. His formula is much as before; assemble a selection of pungent, vaguely plausible but probably meaningless lyrics – eg ‘Circular beast exhibit/Factory of raw essential'- set them to irresistibly catchy pop melodies in styles redolent of everyone from late Beatles, REM and early Pink Floyd to Yes and Status Quo (no the man does not discriminate). Chuck in dozens of noisy, classic guitar riffs, dish it all up with bags and bags of energy, et viola, the musical equivalent of a tube of Pringles.